Pros and Cons of Adoption.

Good or Bad??

As you all know every coin has two sides...Like wise Adoption has its own positive and negative sides...Considering the moral values..Adoption is really good.. You are giving life to a kid.. You never know the sad or difficulty of living as an orphan unless you are one..

We grew up watching that the actor or actress telling us that "You know i was lonely orphan..." or "you never knew what my friends called me when i dunno my father...."or something like that.... theyare just actors..but thats their real conditions...

So if you going to adopt one with good intention i'll probably say yes... But i prefer you to tell them that you are his/her parent..(If you going to adopt a baby...) Dont let anyone tell that you are not their real parent...

But the problem comes when you are going to adopt one kid when you have your real kids at home... They wont love you and the adopted most of the cases... I may say that you shouldnt adopt if you have kids...

You cant love someone's kid more than your kids... and the kids hate when their parents love someone's kid.... so dont ever play with kids mind.... The adopted will surely feel that they are some parasite inthe new family... Dont ever do that....

And comes the family....Their will be some murmuring among the relatives...some will surely say its the right thing to do... and some will definetly be against you...If you have the money to support adopt one...never look for others what you think is right.. But after adopting dont ever think that "I shouldnt have done this...." ..

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

Adobtion to be done by the Needy people only..

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 8 years ago from Doha Author

yup...thats right...None gonna adopt if they dont prefer .. right...?? and i hate it when celebrities adopt kids and publish it press...coz... i think they are doing it to gather fame...may be not...but i feel so... sometimes... am not insulting them...but sometimes i do feeel so....

AEvans profile image

AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

I love that as I have several friends witout children who are going to adopt and I sincerely value your thoughts as they asked me to put it out there. I am now going to share this with them as it speaks the truth :) Thank you

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 8 years ago from Doha Author

thank you... :)

xyz.. 7 years ago

i think no matter whether these celebs do it for fame or wateva.. the point is that this benefits a infant or a child.. its not there fault that they are discarded as soon as they were born.. they have all the rite to live and live there life king size... Its a great job to adopt a child...

Anjali 7 years ago

Ya...tats someting worth mentioning....!!!!!!!!!

tammyb2 profile image

tammyb2 7 years ago

As an adoptive Mom I'm appalled at what I just read. We didn't adopt our wonderful daughter b/c she was lonely, or we felt bad for her. We adopted her to complete OUR family. She has blessed us 1000 times more than we have blessed her. As far as loving an adoptive child as your own, I will only say that you shouldn't comment on things you haven't experienced. We have a biological daughter, and an adopted daughter; and I can truly, from the bottom of my heart say I love them both the same. Until you've walked in someone else's shoes, maybe you shouldn't make judgments or uneducated assumptions.

An extremely blessed and grateful adoptive Mom!!

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 7 years ago from Doha Author

@Tammyb2 : Thanks alot for commenting ma hub page.. And lemme say sorry ... i didnt say all Step parents are ta same.. Sorry if did harm any of your feeeling.... there can be wonderful parents like you...!!! May God Bless you all..!!!

fetty profile image

fetty 6 years ago from South Jersey

We built our family through adopting. When I had to tell my principal why we were going to adopt, I said this: We felt like we were an airplane in a holding pattern, never able to land , always circling the airport, waiting, waiting. He liked the analogy. I was luckier than my husband because I had experienced becoming involved in the lives of over 200 children during my 12 years of teaching. But a teacher has limited influence in the lives of these kids. I taught one group for over five years. Well, after 13 childless years of marriage we adopted three; but kept two boys . The girl we sent back b/c of her severe emotional issues. My goal was to produce law abiding citizens which we have done. However, ours is not the perfect story. I have started writing a book on the subject , but I wonder if the human interest is there. I noticed you got lambasted by one adoptive parent and I'm wondering what good will come from my story. Thanks for your comments, I have tons more and "stories to tell before I sleep ". But, I keep on wondering....

