Rapid Palatal Expanders

I wouldn't guess that many people have firsthand experience with the palatal expander, but most people probably know someone who knew someone who had one. If you didn't, now you do -- I had one. For two (long, long) years. What exactly is this thing? Oh, if you have a flair for the dramatic, you might say it's something akin to a modern day torture device. If you're less prone to hysterics, you might simply describe it as a fugly contraption your orthodontist sticks in your mouth and leaves there for a specified period of time, during which you will be counting the seconds down to its removal. Sounds like a party, eh?

What Does The Palatal Expander Do?

In the simplest terms possible (and the nicest), this bit of joy widens your upper palate. Mine was similar to the one in that photo. If you look closely, you'll see a hole in the center. That would be a key-hole. No joke. Mom or Dad sticks the key into that hole every night (or as often as prescribed) and turns it about a few times. Sounds simple enough, but it hurts like a mother. And rightly so!

Why Is It Used?

The reasons will vary from person to person. From kid to kid, really, as these are usually used on prepubescents. I believe I was about 10 when I had mine, and it was in there because I have a very, very tiny mouth, but normal-sized teeth. Made for a quite a mess, but before I could use braces, I had to have room made for the wonkey teeth. And, in my case, I had to have some teeth pulled, because it was thought that if I didn't, my wisdom teeth might be a problem in the future. Other kids may need it due to a cross bite, breathing problems, or other issues. All depends on the individual.

What's It Like Once It's In?

It's been 20 years since mine was in, so technology may have improved since then. But I'll tell you how it was in my case, cos I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • It hurt going in, and it hurt quite badly every time my mother turned the key. Maybe she did it too fast or too hard, I dunno. All I can tell you is that I still remember the pain, which primarily manifested as headaches and jaw aches. The rest of the time it was more like a dull ache that I could ignore most of the time.

  • It was impossible to eat like a normal person. I preferred soft foods, for obvious reasons, as my teeth ached a lot. But even then, food would get stuck between the expander and the roof of my mouth. It was pretty nasty, and pretty annoying trying to clean it out.

  • I developed an instant lisp. And while I've read that you're supposed to overcome the speech issues within a few days, I must have been particularly speech-challenged, as I was unable to speak normally until a few days before the took it out -- TWO YEARS LATER.

  • I had way too much saliva going on for those two years.

How Long Do They Stay In?

Mine was in for two years. Others may have it for less time, or perhaps even more.

Are They Worth It?

To be honest, I'd have to say yes. I hated having that stupid thing in my mouth, but it changed the shape of my face for the better and, without it, my teeth would be quite wonky today, cos I wouldn't have been able to get braces. The pain was annoying, but it wasn't unbearable. If you are a parent, I'd advise you to be as gentle as you can when turning the key -- the pain really can be bad enough to make one cry. The rest of the time, however, it shouldn't be that bad.

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Michael 4 years ago

Got my RPE out yesterday!!!! Woohooooooooooooo!!! It definitely didn't come out easy and my legs went in the air while lying down in the chair as the orthodontist pulled it out. But it worked and didn't mess up any teeth. I also can take a break from rubber bands. Now I just have braces. When you have this much in your mouth for so long, braces feels like nothing! Probably will need braces for about 1 more year.

Michael 4 years ago

Emma, it never gets better. Eating will always suck. The saliva may reduce in a couple of weeks but you will still have a lot. When I sneeze, saliva goes all over the floor. It is disgusting. I am getting my expander out in about 3 weeks. I will still have braces and rubber bands in my mouth but far better than the terrible expander.

Emma 4 years ago

so i got my expander today, and i can't swallow anything! i've been spitting my saliva into my sink. & i'm starving! when will this get better? help me. :'(

Michael 4 years ago

Just got back from appointment. Not so happy. Thought things were going great. Now I have rubber bands now. I got so much crap in my mouth I want to scream. But I can't. These rubber bands create four more obstacles and they hold my mouth closed. So basically I have rubber bands, braces on top and bottom, and this expander is still in my mouth!


Jacqueline 4 years ago

Hang in there Amy it will get easier with time.

Amy 4 years ago

ME again and still my tongue hurts so bad :((

Michael 4 years ago

Been awhile since I posted. Had an appointment earlier this week. My smile is nearly flawless now. It is just a waiting period for the jaw/bone to grow into the voids created. My bottom teeth are nearly perfect. I had a lot of crowding when I started with the bottom front teeth crossing at almost a 90 degree angle. Now it is nearly flat. It is amazing. I think I am still on schedule with getting the RPE out in August. I will have braces probably another year still but I don't mind it. Braces + RPE is what I hate. With just braces, it will feel like I have nothing in my mouth. Next appointment is in July.


Brianna 4 years ago

I got my R.P.E. a day ago, and my teeth hurt like nobody's business!! I really want to eat hard stuff, (not like caramel, ice, skittles, or anything THAT chewy)and I can't! It hurts soo bad to chew from my top front teeth to bottom front teeth. I KIND OF can chew all the way of the back of my mouth, but it's still sore.

My mom has to turn the key on my RPE twice! It hurts so bad, I can't resist to feel like this isn't worth it! My mom says as soon as my braces come off, and my RPE comes off too, that I'll look so pretty. I have braces on the bottom, and RPE on the top.

On top of my teeth, I have one tooth that is all the way on the back of my moth,(not ALL the way, but like an inch or so). I have to keep the RPE in for 4 months.

Any advice? Please, it will be VERY helpful!:D


Robin 4 years ago

MY 9 year old son has had his RPE for three weeks now, we made it thru the first two weeks, turning the key once a day. it was cemented in. at the end of the two weeks it actually came loose on one side, before we could get in the office the entire expander fell out. The Ortho changed the device by making it cover three teeth on each side and more or less snaps on. He can remove it when he eats and brushes his teeth. Now we have turn it every fourth day. at least that is done when it is outside his mouth. I had problems turning it twice when it was inside his mouth. i had trouble turning the key all the way and locked it - needing an appt to have them correct it.

so i could turn it again. it's not easy to locate the hole to "pull it back". Today's problem was trying to get it to fit it back in with the one turn. i think it is ok but going to call the ortho's office tomorrow to ask if there is a trick to getting it to fit back in easier and for sure what's ok to use to clean it. (plain water vs toothpaste). as i don't want to damage the pieces that fit over his teeth. the plan is to to create space in his upper pallet and put a wire on the front to pull the front teeth back in straight and also put a wire behind the front teeth to save the real estate there for the other teeth as they come in.. He really hasn't been experiencing any pain, only feeling a little pressure. And the ortho's office made a point to tell me to make sure he swallows a lot that first few days when it was put in or he would develop that slurp sound and it becomes habit.

Amy 4 years ago

I just got my expander a day ago. My teeth don't hurt yet but under my tongue it hurts very bad and is very sore :( So hard to speak because of it.

Michael 4 years ago

Progress just hit Over Drive. The upper expander is doing great. My upper and lower teeth align great. The twisted teeth on the lower front teeth that I originally went to the orthodontist for are now nearly perfectly straight. I'm a believer now!

However, my upper jaw ends near my cheeks is doing some cutting into the teeth. I think the wire is poking it. So it hurts to smile. I try to smile by holding my right cheek open with my fingers lol.

tonitan 4 years ago

After a month of expanders, my dentist said we will remove it first because my jaw expanded but she made the rubber into a chain like both that it hurts so much I cant even eat a bread. After 3 days, the alignment of my teeth is still not yet improving. I hope I can get my retainers before December :D

Michael 4 years ago

Had an appointment this past Thursday. I wasn't told I needed to do any more turns but it looks like the teeth still aren't even from upper and lower jaw. Maybe the teeth are still moving based on previous pressure given to the RPE?

Instead I got thicker bands on top and bottom that still hurt today. All I ate yesterday was 4 oz of chicken and milk LOL. I'm losing weight like crazy because my mouth hurts. I have twisted teeth on bottom row and they put a lot of pressure on them with the new bands that I thought the teeth would snap in the office chair. My top row of teeth look perfect just not aligned IMO to bottom yet. But they are a lot closer than Day 1.

My next appointment is May 21.

Ctie 4 years ago


You are most definitely right! Except I was in pain from it getting taken out and it's been. 2 days and now I feel relieved and my bloody gums and cuts and canker sores are healing!! my teeth are so sore! But now that expander out you can see how defined my smile is and how big and wide it is! I love it :)!

Jacqueline 4 years ago


I am excited for you too ! You will be so happy to get that thing out. It's so great to be able to put my tongue on the roof of my mouth again and with the bottom expander out too feels soo good.


Ctie 4 years ago


I'm so happy for you!!! I get mine out Wednesday and I'm so excited!!!!!!!:)!

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Got my twin block expander out early !!! Will not miss it one bit. Have invisalign got them thursday. Comfortable and can barely see them! They are awesome so excited. Been long 8 months with the expanders and twin block. Worked great just glad done with it !!

Michael 4 years ago


My tongue the first 2 weeks was really messed up. It was blistered and had a perfect indentation of the expander appliance. Now it is not blistered but just has the indentation left. Not sure why it has it because I don't think the tongue rests on the roof of the mouth. I guess it does.

My teeth are really starting to move now. My bite, at least to me, looks nearly perfect as far as the upper and lower teeth being aligned. Hopefully I won't need to make any more turns when I go back for checkup on April 12.

Eating still sucks. I tried to do those vegetable smoothies last night. I put a frozen bag in the microwave for 5 minutes. Took it out and dumped it in blender. Poured a cup of water on it and blended it. It was carrot, corn, peas, and green beans. The blend came out yellowish. I tried chugging it down and wound up vomiting all over the sink.

Expander 1

Me 0


Jacqueline 4 years ago

My tongue got really sore in beginning. It will be rough first week or two. Hang in there it will get easier. Eating will get easier too. No pain no gain :) Try advil and drinking really cold water helps too.

xmoex 4 years ago

I just got an expander 4 days ago and it is tearing my tongue apart. I have a HUGE indentation across the center of my tongue, it is swollen, cut and almost looks bruised (if tongues can bruise). Has this happened to anyone else? I can't bare the pain! Can't see my Ortho again until Monday! I was warned my teeth and jaw would hurt, but nothing was mentioned about my tongue getting torn apart. :(

Ctie 4 years ago

I can't even think about counting down because it seems like its so far!!! I'm so stoked for my appointment :) I love my teeth already but now I have toget my wisdom teeth pulled out soon

Jacqueline 4 years ago

I have a count down on my calendar for this toture device to come off. Tomorrow Wednesday 16 days left. I will be so happy to get this stuff ou of my mouth ! How cool we both are so close to same time like you said. It's been great keeping touch with you!

Ctie 4 years ago

Wow jaqueline our appointments to get our expanders off are so close together! That's crazy it feels like we have been going through this journey together huh? Lol.. But I'm so excited for you and I'm sorry about your sister! I remembered my early days of being braced. The first month was the hardest and hurt more than the expander! But maybe one day we can email before and after pics or something that would be nice:) id love to show you my progress! But hopefully your invisalign to good and you get your expander out!! Good luck :) only 14 more days for me :) countdown of my life hehe

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Had an appointment last week. My invisalign ready April 13. Told I may need braces at some point later after invisalign too. So a little of everything :). My sistersbraces have been poking her a lot. And she had something cut her tongue the other day. Also part of her braces were digging into a filling. So it's been a little rough. Her dentist has been out of town til this Tuesday so hopefully they can help her with some of her issues. Thanks for asking. :)

Ctie 4 years ago


I am very excited for you to get invisalign!! I hope you're teeth shift fast and are a sail for you :)! I'm sorry you had to deal with that thing for 8 months ughh. I'm almost at 6 months and I wanna die lol. I get it out 19 days I'm excited more than ever! My teeth are all so straight and I love it :). But how is your sister doing in her treatment? And how long of your treatment do you have left? I have to be braces at least another 20 months :(

Jacqueline 4 years ago

I haven't been sick in years also. So bad timing that's for sure. I also get good sleep thank goodness. Am excited about getting this stuff out of my mouth and getting the invisalign. Thanks :)

Michael 4 years ago


I had braces put on my teeth before I had the expander put in. It is my 2nd time with braces. Last time was like 15 years ago lol. If I didn't have braces, I think my teeth would be too loose with the expander by itself. I know when they take the wires off, my teeth hurt a lot. I was suggested jaw surgery when I was younger and I didn't want it. It was to make my bite completely closed. I may be offered it again after I'm done with the expander but I will decide then. Technology improved a lot since the 1990s.

Good luck!


That sucks you got sick. Luckily for me I haven't been sick in a few years. I try to get as much sleep as needed. I think it works haha. Good luck with the invisalign.

