No Memories

There are no memories of us together

there are no memories that I can keep you alive within me

I dismissed your importance to me ....

and now its to late....

I never called you back ...

I hope you can see me where ever you are

and know that I am deeply sorry for not being there for you

as you expected me to be...

I hold this guilt and sadness I do not want to share

I am ashamed to not have been who you expected me to be

I am so sorry

I hope you can see me and hear me wherever you are

I am sorry I never really meant to not say what I did not know

I felt until now that you are gone

No memories of you console me

Only the message you left me

that is the only thing left behind I have of you

I miss you and I love you

didn't realize how much until now

I hope to see you one day and be together

with you in the after life like we were never

together in this life

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Braindoodle profile image

Braindoodle 3 years ago

Hi Myyrosas,

That was a beautiful poem, that brought tears to my eyes...I empathize with your loss. -Angela

myyrosas profile image

myyrosas 3 years ago Author

Thank you ... death is a strange thing. Its like she disappeared. I really took her existence for granted because she didn't raise me (my mom). I treated her as if she was dead when she was alive. No that she is dead I wish her still to be alive. Time will be taken ruthlessly and you don't know when. Make time to cherish it and those you love , or those who love you.


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