Casey Atz 6 years ago

I think adoption os good depending on the parents who are adopting the child. I as a child have been put into foster care and what my life put in front of me, changed me forever. I have grown up to be a different child! How do i know this? Because you know that saying, you are what you where raised. Well until the age of six years old when i was taken i have been through eight foster homes and they all worked ways in my life that did change me. As a breif summary of my life: i never knew my real fother he ran away from me when he found out my mom was pregnant with me,. My mom gave birth to another girl her name was tiffinay she only lived for two days and died of a hole in her heart, also i was abused physically and mentally when i lived with my mom, another thing is i was put into foster care and it was good wih me but the families did not like me. I was abused at my third foster home and not given a chance to be me. O was adopted there and abuse still was happening. My agency found out about it took us and put us into another foster home, then we moved from there to another home. We where emotionally abused there to so we where moved well as a total my life is different from any pther child. I lost tje chance to be a normal kid a long time ago. So if you are willing to adopt please give your child the only thing i ask for. To be normal

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 6 years ago from Doha Author

Lucky there are parents like you fetty... but as casey said... there are some side effects too... they wont act normal to you when you are an orphan...

fetty profile image

fetty 6 years ago from South Jersey

Shaan.S There are many sides to adoption. I couln't agree more. There is a need to educate the public about the not so wonderful endings as well as the successful ones. My sons are law abiding citizens with huge chips on their shoulders and deep scars. They are now raising their own families and may be passing on these scars unwittingly. We can not help them b/c they won't listen. Such is life . Casey's life is very typical here in the foster care program in America, too.

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 6 years ago from Doha Author

hmmm.... i think u are right... Proper education to the parents is necessary before they starts parenting their adopted child... Sometimes their behavior can cause a negative impact on their child.. Adopted ones always have a feeling that they are outsiders... No harm meant ... but i wanna tell you something... Bloodline is something that cannot be made... unless both are willing.. to accept each other... It may take time...

sajith 6 years ago

really great man.....

sarah 6 years ago

i am adopted don't ever not tell them they are adopted they have a right to know.

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 6 years ago from Doha Author

@sarah.. : I gues... they have a right to know... but.. the step parents shudnt treat them as one...

Nat Amaral profile image

Nat Amaral 6 years ago from BC Canada

A truly beautiful piece. So many truthful statements. It's also proven that plenty of adopted parents are better than some of the biological parents. I knew a lady who adopted her granddaughter because this child's mother abandoned her. That right there says it all.

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 6 years ago from Doha Author

@Nat Amaral :Yup.. You are right. Adopted parents can be the best. I guess it works well when the parents dont have any biological kids.. Because as they grow up bloodline functions more.. and they me lead to sorrow of the adopted one. But as i told if the parents are adopting with a good intention and strong urge to have a baby, then they are the best. :))

Jeniff 5 years ago

what about if the adopted ten year old child is really bad and causing too much trouble , is it legal to return child back to the original owner ?

Shaan.S profile image

Shaan.S 5 years ago from Doha Author

bad in the sense???? hey remember every kid in this world is a problem kid to their parent... how old is he??? before thinking about returning thinking twice is good... its my opinion... rest upto you...

LOVEn life! 4 years ago

I'm adopted myself and I have 11 other adopted siblings.... I love my family to pieces! With adopted siblings comes lots of troubled lives.... there is a saying from someone that I heard.... "Adopting is like a bag a apple orchard, some of the trees go through tough times at the bigginng of there life and end up all right, some have a hard beggining and don't turn out all right. Kid's who are adopted most of the time start out ruff, don't let there end of there life end ruff! Let them grow to be a beautiful gift of God!" My mom said to me one time that my two older siblings were so horrible because they expierenced so much at such a young age, I was the ray of sunshine in the stormy night!

cassi 4 years ago


S1U2H3Y4L 4 years ago

GOOD HOMIE GREAT(to the author

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