Jacqueline 4 years ago

I have had my expander in on top then bottom now for almost 8 months. I had an impression done 3 weeks ago for invisalign. I go in on Friday and ok the plans for the way my teeth should look when done with invisalign. Then they are ready in 2-3 weeks after. I am so excited. It's been a rough 8 months. This last month I got strep throat and a peritonsillar abcess and had to had my abcess drained twice. Once in the Emergency room 3 shots down my throat then cut open and drained then 2 days later saw a specialist and had to get drained again. It's been really hard since I now have a twin block I am really looking forward to getting my invisalign although 3 days after I get them I have to get a tonsilectomy. At least I am hoping with the invisalign it will be easier to recover from tonsilectomy than having the twin block inside my mouth. I am hoping smooth sailing from then on :)

Tonitan 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Thank you Michael.

It's fourth day of having this "mouthpiece" thing in my mouth. On my first and second day it was so painful that I get so teary eyed every time I turn the expander. Afterwards, it was less painful. I remove my expander everyday to have it clean and adjust it also because I can't ask anyone to adjust the expander if it's inside my mouth. Because of this, I can see the changes in my bite before. It was fast and kinda happy about that because I deserve it after all the pain it brought me. I can't eat what I want but it's okay.My ortho put braces before the expansion. I read in your comments that you have received expansion before braces. Is it okay? I'm only 16 and I don't want to be in surgery because of my teeth. She said it will be on observation. Hope to see your updates with your teeth progress. :D

Michael 4 years ago


Not sure of what you are asking. I've had several teeth extracted. It think 4 or 6 teeth on top of the wisdom teeth and still have overcrowding. Tooth extraction isn't bad. In fact, I think if I didn't have it done when I was younger, most of my teeth would be crooked or destroyed from all the crowding.

Today I turned my expander for the 10th time this period and 26 times total. My bite is starting to look awesome. I went from taking 30 minutes to do the turns to I think 10 seconds today. No pain. Just a little tightness and a 5 minutes headache.

The WaterPik is helping a lot. I think I may have to turn it some more after my next visit in April because the bite still isn't perfect yet.

Toni 4 years ago

Hi guys,

would it possible to have expanders without gaps? and after the expanders, there would be no surgery or tooth extraction?

Ctie 4 years ago


Why are you dieting, I eat whatever I want with this thing on im a pro now lol. Our appointments are so close together mine is April 11,=-) and thata the day I get my expander out!!! I can not wait !!! 6 long months and it's fianaly gonna be gone I can't wait!!! But I had to do 32 turns! And u turned 2 times a day so I couldn't get that outta the Way

Michael 4 years ago


Thanks for reply. It has been about 1 month (2-13-12). Kind of went by quick - not really lol. My next appointment is not until April 12. I am starting to see my front 2 teeth spread out a little now which I think is a good sign. Maybe 1 mm or a little less now. Hard to see since I have braces on top and bottom. I do notice my bite getting a lot better. I am so sick of this diet though. I just can wait until the day comes I get this RTE out. I am going to eat a bunch of Krispy Kreme donuts and then getting a large pizza somewhere lol. This diet stinks! :/

Ctie 4 years ago


Yes that happened to me as well! For along time I felt like one side of my jaw was wider than the other and it was ! And after i finished all my turns and a few months in braces still my midline is still not corrected. It gets ugly before it will get better and that's a guarantee! Iv been in an expander since October and my teeth still look misaligned! It takes a while for everything to adjust but braces should fix all that! So you're not paranoid it is shifting but if you are getting braces it should fix it with rubber bands or just the braces itself.

Michael 4 years ago

Hi. Anyone with experience can answer this.

I am starting to notice or maybe it is in my paranoid mind that my teeth are shifting slightly to one side than the other. Meaning, I have always compared my front two teeth with the crease in the upper lip (you know that small dip everyone has) and it has always lined up. But keep in mind while those teeth have always lined up, the rest have been narrow compared to my bottom jaw. Otherwise, why would I have an RTE lol. Anyway, is this shift supposed to happen? Maybe it is just in my head but I don't know. It just seems that the wider my upper bite gets from the RTE, the more it is moving to one side than the other?


Michael 4 years ago

Just got back from appointment and all I can say is "OUCH!". You never understand how painful your teeth can feel until you get new bands on and the wire supporting your teeth temporarily is removed. On top of that I heard the worst 3 words of 2012 told to me by a human being:

"10 More Turns!"


Michael 4 years ago


My advice since I am 28 and went through the braces/retainer/headgear thing before when I was like 10-13 years old is that to get the Waterpik ASAP. It is like a $40 investment that will save lots of money potentially in the long run from preventing other teeth issues. I never had cavities before but I wish I knew about the Waterpik when I was younger. It is worth it. Since your son is young and might not know how to use it properly I would do it for him since the pressures can be dangerous if use incorrectly. Maybe do it before he sleeps at night so the food particles don't start building up at while he sleeps.

IMO, the Waterpik is a MUST if you are serious about teeth and have braces and/or an expander of some type.

I have 2 more days of turning the key and then I got an appointment. I don't see a gap on my front teeth yet but I do notice that my bite has changed slightly. So hopefully that is a good sign. Pretty sick of eating fish and eggs though. I probably go through 5-6 lbs of Tilapia a week now LOL.


hommit 4 years ago

My son is 11 and today is his 5th day with an expander. He hasn't cried at all, he's being very good about it. He only asked for Tylenol 1 time. He says that it doesn't really hurt but he feels pressure. He is having trouble eating but it's getting better each day. My advice is to have your first meal at home, not in public! After my son got his expander he was hungry and we went right to McDonald's. It took him 30 minutes to eat less than a half of a fish sandwich and he gave up. The milkshake went down fine! lol I've been making him oatmeal and pancakes for breakfast and spaghettios or mac & cheese to pack in his lunch in a thermos because eating a sandwich takes too long. Ice cream, pudding, soup, yogurt, mashed potatoes are great. Our only trouble has been with trying to clean out the food that gets stuck on top of the expander at the roof of his mouth. I'm thinking I should buy a Water Pik to try to clean that out.

ME!!! 4 years ago

I have something like that in my mouth and it feels like i have have 2 pins stabbing my tougne.

Shanaelle 4 years ago

I had a RPE a few years ago and it made me talk weird...And another cool thing it did was give me a really awesome space between my two front teeth. It was also painful. I love those 6 months that I had it. Made eating much more enjoyable!

Michael 4 years ago

Good stuff Mel. I can't wait until I get mine out. I am 11 days in and have to 16 turns total. The first few days trying to turn took me 20-30 minutes because I didn't know what I was doing. Now I can do it in under a minute. I sometimes get ringing in my ear or tightness in my jaw/cheek area but that only lasts a few minutes. It is hard to tell if anything is widening. Maybe I still don't understand how it works. I thought after 16 turns/days my jaw would be perfectly aligned lol. Eating is getting better or well I got somewhat of a system now. Still eating twice a day and the rest is just protein shakes.

One thing having braces and an RPE has taught me is teeth maintenance. I already thought I was good before but I am pretty much brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day and flossing too. Plus I am going through Listerine and Act like it is water haha.

My next checkup is March 1st.

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Oops meant RPE not RPA

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Wow no fun. I am glad I have a removable RPA. My dentist doesn't do the bonded type thank goodness. That sounded painful. I think which ever way though will be worth it in the end. :). Are you getting braces now?

MEL 4 years ago

I just got my RPE removed today after having it for 4 long months. The first couple of days were the worst. My speech changed completely. I sounded like i had a lisp which didn't go away completely during the 4 months. However, I do have to say that with time my speech did improve. Everyday I would practice in front of a mirror. Until the very end i still couldn't say "green" among other words. As far as the issue with food...well you will get used to not being able to chew all foods. I too opted to eat soft foods and liquids and had several bad headaches. So today I was extremely happy that it was being removed but it HURT. It really felt like it was breaking all my teeth and pulling them all out at the same time. Like I said, horrible experience. I had one of those bonded RPEs and it chipped a molar when it was removed. After waiting for 4 months to feel normal again, it felt so odd, like i didn't have any teeth. My doctor kept saying it is going to feel so good to be able to brush and floss but all I kept thinking was that at the moment it felt horrible. I really hope that all of this is well worth a great smile in the end. Sorry if I scared you.

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Yes I have warned my family that when I am eating if it looks like I am choking that I really may be. Lol. Yes the twin block sucks because it is a expander plus a block to keep your bottom jaw forward. Cool though cause I've had an overbite my whole life I have been so self conscious about it and hated. With the twin block there is no more overbite :). Now just need my teeth straightened and will be happy camper :). Lots of luck with your expander and braces keep us updated about your progress.

Michael 4 years ago

That twin block looks crazy. Never heard of it until I looked it up just now. I guess the expander isn't as bad as that. I don't know though. The expander didn't look so bad when it was outside of my mouth. But when the stuff goes in, then you realize that it can be a problem.

I just got a Waterpik from Amazon so that helps a lot with cleaning. It just makes a mess everywhere. I am thinking about doing it right before I shower so it can spray all over me and not be an issue. I found out yesterday that bread will be something I won't eat the next 5+ months. I tried eating those Pillsbury crescent rolls and nearly choked on them. A lot of it stuck on the roof of my mouth around the expander and it took me 30 minutes to brush it off haha. It looked like the expander was laying against a white pillow. Except the pillow was mushed bread smashed all over my appliance.

I will stay with the eggs and grits/cream of wheat instead. :)

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Hi Ctie :)

I am not sure what's happening with expander when I get invisalign ? I have appointment Monday to take molds I will have to ask then. Plus with my twin block holding my bottom jaw forward to correct my overbite I would think I would need that held forward longer too.

Glad your braces are going well. I have a sister whose 52 whose got teeth a lot like mine with an overbite. She is getting braces next week. She is taking totally different treatment. No expander. Just braces then jaw surgery after. Yikes. I didn't want surgery so I am doing the expander then was getting braces but dentist decided invisalign instead. So will cool to see how we both turn out. Never too old to get this done. You only live once so I am so excited to be having this done even at my age.

Jacqueline 4 years ago

I have to leave expander in to eat. So that still sucks big time! Yeah you would think rice was easy to eat but it's not. I do eat a lot more mashed potatoes lately. I make fruit smoothies and drink protein drinks. Spaghetti you would think would be easy but I have hard time chewing the skinny noodles and some goes down my throat and some stays in my mouth and makes me feel like I'm choking. I don't like eating in front of anyone because it's not a pretty sight :). Right now I have a twin block. You can look it up on YouTube it's an expander on bottom that hooks to a retainer on top ( already had expanded on top) that pushes bottom jaw forward to get rid of overbite and holds there. Hurt so bad first 2 weeks cried everyday. So when I eat it's plastic on plastic my teeth don't touch at all. No fun at all.

Michael 4 years ago

I am not sure if I could deal with an expander that was removable. I am not sure how hard it would be to put back in and I would be afraid I would mess something up haha. But it definitely would help on the eating part. What I learned from yesterday:

12 oz Tilapia + 2 cups of brown rice + Ravioli = Disaster

What I didn't consider was that brown rice doesn't break down very well in the mouth in general. With all this stuff in my mouth, it is very hard to swallow it. Also ravioli isn't such a good idea either. I think I will have to suck it up and go with mashed potatoes since it dissolves easier in the mouth. What does work for meal 1 is eggs and cream of wheat.

When I get this expander out it will feel like I have nothing in my mouth even though I will still have braces haha. I don't think of the time I need braces in (16-20 months), just the time I need the expander in (5 months 20+ days) haha! :)

Anyone got tips of other food that can be eaten other than soup?

Ctie 4 years ago

Hey jaqueline, Im so happy you're getting invisalign! Does this mean you get your expanders Permately out?? But I just had a check up and they said I can't get my expander out till April 11! I can not wait boy oh boy. But anyone braces are doing well, my gap closed and teeth are all straight!! In just waiting on rubber bands to correct my open bite and cross bite but other than that everything has been smooth but slow. Lol. Sorry about the gap :( it will suck to smile, I know I hated it

jacqueline 4 years ago

My expanders have been removable so when I need to brush my teeth and turn the key I take it out and put it right back in. Which is good if you're disciplined. Because some people take it out and leave it out for couple hours here and there when you should have it in all the time except to brush or turning. I can't imagine how hard it would be to turn the key while in your mouth. Would seem impossible. I am glad mines been removable although there have been multiple times I've wanted to throw it across the room but have toughed it out kept it in. It does hurt around your ears and nose and will pinch the inside of your mouth but it usually goes away with some Advil. It will also widen your face very slightly which was good for me as it has reduced some wrinkles :). Hang in there !

Michael 4 years ago

Last night I tried turning the key the first time myself. I almost gave up. I couldn't do it at the office so I had the orthodontist assistant do it. I got a lamp and shined up on my face and then a small dental mirror and spent 20 minutes finding out how to put the key in. I eventually got it and moved it and my ears were ringing and my face was drenched in sweat. I think the sweat is from the bulb heat lol. My head stopped ringing like 5 minutes later.

I am somewhat of an athlete/weight lifter so eating is a problem. I have switched from eating 5-6 times to just 4 times with 2 being protein shakes and 2 being large protein meals. Basically I am eating a bunch of eggs and oats in meal 1 and 1 lbs of fish in meal 2 haha. I figured since it takes like 15 minutes to clean my teeth after I eat, I might as well eat as much as I can every meal.

