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 My 11 Year old Granddaughter is learning to be a writer so she is going to do another Blog for me today. I hope you enjoy her work.

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The Person I Admire Most

The Person I Admire Most

Do you have a person you admire most? Well, I do. The person i admire most is my dad.

One reason my dad is the person i admire most is that he helps me with my homework. No matter what is or how hard it was, together we always get it done. It might take a long time but it won't be left unfinished.

Another reason my dad is the person i admire the most is that he served in the military before I was born. Since he is no longer in the military he is considered a veteran. He is thinking about going back to the military, but that is a big decision.

My final reason for my dad being the person i admire most is that he loves me. No matter what happens, he always has, does, and always will love me. He may get mad at me but he will never stop loving me.

My Dad

     Paul Hodge
Paul Hodge

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Teacher Mary Hernandez 6 years ago

Great, lovely story, Madison! :-) Keep going!

James Michael 6 years ago

You are a lucky young lady! Keep writing! Way to go dad and grandad!

shelton.dharshis 5 years ago

Very cute written the true lines for u r dad and to me u bye c u little princess :)

J.J.RICH 5 years ago

I wish I had what you have

Akash Pyro 4 years ago

i really wished i had dad like u have i lost him when i was 10...everytime i suffer myself looking at my fren with his father or im happy they r nt suffering like me!! do tc him!!!

shivani sagolsem 4 years ago

you are very preety and cute wit a true heart u speak about your dad and i love you sweeti

suhayb 4 years ago

weeeeeeeeeeelllll saaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiddd

ayesha noor 4 years ago

The person I admire the most

bhavi 4 years ago

nice work

Iris 4 years ago

you have a good father

prova 4 years ago

how are you

i am fine

noelm profile image

noelm 3 years ago from Kottayam

yOU are cool dad. I hope i can be like you.

shnaya 2 years ago

Nicely written

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