November 28,2009

Kristina Lynn Buchanan
Kristina Lynn Buchanan

As Saturday November 28Th started I figured it would be another normal day, how wrong i was. At 12:45am my partner got up and we discovered that she was vaginally bleeding and then when she was in the bathroom her water broke. She was 30.4 weeks along and had full placenta previa so there was blood all over instead of water. We called 911 and arrived at Lowell General Hospital by 2am. At 2:21am they started a c-section on her,I was able to be there in scrubs and I watched as our daughter was born at 2:29am. Around 5am they sent our daughter to Tufts Floating Children's Hospital in Boston,Ma. Around 3pm they shipped my partner and me there by ambulance. We spent a week in Boston at Tufts, Our daughter was hooked up on a breathing tube and she pulled it out on the way to Boston,so they just gave her extra air and had IVS hooked up. After 5 days she was off the extra air and after 7 days she was off the IVS. Tuesday the 8Th, we received the news we were waiting for, around 3pm our daughter would be back in Lowell General Hospital. Last night we all went to see her and my partners 14 yr old daughter got to hold her little sister for the first time. She really couldn't believe how tiny our baby was until Monday when we all went to Boston for the day to see Kristina. now my partner and I go every day to see her and every other day we take her sister with us. We are praying for her to be home for Christmas but they say the odds are against us for that but Kristina is God's child and our angel and with God all things are possible. We pray each and every day for her growth and speedy journey to come home.

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rios65 profile image

rios65 6 years ago from Lowell

Ya she is beautiful. I know you will make a good father even though someone in here does not think so. If you know who I mean. But look where its coming from. Hi daddy I Love You so much. I cant wait to come home and be with my family. Mommy says you are stop smoking wow I'm proud of you I know you can do it. Just remember daddy I love You.

ambieca profile image

ambieca 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

my heart is with you, i had my son premature as well. those babies are strong. hang in there. god bless.

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