The drooling is somewhat better controlled but I still sip water throughout the day. I don't have that metal feeling as much in my mouth now - probably because everything is drowned in spit and saliva. As for talking, I am getting better but don't think I will be pronouncing 'E' anytime soon. :)

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Oh I hated the saliva drooling part. I slept with a washcloth on my pillow. Drinking water helped during the day time. It might take a couple weeks to stop. Plus it will be uncomfortable some days and ok others. Hang in there and it will work. I am 49 and had upper now lower and worked great. Getting invisalign in 6 weeks :)

Michael 4 years ago

I'm 28 and just had braces put in the for the 2nd time in my life. On top of that I had this expander put in today. I hate it! I don't care so much about the limits of food but I drool everywhere. I have to carry a washcloth with me like I'm some dog. I hate the most is not being able to talk correctly. I have been saying my ABC's all day and trying to count to 100. Then I said words that go in alphabetical order (apple, banana, etc.) - all things I can't even eat!!! Is the saliva going to stop? I don't care much about talking funny. But the drooling is making a mess everywhere. Will running on a treadmill stop the saliva? Where is it all coming from? I need to have it on for 5 months and 29 days more. Help! :o(

Jacqueline 4 years ago

Hey Stevie hang in there . Your expander will work best if left in. 7 months will go fast. It might take a couple weeks to get used to. If it hurts swishing really cold water in your mouth will help. And taking advil will help. I am 7 months into it. Had expander on top now have a twin block. An expander on bottom with a retainer in top that blocks my bottom jaw forward correcting an overbite. I get molds made for invisalign next week and then get them about 5 weeks later. Will you be getting braces or invisalign after. It really will be worth it in the end to stick with it.

Stevie me! 4 years ago

I got my expander today & it's sooo embaressing! I have a boyfriend & it's very embaressing to talk to him... I have to have it for at least 7 more MONTHS!!!! I'm so frustrated with it & will probably end up taking it out a lot. Lol. Just being honest!

jacqueline 4 years ago

Hello Ctie,

How are things going with your braces. My bottom expander is going to max out this week. The gap between my bottom teeth is huge. I will find out on Monday 6th whether I will get braces or invisiline.

To Jessica hope your doing better. Hope your saliva is not bothering you as much. It will get easier with time.

If your mouth gets sore drinking really cold water helped me. I had a top expander that fully expanded now I have a bottom expander that's almost fully expanded with a retainer on top to keep me epanded that hooks to the bottom moving my jaw forward and holding in place about 1/2 an inch to get rid of my overbite. It's been about 6 months now total for both expanders.

Ctie 4 years ago

Hey Jessica I'm 18 and also and have one in for about 3 months. The best thing I do when having excessive salvia is to suck in and it all goes away. It's pretty gross but for the first couPle weeks it will do that. But then your mouth will get used to it and it wOnt even do it anymore.

For Roberta if you can't turn it or get the key in, it means from the previous turn you didn't turn it all the way. So what you do is try to find the hole on the other side and complete the turn so you can see the hole in the front. You have to make sure every time you turn you do it all the way

roberta 4 years ago

has anybody had any trouble with theirs? my daughter has had hers in for a little over a week and today when I went to turn it I could not get it in the hole.It look like the hole is not fully turned.

Jessica 4 years ago

hi i just got my palatal expander in today and im 18 and i have to wear it for 4 months, How do i control my saliva? sometimes it gets so bad i gag! Please help. It doesn't hurt or anything just annoying when i eat stuff gets up in there :(

um 5 years ago

um...i just got one of these, except I'm 24, so my upper palate has already FUSED, so I have 4 HUGE screws in the upper mouth bone, anchored in by the Dr, and it's like knives every time I swallow

Ri 5 years ago

Do you have nay idea of what I show do if my expander is jamming into my jaw. By that I mean that the right side of the rectangle part of my expander is jamming into the top of my mouth. I get my expander off in two weeks but I have exams coming up and I will die because it's already making my mouth sore.

Ctie 5 years ago

P.s sorry about my spelling and incorrect grammar, I posted this through my phone & it changes words sometimes. Lol

Ctie 5 years ago

Hey jaqueline nice hearing from you again :), but my braces ate doing good. I still have the gap but it's almost closed! I think after another month it will be closed hopefully. I got my braces on 5 weeks ago and my next appointment isn't until the end oh janurary, so I have a little Over a month to go before my first tightening! I'm excited and wish time would fly by I have been looking at my braces every single day and night to see progress :) but in very happy your bottom expander is working. Idk why they say expanders don't work on adults! I think that's a myth ;) but im do excited for the outcome. My teeth are straighting out really fast it's just hard because I have a slight open bite, so when I smile you see space between my upper and lower teeth! I kinda wanna start elastics ASAP so I can close it! But other than that everything is good. ;)

jenn8675309 5 years ago

I had a different one in my 20s. When I was a kid I had my teeth improperly corrected. My tongue was very big and pushed my bottom teeth down, so they created a false overbite in order to make the tooth surfaces meet, and I was taught to get over my lisp also by pulling my lower jaw and tongue back. So in my 20s, I got a twin block appliance with an upper expander. The first few days I thought I was going to die because so many of the soft tissues had been cramped into making the overbite posture, but the natural structure of my face is actually for a slight underbite, and after a few days it all adjusted, and my jaws felt normal in that position. I could have a jaw surgery to get rid of the underbite but it's not bad. My molars never came up, though, so I have to have some further work to pull them up or else restorations on them. As far as the expansion was concerned, my device was removable for cleaning and special occasions, which was great because lordy, I had a terrible time talking with them in!! I never learned to make a "k" sound or the "g" as in "go", and between the unfamiliar underbite position and the fact that the metal expander was housed in two thick acrylic plates, like a split retainer, my lisp wasn't confined to an "s" but also "sh", "z", and the hard "th" all came out like a soft "th". "j", "d", and "t" got a little hissy and softened too. And my lips were meeting really differently so at first "b", "p", "v" and "f" were hit and miss the first few weeks.

I was supposed to have it for nine months but was more like a year and a half because I was so bad at talking with it I had to take it out more than I should, and I could only tighten it when I knew I could leave it in the whole day.

jacqueline 5 years ago

How are your braces going for you Ctie? My bottom expander has made a big gap between my bottom teeth in the middle. It looks really goofy so I can now relate to you not liking your gap. I had an appointment last week and am expanding it another month which is when my next appointment is in beginning of January. It's going to look so much more goofy by then. I am glad it is working though :)

Ctie 5 years ago

:) I'm very happy for you! And Im glad you still are fixing your smile! Even though I'm 18 I feel like its beeeen soooooo long! And I've Also hated my smile and feel like everything is going to get better:) in very happy for us

Jacqueline 5 years ago

I am glad the pain is not as bad for you :). Wow 12 weeks that does seem like a long time. Cool though you're already seeing movement. Be patient you will have a beautiful smile soon. It will be worth it in the end. I am happy for you that things are moving along. My expander on bottom I am now seeing my teeth separate and they look all funky. I am really old to be getting this done. My dentist says things are going very well. :). I have hated my teeth my whole life. So this is dream come true finally getting them fixed. Hang in there :)

Ctie 5 years ago

Hey jaqueline,

It's been 4 days now and all the tightness and soreness is pretty much gone :) my teeth are just a bit sore! But it's crazy because I'm already seeing some improvements. I'm sad though because they said my gap won't be gone for a couple more months :/ which is surprising because I'm wearing braces! But my next appointment isn't for another 12 weeks! Isn't that crazy? I thought you had to go in every month, but they're making me wear my expander for another 4 months because they say since I'm adult I'm lucky it worked and they don't want my upper teeth to go back narrow again. I'm pretty much over the expander i sometimes forget its even there. Just hope my gap will close soon :)

Jacqueline 5 years ago

Nice color! I'm so sorry you're sore. Advil will help. Hope things get easier for you soon! Hang in there!

Ctie 5 years ago

I got lavender purple and jaqueline :) my teeth are so sore though :(

Jacqueline 5 years ago

Glad you and your friends are doing well Stefani. :)

Colors how fun. Not sure what color I would pick. Let us know what you choose.

stefani 5 years ago

Yall are frecking whussys!! I mean it hurts and I know alotta people with them plus I have one and well quit being all dramatic over a lil expnder...

Ctie 5 years ago

Thanks jaqueline. Idk what color I should get? Any suggestions?

Jacqueline 5 years ago

it can be really bad for some and for the lucky ones not so bad. Depends on your teeth and your age. I am one of the old ones 49 where my bones are having a harder time moving. So yes it was that bad for me for at least the first 3 weeks. If you have small tongue easy larger one rubs and gets sore. I also have one on top and bottom that connect which makes it even harder. So all depends on the situation. So glad ctie your getting your braces hope your gap closes soon so you are more comfortable :)

Ctie 5 years ago

Well I went to my check up and they said my bite is right where it needs to be and looks great. I get braces Tuesday but still have to leave the expander in for another 4 months which is a total of 6 months. I'm excited to get braces to close my gap! All I know Is my mouth is gonna be filled with metal!

katy 5 years ago

Hurts when you get it off!! Cuz there's like a bruise where it was!!

brooke 5 years ago

First off there not that bad I had one till yesterday!

Ctie 5 years ago

I have my check up tommrow it's been almost 6 weeks of this expander in. Ugh I'm halfway there I don't mind it. It just bothers me because of the gap and I just want my braces on so they close it. My ortho wants to wait to put my braces after the expander is out but I rather have them in all now so the process can speed up through the holidays! But I'm glad I'm going through the expander through winter when I'm less social with friends

Jacqueline 5 years ago

I get you. No one can understand unless they've been there. It's not easy. Especially through the holidays with all the yummy food. With my top and bottom in right now I eat soup and mashed potatoes are good. I blend cheese into the mashed potatoes so good. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of family and won't get any to eat myself. :(. It's tough. I do smile more right now even though my smile looks funny because I am so happy to be getting my teeth fixed. We are lucky.

Ctie 5 years ago

Yeah that is true whatever gets the job done and my ortho said the same thing about my gap but I just want it to be closed now :(

Jacqueline 5 years ago

I didn't get a gap between my front teeth but my bite widened and teeth next to my front and back got gaps in between them. I will after this get either invisiline or braces. Either I am happy with what ever does the job. It will be about 2 years also. Be glad your getting it done now. You will look great when all done. I am guessing when you get your braces they will start closing your gap. I don't think it will take too long.

Ctie 5 years ago

Well I get braces on right after the expander. For about 2 years. Did you get a gap from the expander? And how long before it closed?

Jacqueline 5 years ago

So Ctie after your expander will you get braces or are you done after the expander. And wow April your son will have his expander a long time?

Ctie 5 years ago

It all depends. I'm 18 and I had a underbite and I have to wear mine for 3 months. It depends on the expander and what your condition for it is. Usually 4-6 months sometimes longer.

help 5 years ago

How long does it take....for an expander to be in your mouth...HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....lol

Jacqueline 5 years ago

Hello again, I had my appointment Wednesday I got a retainer like thing on top with notches that the new expander on bottom fits into that forces my overbite forward and also expands in the middle. A big mouthful. It hurts but I know after a while it won't hurt as bad.

this is all to fix my overbite and crowed teeth. I believe the bottom expander will expand for about 3 months or so. Big fun through the holidays... not. Oh well all for good.

April 5 years ago

My son is 11 and has had his in for a month now, with the little mouth hinges and all. He was fine the first day, but the 2nd started getting irritated with it. We went yesterday and got the key to turn it. It was turned yesterday and he said it didn't hurt. We turn it once a day now for the next 13 days and they said to expect a gap between the 2 front teeth. Hopefully it won't be too bad b.c his left front tooth was overlapping his right to begin with. But all and all he is ok with the device and he said it didn't hurt at all when it was placed. He still has 11 months to go though so we will see how it all plays out..

Ctie 5 years ago

I've had my expander for about a month now and have turned it 32 times and I have the biggest gap ever I could fit 2 quarters through it lol. It's so embarrassing but I have a check up Tuesday and can't wait hopefully I only have to wear it for two more months!

jacqueline 5 years ago

I have an appointment this Wednesday Nov 2nd to get something new up top. I am guessing a retainer. At that same appointment I will be getting an expander on my lower jaw to expand and move my jaw forward. My expander is a thick acylic on top and had two spots adjust one spot in the middle to widen my bite on one on the side to pull some of my side teeth back. I will post an update after Wednesdays appointment as to what's on the bottom. After about 3 or 4 months I was going to have braces but the expander has done so well I am now being told I may get invisiline instead. :) Either is fine with me I am just excited to be fixing my teeth and my tmj after so many years. My face did widen a bit and also I don't really think my nose looks wider but I do feel like I breath better through my nose.

Ctie 5 years ago

I'm 18 and it did widen my face but I didn't like it because it made my nose wider!! And I have high cheeks bones and now they're getting wider :/

Anonymous 5 years ago

Does anyone know if palatal expanders or appliances like the Homeoblock can successfully widen an adults face? I'm 23 and would like a wider appearance to my face.

