My Grandfather Is Sick

I don't know what to do...

I'm 26 years old and from the Philippines. Im the youngest among the siblings in the family. I live here in Metro Manila and currently staying at our family owned townhouse style house alone away from my family who are living in the province. Recently i have finished my degree in law school and still planning on what i should do or what career path i should take. But aside from my profession, i am an entrepreneur. I am handlng a small business of my own and it is doin fine. My problem now started when my mom and dad asked me to go home because my grandfather is sick and they think that he has few days to live and are worrying that i might now be able to see him alive. The problem is that if i have to go home, my business would be crippled because i have to be away from the place where im doing business for an indefinite period of time. I know i really should go home and see my lolo but i am also worried about my business. Sometimes i really don't know if my lolo is really that sick because sometimes my mom has an attitude of creating stories just to get what she wants or simply just to make me go home. That's what i hate about my mom, she always disregard important things. What should i do then?


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