My Bro A Puppy Lover

My Bro A Puppy Lover

Born was my brother, five years hence
And since he was born I've never known silence
A cute and serious kid he was
But he is growing up to be quite a boss
Often he is too furious towards people
He retorts in anger, which comes quick and simple.
But if you have see him in his true form
Just catch him with puppies and dogs who often around him like flies swarm
Just give him a dog or a puppy and take a look at his face warm,
That I sometimes think he could start a puppy farm
He shares with them a strange rapport and understanding
And it sometimes seems heart rendering
Cos often he just has to a whistle sound
And from all around ,dogs of all colors shapes and sizes will him surround
And I see him give them so much love and care
That I often wish that a little of that love with humans he would share....

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anura1001 profile image

anura1001 6 years ago

awesome this is wonderful

really u must be having a gr8 bro


Fleeting Memoirs profile image

Fleeting Memoirs 6 years ago Author

tx so much ...yes he is one in a million

Sathya Radhakrishnan 5 years ago

Thank you so much accepted gracefully

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