Newborn Baby Must Haves

The birth of a newborn baby can be a fun and exciting time for new parents. But it can also be stressful and tiring, this is especially true for first time parents. And you might as well realize that it might be a while before you get another good nights sleep.

So anything that you can do now to get ready for your new little arrival can mean the difference between a more smooth and positive experience with your new baby or a tiring and stressful one.


Of course this seems pretty obvious, after all everyone needs diapers. But what you may not realize is that not every baby needs a newborn sized diaper, and even if they do need that size your baby is going to grow unbelievably fast and will soon need a larger sized diaper. Because of this it's usually a good idea to have some diapers in a larger size on hand.

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newborn baby must haves
newborn baby must haves

Co- Sleeper Or Bassinet

A good co-sleeper or bassinet is a must for new moms, especially if you are breast feeding.

The co-sleeper or bassinet will allow you to care for your baby without having to get out of bed. This means a more contented baby and a more rested mom.

If you do decide to purchase the co-sleeper instead of a bassinet be sure to attach the co-sleeper to your bed using the supplied attachment. Otherwise it could be dangerous for baby if the co-sleeper was to slide away from the bed allowing the baby to fall into the floor.

Infant Seats

Infant seats can be invaluable in so many different ways, in fact during a baby's first six months they can be a real life saver for mom. Most babies love their infant seats as it gives them a whole different view of everything going on around them. And allows baby to interact much more with the household and everything else going on around them.

They are also so comfortable that most babies love to nap in them, plus it's so much easier for mom to carry baby around the house.

Baby Swing

A good baby swing is another must have for new parents. In fact a baby swing can make the difference between mom having time for a shower and maybe get a few chores done.

Most babies love their baby swing and you will find them to be very helpful for colicky babies who are usually hard to settle down.

Boppy Pillow

A boppy pillow is another item that many moms and dads swear by. Plus if you're a breast feeding mom you will find it to be very handy at helping to prop baby up.

You will also find it helpful to put behind baby when he or she is learning to sit-up. So if they do fall over, baby will have a soft landing.

Baby Monitors Another Must Have

A baby monitor is another must have for new parents. It's so nice when baby goes to sleep and the house gets quiet for just a little while.

But like all parents when things get quiet that's when you start to worry, but that worry can be relieved with a good baby monitor.

The baby monitors with video allow you to see as well as hear every move your little one makes. This makes for much more calm and relaxed mom and dad.

Amazon Mom Program

The Amazon Mom Program is a new program designed to help new moms, dads and caregivers by offering products like diapers and wipes with free shipping and low prices along with free returns.

The program is open to anyone caring for a baby or young child.


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