Ctie 5 years ago

To jaqueline , when do you get your top expander off?

Jacqueline 5 years ago

I have had a palate expander in 3 months on the top that is fully expanded and now on Wednesday getting one on bottom. Drinking really cold water or popsicles help a whole lot. Be patient it will be worth it.

Cite 5 years ago

Don't be scared, it's honestly not that bad And iv had mine in for two weeks now

girl what 5 years ago

I get my expander in a week and Im really scared!

Marci M. 5 years ago

I'm 15 years old female I've had my expander for 5 looong months now. At first I hated it real bad. First time I drank anything it was Coke and I about wanted to kill my self when everything I drank when to the top on my expander and down to my tongue. It got better after the first week but still it's hard to eat spaghetti and lettus cause I get thy nasty choking feeling blah. I also have bottom braces but at this point I rather have braces then an expander anyway and I will hopefully get my expander taken out in 4 days I do still get those moment when I just wanna yank the sucker out when it peels my tongue raw but in the end beauty coast A lot!

Ctie 5 years ago

So I've had my expander in for over a week now, and I didn't think it was gonna work but I'm starting to get a gap! Does that mean it works?

Rebecca 5 years ago

I have twin 9 year old boys...They had the explander put in two days ago, we have to turn it every second night for 10 weeks and then go back for a check up..This plate is supposed to stay in for 1 year...They didn't cry when they had them pur in, they have handled having it turned twice now with no problems, food is a problem but they seem to be coping...Not sure about younger children but we found that having the whole process explained to them and we got them to read the contract we had to sign they understood if they do it right the first time once its all over they won't have to go through it ever again...

ctie 5 years ago

I've had my expander in for about 5 days now, I'm 18 years old female, and I turn once a day for 28 days then I go to get a check up. I have a crossbite anda slightunderbite, I really hope this thing will work on me :( it sucks really bad, food isn't a big deal just my spech is horible, I dread going to work :\ but I hope this all pays off. I will be getting braces after this thing. They said I should be wearing it for about 3 months. I can not wait till janurary!!!

amy 5 years ago

My son Colin who is 8 went through the palate expander procedure. He blogged about it so if anyone is interested...you can find it at http://adventuresofcolinandhispalateexpander.blogs...

robster71cr 5 years ago

my last post was a week ago now, everything is better now, my tongue is healing up 2 huge ulcers and i can swallow now without having to think about it, and the excess saliva has stopped. only problem i am left with is my speech. its not very noticeable but i cant say my K's or my G's without sounding like iv got a cold. its up to you how you deal with this, you can live with it or do what im doing and try to think of new words half way through a sentence that don't have a C or a G in. its fun :)

silver 5 years ago

u guys made me feel sorry for my self! i am putting it since one week, i did suffer the first few days is food, i do suffer now (somehow) but a mouthwash and toothbrush do help whenever i finish eating hard foods, they stick in the expander,so i use regular water as a mouthwash since i am only allowed to use a mouthwash twice a day

i didn't have difficulties in talking yet,.. which i am really happy for ^_^

Kayla 5 years ago

I have mine and I'm getting it out soon it is normal to have your teeth go back together after you are done with your turning. I hated the gap but it went away quickly. You shouldn't worry so much I did and I'm alive as ever. Everything will be fine the pain hurts but it will go away fast and it will all be worth it in the end. Everyone will love your strait teeth and will be jealous of you. Calm down no matter what it all will be fine in the end.

robster71cr 5 years ago

i had an expander put in yesterday, iv got an underbite and my jaw needs expanding to get me ready for surgery. from what iv learned there are two types of expanders, one using a key (the one on this page) and a spring activated one (which is mine).. im not quite sure what to expect from this other than widening my jaw, all i know is at the moment it hurted like hell all day yesterday, so i had 2 meals of tomato soup :) my tongue is my biggest problem, its scraping along the corners at the back, and each time i swallow it feels like its digging into my tongue that little bit more. its pretty unpleasant to say the least, but apparently i'll addapt over time making it easier for myself. also im producing a bucketfull of saliva, which is lovely, and im having to spit it out because if i swallow it hurts my tongue haha. its all very attractive stuff. the only thing i worry about is kissing my girlfriend, i mean nobody wants a mouthfull of someone elses spit when they want a kiss goodbye, pretty gross. iv researched into it all and the only thing you can do is put up with it, well thats what im going to do anyway. hopefully i wont have this thing in my face for long.

danielle 5 years ago

my best friend had 1 and she said the pain was unbearable! she said that when she got it out it felt soo weird because her mouth had changed soo much since she has gotten it in her mouth

Jacqueline 5 years ago

Hello, things are going well with my expander. I am almost 50. It does work on older patients! I am getting great results. It is worth it and you do get over the discomfort so hang in there!

ViiDii 5 years ago

i am 16 years old and ive had my expander for about 3 months now and have 3 months to go. my orthodontists had said that it was possible for it not to work because i was older and my joints have just about fused together and that if it didn't work they were going to have to break my jaw.

but thankfully it did work. i got a lot of results from it though. i had to turn it once a day for 24 days the first term. when i went back i found out that it did work but not enough so i had to do a second term. after the second term we were at where they had wanted to be. i no longer have an abnormally small jaw.

just for anyones information, it does hurt epically the first couple days. but then it will go away. but i wont be able to eat the same way for awhile. when you do have to turn it ypu will feel a lot of pressure and just might get a headache. don't worry the pressure goes away really fast.

it is also very uncomfortable when you first get it. but you will get used to it very fast. but it will stay annoyinh for as long as you have it. sorry about that. you have no idea how much foos will stuck up there. but don't worry just rinse really good and it will be fine.

in the end the results will be great. well at least for most people.

at one point you might think i have never had so much metal in my mouth. i have the expander and both sets of braces in my mouth. im counting down the days

Wmm 5 years ago

Im 18 and I get my expander on next week. Will it work on me??

Austin 5 years ago

Yeah i just got my expander thing in yesterday.. i cant really talk at all and the eating is the most annoying thing. i tried to turn the key today on my own but i didn't turn it all the way. I reallly reallllllyyy want this thing out. i have a headache right now cause of it. and my tongue feels like i ate too much sour candy. very uncomfortable.

Anonymous.. 5 years ago

I had my expander in for 6 months. For 3 months my parents expanded my mouth twice a day and it stayed in 3 months after we were done expanding to hold it in place. It didn't hurt at all to expand it at all. Just don't be a wimp and take the pain, in like a week you'll get used to it.

Jacqueline 5 years ago

I will be 50 in march I got my expanded in 2 months ago I have an overbite I thought I'd never have fixed. It's a dream come true even at this late stage of life. Don't let age stop you. It's never too late. I originally went in because I had terrible tmj pain. My dentist said fixing my bite and teeth would help. Yes it's uncomfortable and there is the dull ache and my tongue was sore. It's gotten better with time. My sister whose 52 has same overbite getting braces with a different dentist without the expanded so we will be able to compare the difference. I get my braces soon. My dentist will not cut my jawbone with surgery. (I am sooo glad) her way she choice they will eventually cut her jaw. I am scared for her. Good luck everyone!

Leah 5 years ago

Hey guys. I had the expander on my top jaw for about a month when I was 16 and I totally regret it. I really recommend that you DON'T have it put on for your kids... maybe it just didn't help me because I was too old? I'm not sure. But the only positive thing it did for me was widen my upper jaw to make my smile look less thin and there was more room for my teeth. However, it widened my jaw too much, so that now my top jaw is wider than my lower jaw, and the two don't fit together properly and it is extremely uncomfortable. Most of the time I just try to avoid letting my teeth touch all together because of the discomfort. So basically 24/7 I am keeping my mouth at least a tiny fraction of a centimeter open, which isn't very comfortable either, and makes it hard to close my lips together. So my lips and face get really tired of holding my mouth closed. Also this thing is extremely painful to have while you have it in there, and you have an ugly gap for a few weeks. It also widens your face, and creates a wider nose-bridge on your nose. Don't do it, trust me. My orthodontist said that I could either have teeth removed, or get this thing. I should have chosen to get my teeth removed, instead I regret that decision every day of my life.

sharon309 5 years ago

The school called my grandson is throwing up..did the expander make anyone else gag and throw up?

sharon309 5 years ago

My 9 year old grandson got his yesterday. It not as bad as I thought it would be so far. His must be turned once a day 1 turn and we go back for a recheck in 2 weeks.He has some pain and soreness but not a lot. I guess we will see if it gets bad the more it is turned.We don't know how long he needs to wear it.Thumb sucking is the reason for it seems it caused his back teeth and jaw to go inward.

Kelsxx28 5 years ago

Hey you guys! Ive had my expander for almost 3 month now, and truly it hasn't been THAT much of a problem for me. I have a full mouth of braces, a top expander and a bottom retainer...so pretty much my mouth is full of metal! i had to turn my expander everyday for a month and suprisingly it hardly hurt at ALL. So, Im grateful for that i guess lol((: I have an ortho appt. tomorrow and i hope im getting it out :)

yaz 5 years ago

Hi...im 14yrs old getting my rme treatment done next month and im soooooooo scared my orthedontic said that it will widen my front two teeth i already have a gap and don't want it to get any bigger will feel very self conscious the orthedontic said i will have it on for about 3-6 months but what i wanted to know is i read on a sight that i will have to turn the key twice a day(which is what my orthedontic said) however it also went on to saying how i will only have to do this for 2-3 weeks then after that the gap will close and i still have to leave the rme brace in so it can "set" is this correct ill i only need to turn the key for this amount of time im very confused scared and i would be grateful to anyone who can answer my question, i really don't want a huge gap in my teeth but i suppose it will be for the best

thanks :)

Cailey 5 years ago

My 6 year old has one and is terrified of the adjustments! She's had it for two months and has only had the key turned twice. Her dentist has told us that there is a very short window of opportunity to get this done before her adult teeth start coming in. It feels like she's being tortured and traumatized. She's so young and shouldn't be subjected to this kind of pain. Any advice for helping her overcome the fear of the dreaded "key"? We both want this over with!

Andria 5 years ago

I know how much they hurt!!! I'm an 11 yr old with one on right now.

Yeah, I am counting the days till I can count on my tongue never being cut and rubbed to the grindstone again.

Emma 5 years ago

I got my expander and braces in 3 months ago. At first, whenever I talked, slobber would come sloshing out of my mouth, and I was really hard to understand for sooo long. Still to this day, I cannot say words that have "Q" or "KEE" sounds in them, which is very very frustrating. The thing i want more than anything at this very moment is to get this stupid thing out, cause I start high school in about 3 weeks. Making friends will be great fun when I spit all over ppl, talk like a five year old and am pretty hard to understand now that I've had this stupid torture appliance installed. will I be able to talk before I get this thing out?!?! I'll have at least another month and a half with it, and at the most, another 3 months! anyone who is saying their big problem is eating, you'll get used to it within a week or so... There's no proper way that I can tell you to eat. You'll just automatically find out your own way after a little while.

Oh, and how could I forget! my gap was MASSIVE. and i still have it. They gave me a powerchain in June, and now I have a new one and hopefully the rest of the gap will close! It also looks like I lost a tooth now, next to my canine tooth, because the front teeth and ones next to it are all being pulled together, so there's a big space there now. anyway, after this terrible experience, I'll be able to say I'm a WARRIOR! It wasn't really that painful to have this bad boy tightened or anything,but I'm emotionally scarred, that's for sure.

shaw1019 5 years ago from Buffalo

My son is 10 and just got his appliance put in four days ago. The first two days were the the worst, but we experimented with different foods. Ice cream, pudding, applesauce, smoothies ( with fruit, milk or juice), spaghettios, soup, scrambled eggs are some suggestions. He can't stand the food getting stuck either, has figured out if you say the letter "k" really hard, it helps get the food out ( gross, but its working). He has not had any hard food or meat in four days, so the eggs are important for protein. He did cry at first because he was so hungry, but with patience, he is doing better. I think he has to have it in for three months, not sure. We turn the key every other night and give him tylenol for the discomfort. Hope this helps.

Jack 5 years ago

i have had my expansion appliance on for 3 days and when my mum turns the key, it feels like my upper jaw is about to snap, for a while, then it goes away after 30 seconds. is this pain normal?

Shana 5 years ago

I have to have my palate expander for 6 months! Im not sure if its supposed to do this but its been about 5 months and my gums on the roof of my mouth are starting to grow around my wire and obviously it hurts really bad!!!!!! Not to mention i already had a lisp so now its worse and the gap in my teeth lasted for about a month longer than it was supposed to and then they closed up crooked :(

Salma 5 years ago

I've had my expander in for 5 days now. Sigh. I want this thing out and I forgot how long I have to this thing in. All I know is I have to turn it once every night for 40 days. And as for the gap I already had one in the first place and now I get to see it get even bigger... How wonderful. Not.

