Within My Heart Mother

The Sands of Time

Could perhaps the first bond of all bonds be that of a mother and child? From within the womb their hearts unite generating a special energy flow. A mother's touch can heal anything from a scratch to a broken heart by whispering a kind word, a hug, a kiss and a love that is so powerful it can surpass the sands of time.

Mother and Child

Within My Heart Mother - By Sabrina Delaney
Within My Heart Mother - By Sabrina Delaney | Source

Within My Heart Mother

By: Sabrina Delaney

* * * * *

I turned to look

You were not there

My heart fluttered a beat

I could still feel that you care

* * * * *

I wish to speak with you

If only you were near

So many things to say

Wanting you to make everything okay

* * * * *

Your presence is ever so close

Yet time has taken you away

Your touch no longer felt

But still I want to say

* * * * *

You gave me a gift much more than life

You showed me how to be confident

You helped me to find my way

This is only in part what I want to say

* * * * *

I hope that you can hear me Mother

For distance can construe a message

I am thankful for all that you have given me

The building blocks that you helped me to see

* * * * *

I have felt hurt and pain

As you have along the way

The day you had to go

You said that I would be okay

* * * * *

You were right Mother

I have healed since you have gone

But when Mother’s Day arrives

I am reminded, my love remains forever strong

* * * * *

As this day comes to a close

My thoughts of you still near

I hope that I have made you proud

I can still hear you say, I love you dear

* * * * *

For now, this is all that I have to say

For tomorrow there will be a message

That I have saved for another day

* * * * *

Sabrina Tells All

Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements - Life Event and Wedding Planning
Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements - Life Event and Wedding Planning | Source

Rock Me Gently

From the first moment our eyes had opened to view our surroundings, we were found to be in awe. Of course we were unaware of what that would mean, but we were newly born and have never seen this world before. We heard the sound from a beating heart that kept us safe. We heard singing from within our protected surroundings. When we emerged there waiting for us was the face of the woman that would greet us throughout our lifetime. With each step we took in life her soothing touch was not too far away. For we knew, we could always run back for reassurance when needed. The sands of time stop for no one, and her loving face will change with time. We do not notice the lines in her face because her face is a work of art. Life can be cruel as time ticks away, but bonds as strong as this one can never be extinguished.


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