Daiper Bag Nightmares!- How To Avoid Diaper Disasters And Pack Everything You Need For Your New Baby.

Leaving the house with a new baby, even for a very short period of time can feel like undertaking a major expedition. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere with your new baby only to realise that you have forgotten something absolutely vital and having to turn straight around and go home again.

A well packed diaper bag will help you to feel more relaxed about leaving the house, knowing that you will have the things that you need.

In an ideal world each time that you arrive home you would repack and check the contents of the bag ready for next time you leave. Of course, as all parents know, ideal worlds don't exist when you have a small baby, but it is something to aim for in our less sleep deprived moments!

The Diaper Bag Itself

The first thing that you need to do is pick a diaper bag. The most important thing to remember here is that you need to be able to fit everything that you need into it. There is no point in choosing a bag so small that you then need to carry other items in your handbag or loose- the chances are you won't have any free hands with a baby around. At the same time you don't want it to be so large that carrying it is an ordeal.

If you are female you may want something that looks more like a regular purse or handbag. An example of this would be the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag available through Amazon. You can click on the link above to examine it more closely.

It is a good idea to select a bag with a wipe clean interior as inevitably there will be spillages or worse!. Also you may have to occasionally carry used bagged diapers until you can find somewhere to dispose of them and a wipe clean interior will help to limit smells.

Some diaper bags incorporate insulated sections for carrying bottles in and this might be useful if you think you will need to transport warm or cold items.

What To Put In Your Diaper Bag

First things first. You need diapers. How long you are venturing out for will determine how many diapers you need to take with you. However, if you are a new or expecting parent never underestimate how many diapers a young baby can get through in a few hours. My own daughter was known to get through three diapers in one change in the early days! As babies grow older you will need less and less, but in any case I would advise you to work out how many you think you will need and then add two extras. That way if your baby has a particular diaper episode or you just decide to stay out a while longer than planned you won't be caught short.

Also, you need wipes. It never ceased to amaze me how many wipes I could get through, but suffice to say that one pack should be enough. Just check before you leave the house that you are not down to your final one or two. Wet tissue paper doesn't work for nappy changes- believe me, in desperation I have tried it!

You also need nappy cream. Burt Bee's is great and natural too, but you will find your favourite.

Also, don't forget the nappy sacks. If you don't have these and need to dispose of a dirty diaper somewhere you won't be popular. Not only are they great for containing mess they are good for neutralising odours too.

One last thing you might consider for diapering is that you might want a fold up travel change mat. I used one of these regularly, although there are also disposable versions available. I preferred to try and be as environmentally conscious as possible and therefore used a wipe clean reusable version that came with my nappy bag. Great for when my only option was to do a baby change on the back seat of our car.

Another thing that you need to consider is changes of clothes. I would always pack at least two for baby and on occasion was known to pack a spare t shirt for myself too, especially when breast feeding. Nothing worse than leaking nipples when you have to visit your in laws. 

You also need to think about your babies feeding requirements. If you are exclusively breastfeeding then you may be lucky and only need breast pads and a bottle of water. For parents that are bottle feeding you will need bottles, teats, powder or premixed formula and possibly cooled boiled water.

If your baby is of an appropriate age you may also want a blanket, special toy, or teething ring to keep them happy and comfortable. 

See why you need a decent sized bag?! 

As a final thought, when my baby reached the appropriate age I would keep a bottle of pediatric painkiller in my bag. Then if my baby developed a fever or pain whilst I was out and I couldn't be home quickly I could at least get them out of pain and get their temperature reduced whilst I was still out. 

Parents very quickly learn what they do and don't need, but I hope that this general guide helps you to start to prepare for your new baby


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