Torie  5 years ago

At maia, don't wkrry the gap is normal and will close once you get braces or they are tightened

It may even close when you stop turning the key good luck I get my expander out tomorrow :D

Maia 5 years ago

I have had my expander for 3 weeks , now and I would have to say its not that bad! I am starting to notice my gap wideningg which is my biggest fear! And now that its widening ifeel horrible migranes and my NOSE hurts lol. When will my gap close is all iwanna knoww ):?

Diane  5 years ago

I have a 4 yr old who is one wk into her expander and revers pull headgear. This has been much harder for me and her then i thought. Our orthodontist said she would not have pain. He continues to say she is not experiencing pain, but she crys about pain in her teath, ears and mouth. The first wk was very difficult but things are better now. She drools a lot. Sleeping has been very difficult for her and therefore for me. She can't get comfortable at night. We explained to her per school class mates why she was getting it (to help her talk better, giving her mouth room for her teath). She has had some difficulty wering the revers pull head gear at school but the more she has it in the shorter she will have to were it. I still feel I have lots of questions about how long she will need this. Our orthodontist said from 6 to 18 months. It has been hard but I very much hope it is worth it. I can already see a difference.

Karen 5 years ago

This expander helped correct my 12 year old son's speech. He had problems with his (S) and had reached the crucial middle-school years where he was getting teased at school about it. His tongue did not curve up at the sides when he spoke, and I believed that it was because his tongue did not have enough space in the upper palate. I came to this conclusion, as I have never had a speech issue until recently. My upper palate has narrowed over the years (I wish I had worn my retainer but never bothered after getting my braces off). Anyway, as my upper palate has narrowed, it is not leaving enough room (width) for my tongue, and sure enough, my "S" has begun to whistle.

So yes, my son needed an expander for a few months, and now braces. It was uncomfortable for him, annoying to say the least, but we are all glad he did it.

For myself, I am told they do not work on adults, and horrible surgery would be needed to widen an adult palate.

Torie 5 years ago

hi I have had my expander in for exacly one year now. when I got it in it was weird, but honestly, it didn't really hurt. Someti,es it cuts my tongue which is a real pain. Luckly I am getting it out June 22 and hopefully my braces will be out before the end of the year :D my advice to anyone with an expander, motrin and soft foods for the first week or so.(though I remember eatting mcdonalds right after I got mine in) I also had a removable bottom one, but I had to leave it in at all times. It covered my entire bottom teeth and it took a while to cope with eating with it in but its out now. Just do your turns and it'll be alright. P.s. To anyome who is getting braces or, has a friends or child with braces, tell them to follow the rules with them in. don't chew gum and stuff, its hard but I haven't chewed gum or eatin popcorn (which I'm dying to have) the entire year, and my orthodontist informed me that my treatment time is going to be cut short because the treatment is going exceptionally well. Good luck to expander patients, it's rough but worth I trust me :D

Countrygal 5 years ago


You do not need that expander in your upper jaw to expand the dental arch.

I have Damon Brackets /Archwires that do the exact same thing...but over a longer period of time. Instead of breaking the bone apart, leaving bone fragments behind and dealing with possible nerve damage to teeth, this wire is heat activated, pulling on ALL teeth outward, not just 1. The suture does break, but not in the sense that you could see it on an xray. It expands so slowly that bone has time to actually fill in while the entire dental arch is being remodelled...called bone remodelling. And! You do NOT have to have your wisdom teeth pulled...unless they're partially or completely impacted, because you can't put brackets on something that ain't there.

Look into this before running to an Ortho that pulls teeth and just straightens teeth...which will damage your facial appearance over the long run. Look for a facial orthodontist, one that specializes in braces and possibly offers the Damon System.

Maddy 5 years ago

Hi I'm 23 and have moderate overcrowding on my upper and lower teeth, and have two options to treat orthodontically. One of them is a RPE. I would need my wisdom teeth out while having teeth extracted and having the bracket put in all at the same time. Has anyone else had the bracket as an adult? I am trying to decide between having the bracket to increase my upper jaw size, I have a small jaw but big teeth too! The other option is simply extracting teeth and leaving the jaw size the same. I will have braces either way. Any insights would be appreciated.


Countrygal 5 years ago


You do not have to live with a crossbite.

On top of a narrow palate I've had a crossbite, gummy smile, overjet and crooked teeth.

The crossbite was visible from the outside of my face as an uneven jawline. My lower jaw seemed more developed on the left side than on my right, due to this crossbite.

It's only been 6 months but the crossbite has already been fixed...and I'm still wearing my expansion.

All braces will be able to fix a crossbite and crooked teeth. If this Orthodontist you see tells you crap like 'you gotta live with it' go look for another Orthodontist...cause this one apparently needs either a lot of seminars to update his old fashion way of thinking, or he needs to retire.

Isabelle 5 years ago

I am 17 and I got my PE in about two months ago and though I can't wait for it to come out, it isn't so bad. The same day I got mine in I had pizza for dinner. :P Little did I know that it was going to be extremely difficult to eat (but not because of pain, because it's just so different). In fact, I don't experience much pain at all, even when turning to expander. It's nothing but a dull ache for me. The only thing that drives me insane is food getting stuck and all the excess saliva! My lisp went away the next day. So don't freak yourself out over it, future palate expander wearers. :)

I am a little worried that my expander won't work, though. I have a crossbite, so one side of my mouth is normal and the other side is too far in. My orthodontist told me that if the good side starts moving out, I will have to stop with the expander and live with my crossbite. I really really don't want to have a crossbite for my whole life. But it seems like the side of my mouth that isn't supposed to be moving out is moving! I really hope this thing works.

P.S. Water Pics are miracle workers when it comes to getting food out. :D

Countrygal 5 years ago

Hi all,

I've had my expansion put in 6 months ago.

My Orthodontist is using the Damon Brackets and whatever archwires that go with it. Although...the arch'wire' looks more like a prybar!

I'm super happy with what's happening with my jaw and facial bones, teeth and tongue placement. I can now rest my tongue comfortably on my upper palate which I've never been able to do because it was too narrow and my big, fat tongue would just pop my mouth open and forced my lower jaw to just kinda 'hang' there which I had to keep shut with muscle strength.

Adults that never had braces or expanders and live with a narrow palate know what I'm talking about.

My expansion will be in for a good 2 years at least.

I highly recommend this. It not only works on kids, but also on adults and the eldery. It's been tested on folks way up in their 80's!

My Orthodontists oldest patient getting this done due to breathing problems is age 86.

All you babies out there stop whining =P

Lily 5 years ago

Help Someone! I have had my expander in for quite a while now and I went to the Orthodontist a couple weeks ago and they told me I should stop turning it so its been a couple weeks and me front teeth are starting to grow back together! I don't wanna crank anymore someone tell me its normal!!!!

Kiera 5 years ago

I got mine in 2 days ago, and the 1st and 2nd day i couldn't eat AT ALL!!! But on the third day (today) i can actually eat a bagel!! It really doesn't hurt. I would suggest that the first few days you stick with yogurt, pudding, ice cream, protein shakes, and liquids. I am only 11, so if i can go through anyone can! I would turn the key at night, so you can sleep through the pain. It just feels like there is some pressure in your mouth, and your nose....but i don't know how. Good luck all you people getting the rapid palate expander, it doesn't hurt as much as u probably think!! Don't be scared either, it's really NOT bad!!

pielover1088 5 years ago

I got mine in yesterday, and it doesn't really hurt. but EATING is torture! I tried eating bananas today, but i felt like i was going to choke! I also have a bad lisp, to make it even worse i have a school play in 2 days! My luck. I can't wait till 6 monthes!

charliie  5 years ago

hii , im thirtteeen and im getting mine in two days . Apparently ill have a big gap in the middle of my teeth . :S please say that isint true !! and can you chew gum ?

bradley 5 years ago

up date on my daughter.......

she just got hers in Thursday 2/24/11, and all she is saying is i wanna eat something other than pudding, yogurt, and soft foods. she wants hard foods. please help boomanchoo27@gmail.com

Amy 5 years ago

My son has had it on for almost 2 weeks. He just turned 8 years. He is handling it well. He often complains of headaches or that thefront of his face hurts sometimes by the cheeks and other times by his eyes. I understand the moms saying how hard it is for them to turn the key knowing it will hurt their child. I Hate doing thisbut the big picture is that it will benefit hi

in the ling run. My son is documenting the whole thing. Check out his blog


Lovebug 5 years ago

Well I am so so so so sensitive and when I got mine out I was 7 and it did not hurt!

Cutie 5 years ago

I was seven when I got mine now I am nine do not worry it does not hurt one bit I was not in any pain at all. It really did not hurt when I chewed I was just mad because it got stuck up there. But my orthadontist gave me a little cleaner to clean it out every night. Well off to an orthadontist appointment!

Gotta go!

Bunny 5 years ago

I used orejel. I helped numb my mouth!!! :D

Sarah 5 years ago

I HATE MY EXPANDER!!!!! It hurts!!!!!!! Does anyone have any tips on how to make it stop hurting? I've taken ibuprofen, but when I chew food, even with the lightest touch, IT HURTS LIKE MAD!!!!!!!!

Nikki 5 years ago

My daughter got one & it's been cutting her tongue. I feel so bad for her. She hates it. Don't know what to do.... Is that normal or should I have it removed???

BASLETBALL #10  5 years ago

I got mine in and it only bothers me when i get food stuck in it haha i hate that but it doesn't really hurt that bad

Mom 5 years ago

@Brandon - Thanks for the information! Her lip keeps getting caught on the sides of the teeth, and in the gap, and as a result, her upper lip is now quite swollen and painful. Does that eventually stop? And did the gap go away after you stopped turning, or will it only go away when the expander is removed and/or braces are put on? Thank you! And good luck to you!

Brandon 5 years ago

Hey "mom" I developed a gap to and it will go away over the course of time but I just want to say to help eat with ab expanded hard or crunchy things you can actually crush between your tongue and expander that helped me a lot and the pain was bad at first for me to but I only had to turn once a day I can only imagine twice a day

Mom 5 years ago

My daughter got her RPE a week ago today. There have been times when we have both been in tears. I hate turning the key (twice a day) because it hurts her every time, and the pain is worse with every turn. Last night, she was in agony. No amount of Advil would help. When she woke up this morning, she had a gap between her front teeth. The teeth went from overlapping last night to having a gap this morning. No wonder she was in such pain. Her speech is getting better (or perhaps I'm just getting better at understanding her). Eating is getting a bit easier, too, but it takes her forever to eat a meal. I do hope it's all worth it, because this past week has been pretty awful.

Gabby 5 years ago

I had the RPE for about 2 months top and bottom and I noticed that the bottom was not expanding my palate rather it was protruding my bottom teeth. My upper palate was expanding in addition to moving my palate/jaw forward causing my gum ridge and teeth to protrude and my upper lips to look thinner and make me look older I am 35 years old and I had full big lips now I have a gummy smile because of the expander. Also the expander injured my TMJ which caused my left facial nerves/muscles to be immobil only allowing me to smile and have mobility on one side of my face. I had another orthodontist remove the device since my current orthodontist said this was not possible and would not remove the cemented RPE. He confirmed that after puberty it is not advisable to wear it and that it could cause adverse effects. Now my face is asymmetrical I am being treated for facial nerve damage will need orthognathic jaw surgery to reverse gummy smile and both my lower and upper jaws are still moving although the device has been off for 7 days. I would advice anyone considering wearing this device to do your research. I wish I would have; I have spend sleepless nights crying and obsessing on the mirror and on the internet on how to reverse the effects. I now have two faces and misaligned lips and will spend over $130,000 to get my smile and face back because of the expander. Not to mention treatment and bone structure permanent and tooth loss damage due to the rapid pressure on your teeth. Look into the Damon as someone suggested or palate surgery much safer again this is for adults. I also have not completely gained my full speech back.

Bunny 6 years ago

Ok. So at 2 a.m. Half of my expander came unconnected from the tooth, so I had to go in for an emergency appointment. The took off the expander but they said they were going to put it back in my next appointment on the 31st. I have a sore in the roof of my mouth where the expander was connected to the tooth. It hurts soooo bad and I also have to have power chains right now. Since it fell out my mouth has been really dry so I have to keep getting drinks. But it hurts when I take a drink cause of the sore in the roof of my mouth. The expander didn't bother me when I had it in. All it did was give me a lisp and everyone also asked me to say certain words that sounded funny when I said them. It was actually funny. And about you people with the tooth gap problem the orthodontist will fix it. If you have braces and the expander the orthodontist will put in powerchains to fix the problem. But my mouth hurts really bad and I'm pretty sure I'm getting used to the 800 milligram ibuprofen. But I did find out dr pepper numbs my mouth for a while. :{D

Sofia 6 years ago

My son has one of these. Luckily he isn't as young as you were (you may have been too young for this procedure since they can only make these devices so small) and it hasn't been painful for him. We only turn his device once each day, so they may have changed the procedure since you had to go through it. We chose this as an alternative to removing teeth.

