For it have been concerns to me on how our children manipulate us in taking of them. The Reason I believe this that we want let our grown children go because we are afraid to let them go first. We tried doing things to keep them from making their own way which is not helping. They will evenly use us as a crutch to not explore life. Life is meant to be exploring not sit around and wait for things to happen. They will evenly stop trying not survive on own. They want take responsibility for their own action because they expect for you to come to their rescue. We get feeling the lonely nest syndrome where your children and your grandchildren appear to not needed you anymore. Than we tried to do everything we can to keep them near us. We should be more confidence about the things we taught them in making good decisions. Sometime they don’t make good choice than they would have to pay for their own mistake. We still need to love them sometime even, if mean giving them tough love without consistence running to their aid. We still should stand by the wayside to catch them but let them take responsibility for their own action. We shouldn’t shield them from this cruel world because we are the world. All type of problems had solution although it might not be the outcome we wanted. The solutions that we get for the problem do give us some options but nothing written in stone. Mother so than father can see through our children. We don’t want to believe what our children have become. We go into denial and in our mind we see them how want be. In order to let our grown go we have disconnect mental first. Start with baby step by not getting. I for one have problem lately. I have been waiting on this day of letting my grown children take care of their. I done my job but still get need to hold their hands without letting go of it. What I have notice I forgotten how to start thinking about my business what I need or don’t how. I find myself trying think about the goal had and didn’t complete. I realize never to start on goal now as along God still breathe in body. Children shouldn't ask parents for advice that might want to hear. A parent should n't have change what telling about their thought on the situation.They tell need hear not want to hear.


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