New Baby Essentials

Surviving Collic

My name is Anthony and just over a year ago I became a Dad for the first time. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a baby girl who was perfectly healthy in every respect.

The first six weeks of life with a new baby were very difficult for her Mother and I however as she had collic.

Essential Items for coping with a newborn

Here is a list of items we found helped us and our new baby get throught the difficult colic period:

  1. Swaddling Blanket/Cloth. This helps the calm the baby as it replicates the feeling of being secure similar to the womb where he/she has been for the past nine months. We found our daughter had more unbroken sleep when she was swaddled, and it eliminated the need for scratch mits which kept coming off anyway.
  2. White Noise. This is another thing which replicates the envirnoment of the womb. We bought a cheap white noise machine which ran off both mains electricty and batteries so we could take it with us when we went away. Our particular model had several settings ranging from 'rain' to 'heartbeat'. We found that she calmed easier with the 'rain' option.
  3. Swing. We found that a swing helped our daughter get to sleep and stay asleep longer in the very early days. This is another tactic aimed at replicating the experince of being in the womb.
  4. Infacol. One theory about colic is that it is pain caused by trapped wind and that it occurs more in bottle fed babies as opposed to breast fed. Infacol is an off the shelf treatment to be given before each feed and and is intended to make the act of burping easier. It seemed to work for us.
  5. The Happiest Baby On The Block. This is a DVD made by an American Doctor called Dr Harvey Karp. It basically shows you how to use some of the above items to help calm your crying baby. We were reccomended by the family from who we bought our swing and they praised it very highly and we followed thier advice and bought a copy. We found it very useful and passed our copy onto friends of ours who were about to become parents, and they said it was a great help to them too.

Good Luck!!!

The above is a list of some of the things that helped my wife and I deal with the first six weeks or so of our time as parents. It is by no means definitive and some of these tips might not work for you but they are definitely worth a try, especially at 3am when your baby has been crying for what seems like forever.


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