Pampers Diapers Causing Bad Rash and Chemical Burn on Newborn Baby

How to Get Rid of Bad Diaper Rash and Chemical Burns

So you are home with your newborn baby. This is a magical time of bonding and excitement. As you and baby are getting into a routine and enjoying every moment, while trying not to worry to much. Suddenly your baby starts showing symptoms of what you assume is diaper rash.

As it gets worse and worse and it doesn't matter what you put on it to try and cure it nothing works. Chances are, your baby is hit with pampers diaper chemical burns. This is not just happening to a handful of babies, we are talking about thousands and thousands of babies who's poor little bottoms, thighs, and private areas look like the skin is being removed.

It seems to really hit hard babies who are premature or have low immune systems. Even full term babies who are totally healthy are being hit hard.

Chemical Burn Caused By Pampers Diapers

Diaper Sensitivity Symptoms

Unfortuanately, there is no product you can use on your baby's bottom to get rid of the chemical burns. What you can do is change brands of diapers right away !

Let your baby have some airing out time without a diaper on. The air will help heal it as well as give your baby some comfort from the rubbing of the diaper on the sores.

Pampers Chemical Burn

What is Pampers Saying About Chemical Burn Claims

 Pampers is adamantly denying their diapers are the cause of thousands and thousands of chemical burns on baby's bottoms. Even though the common link between all these baby's is the pampers diapers.

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Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 5 years ago from USA

Way back in the 70's, my son had this problem and I needed to use another brand of disposables. I thought he was allergic to them, but maybe this was the problem.

DeborahFantasia profile image

DeborahFantasia 5 years ago from Italy Author

It very well could be the same thing. I know some baby's do have allergic reactions sometimes to diapers, but I think there's far to many in this case to chalk it up to an allergic reaction.

spunkyjones profile image

spunkyjones 5 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

That is some very nasty skin rash. Ouch!

ashley 5 years ago

that is terrible. i did a lot of research before buying diapers for my new baby and found that most diapers have chemicals in them that can not only cause a chemical burn but also toxic shock syndrome, asthma and hormonal disturbances. that is why we went with cloth diapers. better for baby and the environment!

Anna 5 years ago

We use cloth diapers and still got chemical burn from synthetics in the fleece. As soon as we switched to natural fiber CLOTH diapers and prefolds his rash cleared right up. I think some babies just have super sensitive skin. In that case cloth natural fiber diapers I think are the way to go. Sad because I had a ton of pockets before I realized the fleece was the problem.

baby diapers 4 years ago

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DeborahFantasia profile image

DeborahFantasia 4 years ago from Italy Author

Thank you very much for your nice comment !

Rachelw849 4 years ago

I just switched to pampers and over night she woke up with big red marks I'm thinking this is what is going on too.

teresa 4 years ago

my grandson had this same problem but it was not just pampers it was several different brands the ones that had the colored strips thru them would cause the rash but i bought him a pack of cheaper diapers that did not have the dye and he dose not break out now

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