The orthodontist wanted to remove our son's teeth to correct his overbite, so we got a second opinion. After finding out about the herbst appliance, we talked to our orthodontist & she still recommended pulling teeth, but said this should work too. I hope it does. We can always decide to pull out teeth if it doesn't work, but I hope we don't have to start over with that option.

My son doesn't speak too clearly either with the appliance, but since he's got a big enough mouth it's okay. He's had issues with talking too fast anyhow, so this has caused him to slow down.

As a mother, I'm sorry to hear that it was such a miserable experience for you. I'm glad that you can at least say it was worth it. Luckily it's not as painful for everyone.

mc 6 years ago


I just got mine on Tues. and it is really hard to eat because its sooo weird feelin when it gets stuck up in between your roof of your mouth and the expander. My speech is getting better every day and I hope it will get back the way it was before. I just got my spacers (blue rubber bands they put in between my molars) and those HURT SOOOO BAD!!!!!!! I couldn't stand it. Just for ppl that are getting the spacers, EAT LOTS OF JELLO AND ICE CREAM the first couple of days. After a little while I could eat anything. Today with the RPE its annoying to talk cuz of the saliva- LOTS OF IT FOR ME- but its getting to calm down in the amount in my mouth. But i still have a lisp that i expect to have it for a couple more days, not if a week or two. The key turning puts a LOT of presure on your teeth and it might give you a headache or a little pain under your nose. It did for me a little bit. After like 10 min. the pressure or pain went away. But everyone is different. I have to turn mine 2 times a day for 10 days, then after 2 weeks from tuesday, (when i got it) i have to go back to get it checked and then my ortho will decide how long i will have to keep it in. I JUST HATE EATING AND GETTING THE FOOD STUCK!!!!!! GRRR..... i hate that! i just ate a cupcake today and it there was SOOO much stuck up there...GROSS! but i do have a question-


PLZZ SOME ONE who had one tell me! pizza is my fav food and i cant wait to eat it again without pain

oh and do braces hurt?

THANK YOU!!!!!!:)

6 years ago

How long does it take for speech to return to normal AFTER removing the expander after the treatment is complete?

bradley 6 years ago

My soon to be 9 yr old is getting a p.e. in feb. And the dentist told me that his daughter has one put in and it doesn't hurt to turn it. I'm a little grossed out at the food getting stuck but if its worth it I guess ill have to deal with it. She has to have one on the top as well as the bottom so she can then get braces any advise on ppl around the same age or older I would really like any comments on how they are doing. Thanks

Diana 6 years ago

I am 45 and I have always feel bad about my smile, I have a crossbite, do you think expander will work for me? am I to old for it? I have hard time finding an honest dentist, all my life.

Brandon 6 years ago

Hi, I got my braces and expander and to me it's not to bad. Yeah it hurts at first but that goes away In about a day my only complaint about it is I formed a lisp when I try to pronounce the letter T. But all in all it's not to bad so just hang in there the pain doesn't last forever.

Madison 6 years ago

I have one too (as I type this comment). I have an appointment to get it taken out on the 14th but the expander has literally indented my tongue; on the back, right side there is a clean gash, right through to the middle. It hurts like a bag and I cant take ibuprofin any more so I have to deal with it. Just letting you guys know, this can be a side effect of the evil device. If it does get to a point like mine, go to the orthodontist and see if you can get it adjusted or taken out all together.

nana adwoa 6 years ago

thanks so much brian your answer was really helpful and right ontime cos i am wearing braces tomorrow and i would have walked into the othodontist's office shouting PLS DON'T MAKE ME WEAR IT PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!.and if u want to know i have been wearing a rapid palate expander for 5 months and it is not really painful you'll be able to deal with it

brian 6 years ago

Nana Adwoa, i have an expander, it was put on yesterday, and i have had braces for 2 months, idk about the expander bc i haven't had it long, but the braces hurt for about a week, just take a tylenol about twice a day and u should be fine. The braces, like i said, after a week, u really don't notice them...hope this was helpful

nana adwoa 6 years ago

hiya.I live and got my appliance fixed in Ghana.I had just a little problem speaking for a while.Eating and drinking was pure torture i did not ever want to eat or see food for about 2 days ,it then got better.yeah that was what i thought after 4 months i went to my orthodontist hoping to remove my PE he expanded my PE so much that i cant eat ,talk or do anything that needs my jaw or teeth.I have headaches every second of my life i dont even know how many pain killers i have taken today.It is just pure torture.And i am very happy i found this website cos u guys understand my mum and friends think i am just making a fuss over nothing.PLS are braces going to be as painful as the PE and is my pain normal PLS reply as soon as possible I need your help PLS HELP,PLS

kamille 6 years ago

i really did not hurt that bad when they first twisted the key but after it hurt, if you brush your teeth allot up there and even... use the key to clean underneath than it doesn't hurt so bad. it helps allot if you clean it.

Carcare 6 years ago

I'm getting one in six weeks!Sooo scared

kamille 6 years ago

i have one right now!!! one time every day for the next 4-6 weeks! it hurts sooo bad i know its not as long as you but man, it kills! its so frustrating to get food stuck up in there and not be able to get it out! every time i brush my teeth they start bleeding. my mouth is the same condition as yours was and boy,i am not excited to get braces!

Carly 6 years ago

i got my RPE today and it hurts. i am almost ten years old.it is hard to swallow and i have a lot of saliva from having it. it makes me sound funny and it is hard to eat. i will be on a liquid diet for a couple weeks. it is almost halloween and i can't eat any candy!!!

jenny 6 years ago

ive hhad mine in, top and bottom for three months now and i want to talk my doctor into removing it. I work in a office and im always talking to clients on the phone so i feel like an idiot speaking with a lisp. Clients probally think im retarded. Maybey im being over dramatic but it sucks! lol

Sean 6 years ago

to emily, LOL the first thing i ate was bread after they put it, and it took me 1 hour to eat one loaf.

Mo 6 years ago

Does that mark go away on your tongue emily? or is it there forever

Emily 6 years ago

Hey Guys! Im 19 my teeth were not that bad, they were straight in fact, but over the years i had this tooth on the right of the front right one, and it would stick out, and it became worse over the years.. turns out i had my 4 angled wisdom teeth to thank for all that! Which i had surgically removed. - Which was not a pleasant experience let me tell you!

I now have an expander too - but its not the one that requires a key.. and i wear it with my braces as well. My ortho just pulls it out, widens it, then puts it back in each month. But for the last few months he hasn't touched it. I was told id only need to wear it for 6 months, and its been about 8 and im DYING for it to be taken out! I endured all the same things you guys did, excess saliva, speech problems, a lisp, (still cant seem to say the word "cute" properly. Difficulty with eating - for the people who have only recently got one, avoid bread! For me, it would mush up and get stuck between the expander and the roof of my mouth every time, and id almost die choking on it lol. I have a gap on the side now.. which i was told is ok, cos my front teeth will be able to pull back and the gap will close? (although they're not sticking out so i have no idea what he means..) The pain each month was quite severe for me.. my upper and lower jaws would ache so badly after he resized it and tightened my braces.. It would almost bring me to tears.. :( All my teeth were sensitive for about a week, and i never really ate much.. One of my biggest issues now, is when i sleep, my tongue must press to the roof of my mouth and it has left a permanent indent on my tongue, and i wake up with my tongue in absolute agony!! I couldn't talk properly.. and in the first few months of this, i developed this massive lump on the side of my tongue too (which is gone now)! It was just awful. However, nowadays its not as bad, you do get used to it all..and im a pro now with the eating. My speech is still not 100% but its ok. One advantage to this though, is my face structure has slightly changed. Although im fit, my face was a bit round... but now, its shaped a lot better, and my cheekbones are more prominent! It has made a massive impact on my top teeth - they aligned properly within months.. my bottom teeth are still getting there, but i have to wear my braces for 2 years apparently. Its been 9 months so far.

So when it comes down to it.. although it causes much suffering, it is worth it! Because my smile looks awesome now! And its still in progress! I have my appt with the ortho today - im praying it will come off, but i bet it wont.

:( *sigh*

Good luck to everyone who is dealing with an expander, and just take it day by day guys! Stay stong lol! :)


Sarah 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I just got mine in today. A little pressure when putting it on but nothing to painful. I have it on the top and bottom. I have to turn the top one, once daily, and the bottom one, once every three days. I am having trouble eating food, which sucks! And I am also having trouble talking. How long does it take for this annoying lisp to go away? Also the orthodontist said I would be wearing the top one for at least 4 months, but I am concerned on how big the gap will get. Does anyone know? Please help!!

Ava 6 years ago

hello all! wow, i can remember when i had the rpe on top/bottom which was like 4 months ago. i now have braces on top/bottom. let me tell ya, the pain is totally worth it. my teeth have moved and are nice & straight, i am glad that i had the rpe. you all can do this people, hang in there=)

Nadia 6 years ago

hey its me nadia again LOL..but honestly ever since last night my tongue hasn't been gettin cut up as much because I ate some advil ...My speech still isn't improving and this is m 4th day with the palatal expander, is that normal? Helpppp i'm a big talker and I use the phone A LOT.. I've been depressed lately cuz I can't talk to anyone i sound stupid and like a 5 year old...oh yea and i'm a 17 yr old female, am i supposed 2 even HAVE a palatal expander on? does it even work for ppl my age? plz answer the questions!!!

NADIA 6 years ago

well I just got a palatal expander along with braces which a double wammy & the pain is tolerable but the only thing that is pissing me off is the imprints its making on my tongue..ugh!! I have 2 keep this medieval torture device in for 6-8 months..I also can't speak HELP PLEASE? how long would it take so i can speak without a lisp again? I don't care for the food gettin stuck there i just care about my tongue and my speech! ahhhh please answer

Rachel. Lauren. S 6 years ago

Yea, I got my expander 1 week ago and i tightened it and a little later i felt a POP and and looked in the mirror and a huge gap in my front teeth, I'm 16 years old and it hurts but if i had gotten the expander earlier it prob. would not hurt so bad,


Cynn 6 years ago

Natalia, It gets better....trust me! I felt like a monster the first couple of days after my daughter got hers in about 2 weeks ago! She cried and cried when I had to turn the key....it was awful. After about the 3rd day she started getting used to it and was able to eat. He speech has improved as well. Good luck to you and your son:)

Natalia 6 years ago

My 9 yr old son had the RPE put in yesterday. I'm filled with guilt, sadness and want it out! Don't care what the cost at this point. I know I'm being ridiculous. He cried trying to eat bacon and is a very sensitive and worried always about what people think of him so this worries me immensely! School starts next week, he already was in speech and he was getting so much better, now this piece of Junk and I am questioning my decision. I felt I had no choice but to do it! I pray he is able to cope, he also. Has 6 braces in front and that part us nothing, it's the expander that is causing all of the grief. He woke up this morning so distraught cuz he'd forgotten and woke up in serious pain. I can't do this with him for 9 months. I can't.

Stephanie 6 years ago

I'm almost 24 and had in my RPE for about a month. I was instructed to turn it every other day and will go for an orthodontist visit Sept 7th. I have a crossbite. I was wondering if any of you are about my age &/or have crossbite..how many times/how long did you have to turn it? I'm hoping I don't have to turn it much longer. I'm not a fan of the space in my teeth....but the talking is much easier now.

Ann 6 years ago

I am a mom of an 11 year old boy that got his braces on Tuesday... no problems... came home and asked for Ham and mash potatoes then Thursday came and they put in the expander... no pain however... the drool is killing me worse is the slurpping of the drool. I think how is he going to sit in school and slurp all day? Then the food... he isn't afraid to eat the child loves to eat... but it is all over him... 4 hours after the expander went in he ate a piece of pizza... let me tell you not pretty doesn't seem to bother him. He needs to wear it for 4-6 month and the first week turn it twice a day. I have begun the count down I am acutally considering making them remove it... I guess I am being a bit ridiculous, his speech is off at times, not always, he loves to turn on the drama now and then but he is a tlaker so i figure he will be fine with that. So far no pain but it has been 1 1/2 days. Wish me luck I am consummed at the moment with guilt!

Jess 6 years ago

Wow 2 years! I have to keep it in for a week. Well if I have pain at least I know that someone had it worst than I did. What I think is going to effect me the most is the swallowing. Ugh....

Jessyyy 6 years ago

OMGGGG! I've heard it hurts. I got my orthodontic evaluation a couple months ago.... they said ohhh you have to get one . I was a freakingg maniac the next month i was scared to death . . . but umm I got a re evaluation today and I only need bracesss. Aghhh I am so happy. does it actually hurt that bad ? are braces any better ?

Donnie 6 years ago

My son just got his today and I feel miserable for him. He tried to eat and now he is in the bathroom spitting and trying to clean his mouth, and honestly, I am not happy about having to crank that little keyhole every evening. I feel so bad but there is not much I can do except baby him. He has to wear it for 9 months.

