My Favorite Grandchild!

My Favorite Grandchild

Read the t-shirts - they all say "I am Grammy and Papa's Favorite!"
Read the t-shirts - they all say "I am Grammy and Papa's Favorite!" | Source

My Favorite Grandchild


Miles Alexander

I know you aren’t supposed to say that you have a favorite grandchild, but I do. I am going to tell you why…

Miles is my favorite grandchild. He was the first. That most anticipated first grandchild. I had dreams about him before he was born. I knew he would be handsome and intelligent. His parents left no doubt about that. I knew that I wouldn’t see him as often as I would like, so I would have to make each second I was with him count.

Miles is my favorite because he can have cowboys or knights riding dinosaurs on grand adventures throughout the biggest kingdom in the land. Or riding the bus or the train across town to go to the grocery store. His faithful companion Bear goes with him on all of his adventures, no matter where they may be.

Miles is my favorite because he knew his alphabet and numbers about the same time he learned to walk. He could spell his name shortly thereafter. He can already add and subtract better than most kids twice his age. And he LOVES to learn.

I love Miles the most because of his non-exhaustive energy. If you could harness his energy, you could light up his hometown for weeks on end with just his energy for a day. He can climb higher, jump further, run faster than almost any other kid I know.

For all of this and much more, Miles is my favorite grandchild.

My Favorite Grandchild


Jaxon Landyn

Jaxon is my favorite grandchild. He came six months after Miles. He lived much closer so I knew I would see him more. He was a handsome baby, as well. Even at birth he had an engaging smile. I knew with that smile, I would want to make every second with him count.

Jaxon is a comedian – and has been since the first time he knew he could make people laugh. He was all of three months old then. He accidentally bumped a balloon with his head. His mama laughed and laughed. So he did it again. And she laughed again. The game continued for many minutes, because Jaxon knew he could make his mama laugh.

Jaxon loves adventure, too. He loves his motorcycles. His Big Papa has one and his daddy had one, so he had one of just about every kind you could imagine. Those motorcycles, and now his cars, have great adventures tearing through town. One day when he was about two, Jaxon told me a story about some bad guys chasing us on motorcycles and some of the tricks and things they were doing to catch us. I would have paid to see the movie!

Jaxon is a lover. He already has a girlfriend and he is only in preschool. I shouldn’t say just one girlfriend – but he has one that he picks flowers for. She’s the pretty one with long black hair and pretty eyes.

For these reasons, and more, Jaxon is my favorite grandchild.

My Favorite Grandchild


My Favorite Grandchild

Olivia is my favorite grandchild. She is a little princess with an attitude. Imagine Anna from Disney’s Frozen – add in some Maleficent and a little Belle…well, then you have the beginnings of Livi. First, she is absolutely beautiful. Long, brown curls, big, hazel eyes and pouty little lips. She could almost pass for a little Audrey Hepburn. She’s brilliant, as well. I know all grandparents think their grandchild is the most beautiful and brilliant, but I guarantee you that Livi is both! At two she can recite her alphabet, count to thirty, recall every song she has ever heard just once and out debate any adult out there. At two, her mother has made a rule that if Livi can give a good argument for something than she can get what she wants or get out of what she wants. Livi doesn’t want to take a nap? Most two year olds would just say “No Nap!!” and that would be the end of it. But not Livi. She will have you convinced that this is not the right time to nap because it would interrupt her play time with her favorite cousin and that favorite cousin can’t come over again for two more weeks. And besides – they hadn’t had snack yet so how could they possibly even think about having a nap. And I’m probably oversimplifying her version!

Olivia loves to tease as much as Jaxon does. Put those two together and you just won’t stop laughing. I’ll ask her “Are you Grammy’s girl?” She’ll answer, “No, I’m Jaxon’s girl!” and run away with Jaxon, giggling. Or she’ll come running into to see me and say, “Grammy, I love you!” and I’ll think “Oh, how sweet!” and she’ll follow with “But you’re an ol’ lady!!” and cackle as she runs away before I can tickle her.

