Parenting: Different Styles, Different Approaches, and the Non-Caring Parent

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you can see, if not in your own child but in others, that discipline and behavior is becoming a huge problem in the American society. Most parents have good intentions when it comes to raising their children to be proper in public and at home. Some have done a good job, others are lacking. It may not be intentional but some parents, especially young parents, do not have the skills to be a good parent because they were never taught or they were not brought up properly themselves. That is okay. There is no guide book for parenting, though many authors claim they have written the all encompassing secret.

The parent and the teacher have to pick up tools and techniques along the way so that they are prepared against any obstacle or situation that comes up. Every child is different and the ways adults perceive a specific child can be varied. As adults, we can not be judgmental when we see that screaming child in the shopping cart at the grocery store. As the parent frantically tries to calm them and in a moment of desperation gives up and lets the child have its way. Are they bad parents or is our society producing parents without skills?

There are some parents, who by example are bad parents. These are the parents that put their children in harm or they intentionally ignore the needs of the child. These parents are the ones that are usually caught up in the system and most of the times; the child will be taken away. Why did they become bad parents? What catalyst made them make bad choices? The answers may never be found, but the ideal of this text is that parenting is an art and a science that needs to be defended and defined for the younger people in our society.

A chronic behavior child, no matter the age, can be a stress on both parent, and when school age, society. Some parents expect the public school system to fix the bad choices and bad parenting skills that has come before the first day of school. It is not that easy. Schools are becoming loaded down with discipline problems, children with bad manners, children with poor social skills, and worse, parents who wash their hands of discipline hoping the school will be the saving grace when it comes to training and   teaching their child.


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