@Matt and Christine: My son has a small gap in his front teeth, also, which sounds counterintuitive when you think about the fact that he is using a device to expand his mouth. The problem is the muscle (or frenulum) that attaches the upper lip to the gums inside the mouth; it reaches down too far and causes the gap, even in a narrow mouth. In a year, our orthodontist will be performing a frenectomy and snipping that muscle in my son's mouth. Once that is done, the front teeth will be able to move closer together.

I am so thankful my son has a good sense of humor, otherwise he'd be completely miserable!

Christine 6 years ago

Matt, I have the same thing as you! I'm trying to find answers also. And my stupid orthodontist won't put my braces on yet to fix the gap. :(

Matt 6 years ago

I've had my expander in for about a week, an have to have it for a month. School starts right after I finish my perscribed number of turns, but I have a gap between my two front teeth that I can fit a quarter through. It looks disgusting, and makes it impossible to eat. When will this go away?? Please reply back!!!

Christine 6 years ago

Yeah it doesn't seem to close up as fast as they say, But i think I'm going to stop turning it because i don't want a gap for school and it starts in a few days so hopefully my gap will close by then.

Stacy 6 years ago

I have a side effect no one's ever mentioned from the rpe. My tongue is discolored. It's brownish. I have no clue why that is. My orthodontist had never seen that before. I brush and some comes off, but it just comes right back. I seriously hope it goes away when the expander comes off. Please tell me, has anyone ever had this effect?

Amy 6 years ago

Ok I have the same problem as Christine. I thought the space would've closed by now because I quit turning it about 12 days ago. The space opened up faster than it's closing. I can tell it's smaller but it definitely won't close by the first day of school. I'm wearing headgear at night too. Hopefully, I can get my braces in September.

elmo 6 years ago

Just learn to smile with your mouth closed if you're that worried. I got mine the same day as you and I have a pretty sweet gap too. Just laugh about it or hide it by not opening your mouth. Once you stop turning it your teeth will grow back together...at least according to my orthodontist.

Christine 6 years ago

Hey I'm 14 years old and I got on my P.E. august 3rd. I absolutely hate it. I won't even go in pubic or see anybody because I'm starting to have a gap between my teeth. I'm starting highschool really soon. I'm supposed to have 20 days of turning and my gap is getting bigger each turn. I need to fix this gap before highschool starts the 19th. And I can't stop turning until the 26th. Is there anything i can do? I need answers soon. Please help. I'm not use to not being with friends everyday & a lot of people would judge me if they saw me with this gap. I look like a hilbilly.

Allie 6 years ago

haha I tried to whistle the other day took me a minute to realize it didn't sound right because of this big hunck of metal in my mouth.

Amy 6 years ago

Haha I just read Jet's comment and I tried to say jeans and it took me a bunch of tries until my friend finally understood me.

Amy 6 years ago

Haha I just read Jet's comment and I tried to say jeans and it took me a bunch of tries until my friend finally understood me.

JET 6 years ago

I got mine on a week ago, it hurt like crazy having it put on. Voice sounded funny for a day. Cleaning it is annoying but tickles. Feel pressure but no pain when it's turned. Hurt only the first day. I am trying the Waterpik today. I think it looks like a funny metal spider with 4 legs. I was surprised that it tickles! I'm having it turned for 21-28 days then using it with reverse headgear for 3-6 months.

An amazing Tip: Eating Steak; Make it the you like it, slice it across the grain, then take it for a spin in the food processor until in itty-bitty pices, and enjoy!

It melts in your mouth and isn't chewy. Amazing!

I also can't say the word "jeans"

Allie 6 years ago

It's Fri. and I've had one on since Mon. n I'm freakin out some what because I think it's changing the way my bone structure looks! Has anyone else experienced this? And I'm wondering how long it takes before you start to see a gap in your front teeth?

I'm 17 btw

carrie 6 years ago

I am 27 and have had expanders in for 4 months now, 2 more months to go. I can deal with the pain, my speech has improved since I first got them but there is a lot of food that I have to stay away from, like anything hard or chewy like steak or chicken. My next step is to get invisalign for 2 years. The best thing I have found for food getting stuck is a water pick. I love it! My mouth feels so much cleaner! You can buy them at Walgreens in the dental section for around $40-$50. It is worth it!

Stephanie 6 years ago

I'm 23 years old and I previously wore braces for 2 years.. headgear and everything. And yet somehow my teeth have moved and I've developed an overbite. Which is SOOO Frustrating because I've already been thru this once. My orthodontics wants to try this expander thing and then invisalign. My boyfriend and I are looking to get married next year. I'm going in about a week to get the expander in and it should be off by February. I am so worried that I'll have a lisp or get a part in my front teeth. The orthodontist said I can turn it every other day to prevent that. I just hope it's going to work. I wish there was an easier answer....

Amy 6 years ago

I had my palatal expander put in last Wed. It really really hurt when they put it in but now it doesn't except to turn the key. It hurts for a second then its just extreme pressure. I do get that head rush. My mom got me a Waterpik and i think it's really helping dislodge all the food that gets stuck. I had soup for like the first 2 days but that had to change. I already have a space between my front teeth that wasn't there before. Oh and william why'd you have to get on here and start and argument? Everyone was getting along just fine and sharing useful info until you got on.

MOLLY 6 years ago


Kelly 6 years ago

I'm sorry if were worried about something like this! We are having more metal shoved in our mouths. It will be painful to have our upper mouths pushed to make it bigger, and why would we care when you went through puberty!

MOLLY 6 years ago


Kelly 6 years ago

Syeira I know how you feel I'm your age. I hate pain and I am supposed to get one to. I don't want it but I have to get it. From what I read on here you'll get used to talking and eating fast. Just don't worry and ignore what people think. Their thoughts mean nothing. Only yours matter.

Syeira 6 years ago

So, yesterday was the big day for me. Upper braces and a Fan Expander RPE. I'm 14, so I was a little late to jump on the RPE bandwagon, but hopefully this will work, because the only other option is surgery. And surgery is not an option, really. At least not for me, as I am a huge pain-o-phobe. ;)

Oh, all the problems that came with my torture device. Now, being a huge baby when it comes to mouth pain, I was mostly dreading the pain from turning. I told myself that I could deal easily with everything else if only it wouldn't hurt. WRONG. Also being one with a terrible, terrible self-esteem, the lisp hit me hard. You guys all know the impossibilty of sounding: scathing/angry/serious/sarcastic with that thing in. And I use all of those tones regularly, so I'm having trouble adjusting. The pain isn't BAD, exactly, just semi-bad. Almost to the point where you just want to groan and sob at times, but I've been told it's not that bad for most everyone else. My problem is likely that my braces and my RPE have tag-teamed my upper jaw and are putting me through heck, to put it mildly. The lisp is definitely worse. Oh, and eating. I spent an hour yesterday fishing out a piece of roast beef (Yup, I jumped right into normal food by simply savoring the taste on my tongue and then slamming it down my throat without chewing because I can't stand not eating good food) and I eventually needed help to get it out. HUMILIATING. But, as I've said, the lisp is defnitely the worst. Did anyone not get over it within a week or two? I have to go back to school in a few weeks and I CAN'T deal with people with this voice.

Thanks for any feedback! :)

Kna 6 years ago

I am 14 and I already have my braces. The dentist said I'll have to get a palate expander on in a few monthes. I'm not very good with pain so I don't know how I'll deal with it. The bad thing is I have a problem saying certain words already. I will be in school when I have to get it and people will probably make fun of me for it. I'm pretty sure I'll hate this. My mom said she understands the pain of going through cause she had one when she was my age. But I really don't want to do it because I don't want to go through any of those things. But I have to. Any suggestions for what I can do???

molly 6 years ago


i live in illinois.

and im getting braces also so im not really sure how muhc i paid for my expander but for eveything it was 5000 only because i have clear braces.

But i did go back tot he ortho and he said it is working but i don't see it. but i had just got an infection and its so painful. so u need to be careful but don't mouth wash to much it will make ur gums feel raw.but i go back monday so i will keep u updated!

anyone that has had an infection please answer to this and tell me everything u know about it

thank you

molly 6 years ago


I live in illinois.

Jimbo 6 years ago

Hey molly, Which country are you located in?

Do you mind me asking how much you had to pay for your Palatal expander?

So far have you noticed your teeth arch forming a wider rounder arch yet?

Thanks, looking forward to hearing your reply.

molly 6 years ago

its been about 3 weeks with my expander and it is working. i can eat anything with it talk ok with it its getting so much better it isn't as bad as i thought!!

molly 6 years ago

so i got my expander on today and im not feeling no pressure the only time i feel a lot of pressure is when its being turned they i will feel it for about and hour with a migrane then there is no pain imw ondering if im doing it right?

molly 6 years ago

yum i love baked potatoes lol so thats ok for me. but thank u for helping me with this and not making me worry so much. i will keep u guys posted so keep looking at this thankyou

alisa 6 years ago


just stay away from bread and hard foods, like chips, carrots, or anything like that. i promise, you will get used to ur expander...like i said earlier, i'm 30 (hate to admit it) but, it's one of the best decisions of my life. you will be fine...stick to baked potatoes, soups, yogart, ice cream , and stuff like that...my front teeth are bad too..so just stick to the soft foods and you'll be fine.

molly 6 years ago

are u close to being 18 or u just turned 17? im so scared i don't want thursday to come i hope i only have to have mine in for like a month i don't want it in forevr but my mouth is like the shape of my thumb its very narrow so most likely i will be having it in forever. i already got my bottom braces in whick my bottom teeth arent that bad besides for one tooth but my top ones are bad. keep me posted tell me what u ca and cant eat plz just so i know. thank you

April 6 years ago

Hm, well...I got mine in yesterday (I'm a 17 yr-old girl). I'm only supposed to have it for 10-14 days though, and I have to turn it twice a day. My speech is still messed up (yesterday, I classified it as "drunken ewok") and that is my only concern. I have a cross-bite, so that is the devices primary reason. Then, I get braces IMMEDIATELY afterwords. I still don't know what I can eat, because everything gets stuck.

Molly 6 years ago

omg thank u so much i feel so much better but everyone is different. so i will keep that i mind. mine pallet is also very very small i used to suck my thumb. but u made me feel so much better because i just want it to expand. what did they tell u when u first went about ur pallet? thank u so much for responding

Alisa 6 years ago


I'm 30 yrs old and have had my expander on for about 4wks now. trust me, it will work. I can tell a difference in my pallet...they said mine is that of a 9yr olds...my parents couldn't afford braces either, and i work in an office answering phones. you will notice of having problems talking, eating, and ect, but you will get used to it. i told myself i could never get used to it, but i have. it's weird how your body can adapt to new things...oh, you will experience tooth pain too...that's just your teeth moving, don't stress about that, just avoid hard foods...I also got my braces on the same day as my expander so i got a double wammy...but as far as it not working for you, it will.

MOLLY  6 years ago

ok so im very nervous and feel like im going through this for nothing because im getting my expander in on july 1st but im already 18 just turned it in january and my ortho told me he is not sure if it will expand but he is gonan try anyway! im praying that it works cause i cant afford the surgery im doing this alone someone plz comment me thank you!

Amanda 6 years ago

I am 20 years old, and my ortho just put an expander in my mouth. I have a lips, and my job is answering phones. As a child we could not afford braces or dental work, so parents Please try anything to get this before they have a job!

angel 6 years ago

its okay leah, the excess saliva stays for about a week. food will always get caught; as for me, i had to "hiss" to get it out. eventually you'll learn to use suction to get the food out without making a big fuss. ;]

tim--because the damon system is so new, many cannot afford it. as for the kids/adults that have commented, it may be too late, like me.

Leah 6 years ago

I just got mine this afternoon. I have metal bands on the uper and lower back molers that keep cutting my cheeks and I have a ton of exes saliva. I'm having trouble swallowing so I'm slurping when I swallow and all my words are slurred. I experianced worse pain with the spacers. With the expander, only my head and nose hurts. Does anyone know any tips for speaking and swallowing saliva? Also, how do I eat with this? Food (even soft food like puding) gets stuck and I feel smuthered...

Tim 6 years ago

I am an orthodontist and a parent. Expansion is a great thing, but RPE's are old technology. There is something better. You should all look at "the Damon System" braces. At our office, we provide awesome EXPANSION WITHOUT EXPANDERS by using "the Damon System" braces. Check out www.damonbraces.com There is good educational information on their site if you can sort through the advertising. You can also search "youtube" for videos about the system.

I used to use Palatal Expanders, but I don't need them anymore to provide expansion because of the better technology provided by "the Damon System" braces combined with better treatment planning. It is much more comfortable for my patients and provides what I feel is a superior treatment. I cringe to think of what I used to put patients through with RPE's now that I know there is a better way to get the same or better results.

Everyone who wrote something on this page should consider switching to a "Damon System" orthodontist for future orthodontic care........ just something to strongly consider.

angel 6 years ago

hey i had my rpe removed just this morning. the results were magnificent; my face shape has changed, i now have the space i didn't have before. my top braces were put on and they hurt, but i know it is worth it. any child who is hesitant about getting their rpe, you need to get it. it will so be worth it.

