Natural Remedy for Increasing Your Milk Supply While Breastfeeding

Increase Milk Supply with Oatmeal -- No Really!

 If you have to stop breastfeeding for a while, you will need a way to increase your milk supply quickly once you start up again.  Here’s my story and natural remedy for increasing your milk supply:

When I was a young mother and my second-born was only about a month old, I got a severe toothache.  Of course it occurred on the weekend and I had to endure until I could get an appointment for a root canal.  The only thing I could do to keep the pain at bay was to take naproxen sodium every few hours.  Okay, I’m not recommending that, but it worked.  Of course, that meant I had to stop nursing my baby immediately and for several days.  Long story short, I got my root canal and the pain went away. 

When I started nursing again, my milk supply was down to nearly nothing.  That was really frustrating for my little baby and I didn’t want to have to work for weeks having him frustrated while the milk gradually increased and I didn’t want to have to supplement.  I didn’t know what to do—and we didn’t have internet in the house yet for me to research ideas.   My husband was on the phone with his mother in Guatemala and mentioned the problem.  She promptly told him to try “Mosh”.  Mosh, I had learned, was oatmeal boiled in water to make a mushy, goopy oatmeal drink that they sometimes drink in Guatemala.  I don’t remember the exact measurements.  I’m guessing that I put a cup of oatmeal in a couple of cups of water.  I simmered it for 30 minutes, added some sugar and cinnamon to make it palatable.  I know I didn’t drink it all.  I probably had two mugs—or maybe just one.  I’m sure I didn’t think it would work!  But I tried it just in case.  This was in the late evening.  By the morning, the milk was flowing so strong that there was too much!  It was amazing! 

I never had to try it again and I’ve wondered if just regular oatmeal would work if the simmering of it had anything to do with it.  It was such a help though.  Wonderful natural remedy for low milk supply from a sweet mother-in-law.

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Lee Ann 6 years ago

I've heard other moms say that oatmeal worked for them, and it's well worth trying.

For my milk supply I used Breastea from It's herbal and my lactation consultant recommended it when I was only pumping 1/2 ounce at a time.

Since starting it, my milk supply has went to over 5 ounces.

CarmenRosales profile image

CarmenRosales 6 years ago from Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia Author

Thank you, Lee Ann. It looks like your comment is an advertisement, but I looked it up and it seems like it might be a good product. The active ingredients/herbs are: Fenugreek seed, blessed thistle, nettle, and fennel seed. So someone could mix their own from items from the health food store.

The nice thing about oatmeal is that it's really inexpensive and most women will already have it in their cupboard so it can be used immediately without having to order and wait for a product while their baby gets by on formula.

Johnd864 2 years ago

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Pharmb530 2 years ago

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