Pampers Diapers Review


When my son came six weeks early, I wasn't completely prepared. I had no clue what type of diapers I would use. My mom suggested Huggies as that was what she used. In the NICU, they used Pampers. They also sent me home with two packs of them. I am the type of person that likes to try a few different brands until I decide on just one.

Pampers Diapers Review

I bought some Huggies diapers. The first one, my son leaked right out of it. Since I thought that I might of put it on wrong, I tried it again, and again it leaked. Third times a charm right? Wrong. I tried for a third time and after it too left a mess everywhere, my husband took the diapers and threw them out and told me never to buy them again. So then I went back to Pampers.

Pampers Diapers Review

I have noticed that with pampers, my son's skin doesn't get irritated. He rarely ever gets diaper rash. There have been a few leaks here and there but nothing compared to Huggies. I tend to use a bigger size of diaper at night especially. There are rarely any leaks and it holds a lot of 'liquid.' As soon as my daughter was born, I used them on her too. I have noticed that Pampers are even better for girls. There has yet to be a single leak and she is 5 months old. The Pampers diapers are comfortable for both of my babies. Both rarely get diaper rashes and I am amazed at how much the diapers can hold.

Pampers recently came out with an overnight protection. I have yet to try them but if they do as well as the regular diapers, I'm sure they are great!

Overall Pampers diapers review: I would suggest these diapers to anyone, which is why I wrote this hub. They are especially great for baby girls!

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free4india profile image

free4india 7 years ago

I had a bad experience with Pampers in India. I bought a pack that was supposed to consist of 2 Pampers, but inside after reaching home, I found only one. I gave a written complaint to the shop keeper to give it to supplier, but he says the supplier has refused accept it !

Has anybody has had such an experience where there were less number of pads than it was supposed to be there ?

pageantgirl31413 profile image

pageantgirl31413 7 years ago from England Author

Wow, I'm sorry that happened. Did you write a complaint to pampers directly? I've never had any problem with not having the right amount of diapers in the bags.

webtoys profile image

webtoys 5 years ago

As I know its customer service is really good and welcome. once you made a complaint about this product, they will reply in a minutes

pinktulipfairie profile image

pinktulipfairie 5 years ago from Torrey Pines Beach

I have used both and I think there are a number of considerations to consider. Fit ia always a priority so if you were ever to try buggies again go with Supreme. The regular ones are and I mean this diplomatically better for fatter baby legs.And. I would be speaking from experience.One of my children looked like a sumo wrestler back then and the other two were tiny in comparison.

Ravi 4 years ago

Pampers give really bad rashes. It's chemical is too harsh for the skin of babies. If you want your son/daughter to have babies in the future, I wouldn't recommend this product.

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