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Ten fingers
wove a pattern
drawn from the
well of my memories
over a base of
moist clay poised,
blending elements
of water and earth.

Such a godlike power
granted me answers
to what I longed so much
to have appear.

My dearest mother's
image reformed,
reclaimed from the
depths of clay similar
to the ground in which
she was laid.

Much later as
I was finishing
her precious smile,
I took notice
of a sound
like the soft
closing of a door.

So I paused
in my work
to check out
its source.

Softly opening
the same exit way
only to find-
a set of petite
muddy footprints
leading down
my walkway
and off under
the pale moonlight
to where they
just disappeared..........

Sadly I turned with
a whimsical smile,
back to an effigy
of what was,
to brush long strokes
of her unfinished hair
into a permanent wave.

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itakins profile image

itakins 7 years ago from Irl

Very poignant-beautiful

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