For all of these reasons, and so many more, Olivia is my favorite grandchild.

My Favorite!


My Favorite Grandchild


Samantha Paige

Samantha is my favorite grandchild. She is as beautiful as her cousin, Livi. She has a blonde, brown hair that is beginning to get long enough for a ponytail and hazel eyes. Big chubby cheeks. One minute beautiful princess, next minute tough little tomboy. One minute she will have her dad’s tools all over the house building something big, the next she will have her tutu and tiara on feeding her baby doll while reading a story. Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails and sugar and spice and all that’s nice all wrapped into one delightful petite little package.

From the moment she was born, Sam could speak without saying a word. Her expressions spoke volumes, and they still do. You can tell what mood this child is by reading her face. See that grin? You are lucky, you can sit with her and cuddle and play. THAT look, though? I wouldn’t go near her for awhile…she will let you know that she doesn’t want company!

Sam has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Much like many little girls – but I think her daddy is wrapped even tighter than most. In his eyes, she can do no wrong. To be honest, Sam doesn’t do much wrong, but to him she is an angel. She can attack her big brother and “beat him up!” and still come out smelling like a rose to her daddy. Luckily, she has her big brother wrapped around the same little finger. To him, she is a little princess helping him fight dragons one minute and someone to wrestle with, too. The best of both worlds.

For these reasons, and more, Samantha is my favorite grandchild.

My Favorite Grandchild


Jameson Scott

Jameson is my favorite grandchild. He is a handsome young man with laughing eyes and blonde hair. You can see the mischief in his grin. He’s still learning to talk at this stage, but he has no problem letting his wants and needs be known. He will drag you to what he wants and point while signing the words “Please” and “More” depending on what he wants. He also knows the signs for milk, down, thank you, toilet, and a few more that I have forgotten. His mom wanted to communicate with him so taught him some of these signs. And he loves to use them! I just know that once he learns to use his words, he will be hard to quiet down!

Jameson is a doer. He is always on the go. He has never liked to be still for long, not even as a newborn. He always wants to move. Once he learned to walk, there was no stopping him. He loves following his big brother, Jaxon around and playing with whatever he is playing with – even if he is technically too little to play with it. He can build block towers better than kids twice his age, and knock them down better, too. He already know how to get around on his tricycle, even though his feet barely reach the floor.

For all of these reasons, and many more, Jameson is my favorite grandchild.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

Awww, that was sweet. You had me questioning you until I got to the second grandchild. Then I smiled the rest of the way. :)

justateacher profile image

justateacher 2 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz... Author

Thanks for reading Bill! Glad I kept you smiling!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

I thought, now how could any grandmother have a favorite grandchild, then I remembered, I do. Sometimes one is so giving and precious, while the other one is sorta selfish. Don't misunderstand, I love them both, but the boy is special. The girl is beautiful and knows it. lol. I loved your hub/story. They are all adorable...

justateacher profile image

justateacher 2 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz... Author

always exploring - thanks for reading! I have my favorite...each one is my favorite at different times!

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

I love how you came up with your favorite grand chid.. why choose make them all your favorite, lol love this hub.. made me feel good.. bless you justateacher :)

moonlake profile image

moonlake 2 years ago from America

I have three favorite granddaughters and one very favorite great-granddaughter. Enjoyed your hub. Voted up

justateacher profile image

justateacher 2 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz... Author

Frank - thanks for reading! Glad I could make you feel good!

justateacher profile image

justateacher 2 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz... Author

moonlake - thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it! and thanks for the help!

MsDora profile image

MsDora 2 years ago from The Caribbean

So sweet! Great title-- I came to see how you could pull that off. Very creative and beautifully presented.

justateacher profile image

justateacher 2 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz... Author

MsDora - Thanks for reading! Glad i could pull you in!

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