Play Kid Games With the Kids; Pretend Again

Enjoy the kids while we can, they grow so fast!
Enjoy the kids while we can, they grow so fast! | Source

Fun Thing to do With Kids

Are you tired of the same, day-in-day-out routine of life? Want some variety and fun in everyday, mundane activities? There’s something we can do to make this happen without spending lots of money or time, or taking trips to enjoy the kids. This is something I learned from a grand-daughter, as she makes truth out of the saying, “Sometimes children are the wisest.”

What do kids like to do when they’re bored? They make-believe, or pretend and play. We’re all taught that pretending in the adult world doesn’t go, as adults who are pretending are either acting or lying. However, there is fun in pretending to be someone other than who you really are; not for legal things, of course, but in everyday, run of the mill activities.

Kids’ Humor let Loose in the Store

We were going to the grocer for weekend goodies when the grand kids spent the night, once. The oldest one, age 8, said, “Grandma let’s pretend we’re from another country in the store.” Her little face was beaming with the thought of having some fun that Grandma would participate in. I saw no harm in it, so I played along with her.

She pretended to be from a country where her English was severely torturous, and I had to guess at some of the things she said. I pretended to be from England, and spoke with my best fake accent. Of course, because we were doing this, we talked much more than we usually do, and role playing with kids opened up a new school of fun for us.

If people that know you see you pretending, you can always explain (in your fake accent) that you’re pretending with the child. Who cares what anyone thinks of it, or you can go to unfamiliar branches of the stores usually stopped at. People may give you looks, but let them look; this is fun. Try talking like a pirate all weekend.

Play kid games, be a kid again.
Play kid games, be a kid again. | Source

Indoor Activities for Children

Another time, she wanted to pretend we were rich, and we dressed up to go to McDonald’s to get dinner. We out-dressed every single person in there, but nobody seemed to notice. We had to say things like, “Hmm, this is amazing food, and it‘s under $100,” and other things to accommodate the child’s play of our being richer than everyone else. We imagined eating McDonald’s for the first time, discovering it right then, that moment.

And child’s play is exactly what it is. You don’t do it for important errands or meetings or anything the child isn’t involved in - unless you want to. It’s something for grandparents and kids to share. But, as adults, we need to be credible and honest at all times - even in fun, sadly.

Teach the child when it is/isn’t appropriate to pretend being someone else, so there are no pretending mishaps. It isn’t okay to lie, and make certain the child knows the difference between lying and make-believing, and when it‘s okay to play and when it isn‘t.

Play Kid Games With the Kids

Try it out for yourself. Kids are most willing to try new things with Grandma and Grandpa, and they love playing anything with us; just about everything becomes potential fun kid activities. Pretend you’re from Russia (any foreign country) and then try to get along speaking very little English while at the store, post office, gas station, wherever you have to go. The kids get such a charge out of it, and you might find that it’s also fun for you.

This can be played even if you’re staying home - simply decide who you’ll be and then dress, talk and act like that person. Having fun with kids is easy; kids play store, school, and house, etc. I usually get to be the mommy, teacher, or the baby - but no matter what happens, the kids love it.

Pretending with the kids is a lot of fun, and it makes for a very close and special bond. Be creative, use your imagination, and enjoy the time and conversations you spend with the little ones even more than you do now.

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StephenCowry profile image

StephenCowry 4 years ago

I think it's best to play with kids during weekends or in days where we have spare time. It's actually a healthy activity which strengthens the bond or the relationship between parents and children. Great article!

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