Ava 6 years ago

hi all. its been 6 months since i had the my upper rpe, now in 3 wks i get my braces put on. as for the lower rpe, i had them in for 2 months and had them removed today :):)

angel 6 years ago

hey isabella thanks for this page! it has certainly helped me a ton... i got my RPE in about 4 weeks ago, and my ortho has scheduled to take it out in 3 days, because I have a very small mouth and a very large tongue, so my tongue has extremely deep impressions on them, and it kills. but as of now, it does not choke me anymore, and i can eat semi-solid foods. as for the saliva, you get used to it, and you can eventually swallow normally. as for the eating, it hurts an awful lot. i certainly hope this is worth it. on wednesday i will be getting braces. my only major problem is the lisp. i cannot get rid of it, and it is slowly getting better, but not much. i am very upset with this, as i am 12 years old and a new junior higher... it is annoying me beyond belief. thank you for this webpage; it's helped me expect what's to happen and what's normal (;

Ashley 6 years ago

Hey Ive gotten my RPE in today and Im a 24 yr old female haven't experienced that much pain but I haven't been able to eat which sucks because I love food I have to turn it once a day for 6 weeks and then keep it in for 3 months I cant wait until this process is over

CAITLIN 6 years ago

Hi my name is Caitlin. I'm 15, a freshman in high school, and I have an expander. I originally had the appliance in for less than 2 weeks, but the orthodontists decided not to put the bands far up on my teeth enough, so it was basically crooked. I had the appliance removed and then had to start all over again, spacers too. I have it in correctly now for 2 weeks (turning once a day) and my orthodontist wants me to start turning it twice a day for the next 2 weeks which is when I'll be seeing him again.

LADIES! I am a FRESHMAN. Yes, this thing hurts my nose, my mouth, my teeth, and even sometimes my eyes bc it's all related I'm guessing. BUT ITS OKAY! I keep my head up knowing that it WILL be over soon. Time flies. I know this may sound over the top but might I admit, I'm sure you mightve been worried like me that making out would be aweful. Good news, there's no difference! :) and he.. Or she probably won't even notice!

I have a gap forming though, it's horrible and I feel self concious. But I think I'm gonna get through this! :)

Ava 6 years ago

Omg...The pain is rediculous. Have both rpe's on top and bottom. The ibuprophens not working.

nattaliee 6 years ago

i found a pain relief. i hope it help everyone who is in pain.

having a hot drink stops the pain quiet well or having a hot water bottle by your mouth :) good luck x

nattaliee 6 years ago

i had mine on today and it hurts like hell! im 13 and having ibruphrophen doesn't seem to work. mine doesn't have a key on it. does it hurt having it taken off? and are there any other ways to stop the pain ? anything will be helpful. :)

6 years ago

I just got mine put in a few days ago. Im a 25 year old female. I have to wear mine for 8 months! And also having surgery this week and then getting braces afterward. Hoping this all works and is all worth it. Ive seen some adults have been writing about their experiences. So Im guessing in most cases it does work for adults?

Anna 6 years ago

Bella it didn't hurt at all to have it taken off. Whoever takes yours off is probably really good at it.

Bella  6 years ago

actually its a PE srry.....it hurts when it got turned each day...now i don't have to have it turned any longer....does it hurt to get the PE taken off??? if so for how long and what should i take b4 i go????

Bella 6 years ago

hi! i have a RPE and i cant eat all that well any ideas on how to eat with it in???? Also i got one of the rings put on this morning on my crown....Plus does it hurt when they take the RPE off????

Colleen 6 years ago

My son got his expander on 2 days ago. He is having an extremly hard time with it. His tongue is getting cut up from it. He is not complaining about anything else. Is there anything that can be done about this? I am not sure this was worth it. I feel like he is being tortured. HELP

Annie 6 years ago

I am a 14 year old girl (almost 15!) and got my RPE put in today. It was painful when they put it in, but turning the key doesn't hurt much. Turning the key just adds a lot of pressure to your mouth and makes it very uncomfortable. Even though I just put it in, I'm eating normally. I skipped lunch because I wasn't used to the food getting stuck part. I had a sandwich for dinner, though. The food does get stuck up between the roof of my mouth and the expander, and it's really annoying getting it out. I spent half an hour on that right now. I think I'm going to skip eating in school - the feeling of food getting stuck in your mouth is just terrible! I need to turn it for two weeks, but I don't know how long I'll need it. Hopefully, not long. It's really annoying, and the sides of my cheeks are already sore from it digging into them.

Arily 6 years ago

I just got my palate expander a couple days ago. For me, it didn't hurt. It wasn't a pain, just a pain in the arse. I can't eat. I can't talk. I had to perform a solo piece on the clarinet, and my clarinet was like a saliva hose throughout the entire piece. GROSS.

If i were overweight, not eating would be a fine solution to the food cought between my rpe and the roof of my mouth scenario, but i am not overweight. i am too thin to not eat.


so yeah, any tips?

jim 6 years ago

My son had this and although it did its job and his teeth are very straight, it changed his face. Everyone considering this should truly understand this. This is something his dentist did not share with us in detail. His mouth and teeth is very broad across the front, kind of like the those broad smiley faces, if anymore it would be like the joker. His nose is much broader than anyone in the family. Remember this appliance will change your childs face! His teeth are nice and straight w/o braces, but if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have done this. Personal opinion only, but I would have let his face develop normally and give him braces with some teeth pulled out to make room. (I had braces so I'm not speaking w/o knowledge of the challenges associated with 2 years of braces).

Terri L 6 years ago

My daughter (10) just got hers in on Tuesday and I am glad to hear others are having/have had the same experiences as she is. I was thinking she was having a worse time than others. She also has all the excess spit, has a hard time swallowing and can't eat. She cried numerous times about going to school today (let her stay home yesterday to work on eating) because she is terrified of being made fun of. So far popsicles and yogurt are all I can get her to eat. She can't stand when stuff gets stuck up top because it feels like it's choking her. Like SAHMof3babies, I would love any more advice anyone has to give as far as dealing with the spit and eating. Feel free to contact me at tlannan30[at]yahoo[dot]com

Best of luck to all!

Russell 6 years ago

Hi, I'm Russell. I had my rpe taken out a few months ago and I like how everything looks. I was looking at some old pictures of myself and cant believe the difference. I did hate it but kept telling myself to be patient. So that's all. Just think about the end results and it should help.

Fay...I gave up soft white bread on my sandwiches. You'll see what I mean if you eat it, it just gets stuck. Buy keiser rolls.

Janelle...I didn't experience pain with my rpe, just some pressure when I turned it. And that went away after a few minutes. Maybe make sure you're following the directions. Hope you're not turning it to much.

Kevin 6 years ago

Adult male getting one in a week....Will see how it goes when I get it

Tonda 6 years ago

I am sooo terrified of getting my P.E in on the 15th of april. How long does it take to apply this thing in your mouth?

Fay 6 years ago

i have to get mine on in a month. anything i should eat now while i still can eat? what cant u eat with the rpe?

Janelle 6 years ago

i have one in right now OMG PAIN

Ann 6 years ago

I am 40 and have had one in upper and lower for a month. I am getting use to them and see space forming already. The drooling thing is happening because your mouth thinks it is food, this goes away and the more you talk, the better you talk, good luck!

Ava 6 years ago

Hello all. I had mine in for 3 weeks now and its not that bad. Although, they said I could remove it for cleaning and eating. Now, the bigger problem is I can't seem to take it out and the medal clips are bending! Anyone have any suggesting or ideas how to remove the thing.

Asma 6 years ago

Hi. I'm sooo glad to find many people to share their experience with the RPE. I'm 22, and I just got mine two days ago. And I'm still having difficulties with turning the key! I still have a long journey with my braces. First I'll get the RPE. Then I'll wear a head mask :(. At the same time ill get my lower teeth fixed. But my major problem is in my upper jaw.

black lyrics 6 years ago

thankyou so much for putting this up...i just got mine a few days ago and im miserable. My tongue hurts from rubbing up against it, i sound like my 5 year old nephew when i talk, and swallowing is super hard...they said 3 months but i'm sure i'll have this on for a longer time...i want it off now!!!!!!

Lexie 6 years ago

I just got mine in today (a few minutes ago actully) and it's already driving me INSANE!To me it doesn't hurt, but yea I have WAY to much syliva and I can barely swallow! I hate it but that must have really sucked having it in for 2 years! I only have to have mine in for 2 to 4 weeks!! I feel lucky now!

Natosi 6 years ago

Im 16 and 8 months and they put that exact one in the picture on my upper jaw today along with braces in one day and I have the same symptoms as u did so technology didn't change that much and worst part is they think im too old for it to work and I'll have it on for a few months and my mom will crank it every 2 days and I'll have braces for 2yrs then after I have jaw surgery. Thing is I already had a lisp before this so now I spit all over myself and drool when I try to brush or floss. I spit when I talk and cant even swallow the spit so I do this suction thing that sounds horrible to get rid of it. I had baked mac and cheese (SOFT) and it stuck to my expander and I couldn't eat it without tilting my head so It didn't hit my mouth so I cant chew anything or taste it for that matter. I have school im in highschool im gonna get picked on for this. I cant talk I sound like I have a speech impairment, I spit everywhere, I cant eat. This is awful

Sherri 7 years ago

So today my son had his expander removed. Took him for a sundae to celebrate right after and he just smiled during the first bite, happy to be eating without the device getting in the way. The removal didn't take long and he said it was painless. But his gums were a little cut up (a little hole on each side) where the expander had cut into the gum on both sides. It will heal in a few days. He says it hurts a little and he has to use warm salt water for a few days to aid in the healing. On the way home he said he was glad he stuck it out, that it was worth it. I agree.

Sherri 7 years ago

Just an update. My 14yr old son will have his RPE removed mid January. He has a beautiful broad smile, I love it! He says he's really not aware of the expander in his mouth, like it's become a part of him he's so used to it. Eating and talking 100 normal, no big deal. That was resolved after the first 2 weeks anyway. He says just have a liquid every time you eat to help wash down any foods that become lodged. He likes strawls and those throw away Wisp tooth brushes. He says make sure to use the electric water pic daily or trapped food will become a source of really bad breath. I've noticed the expander has cut into his tongue and has left an impression. It looks painful but he says it's not. The dentist says that will go away. As for the gap between his front teeth early on, that closed completely 2 weeks after the turning ended. The slurping sound someone spoke of went away after the first week or two for my son. It was all just a learning process. You young kids hang in there, I promise you will adapt. I'll come back and let you know what the removal process is like for my son. I'll bet that his mouth will feel very spacious and roomy.

Lena 7 years ago

Im 11 and i had full braces and RPE put in. same time. I do agree that the hardest thing is eating, i'm getting sick of icecream. I despise this torture device....GRRR :(

Karen 7 years ago

I had my palatal expander put in when I was 3 years old. It didn't hurt at all because I was so young and the bones were not fused. My husband just had his put in last week following surgery to split his palate. So far, turning the key isn't really hurting him, but he is having headaches and a lot of drooling. He is 35. I would advise parents to check into the possibility of their child needing this as young as possible bc the younger you are, the less it hurts. Also, my gap was about 1 inch and it did close. The ortho. said that my husbands gap will probably be about 1 inch also. Good luck.

Cat 7 years ago

my expander makes me sound like a freak and im 13 and a girl i have 2 have the expander 4 6 months and the braces 4 2 years which means my life is history

i hope its worth it


q_tee 7 years ago


Here's what my top expander looks like...I still dread having them, and i now have the expanders on the bottom right and left sides...some days i do okay other days it's just annoying...my food intake is slighty better, some things are still to hard to swallow or chew up, and gets stuck on the expander. I've mastered a cheesburger, chili dog, shrimp chicken patties shrimp lobster sauce, an turkey sandwich. I pretty much buy the banquet frozen dinners oh and potpies are my lifesaver. Absolutely no leafy anything, noodles, spaghetti or similar. It gets stuck and caught everywhere. For some reason you just can't chew it up enough without it choking you...you just have to really take your time when you eat and swallow, and i chew on my back teeth mainly. I was feeling so sick and weak at one time, i had to try to eat heartier foods. When there's a will there's a way. lol i've had braces and expanders for a month now...the braces haven't gotten tightened yet. i bottom expanders he activates once a month.

Hannah 7 years ago

My name is Hannah i'm 11 yrs old... had my pe put in yesterday..turned it twice and it really only hurts for about 5 mins if you take ibuprofen. mostly it's completely pain-free. the most annoying thing is EATING!!! food gets stuck in the bars AND under the square part with the keyhole... one thing you should NOT eat is spaghetti...had it tonight for dinner and nearly choked. soup and yogurt is my new fave food. my biggest problem is i can't keep my tongue off it and it's getting scraped up. but for the most part it's not that bad as long as you don't think about it.

Yazmin 7 years ago

My name is yazmin and i am 19..I been having the device for 8 months and its ok. At first it was horrible I couldn't talk right and also all the food got stuck in there...for me when it was being turned it wasn't painful i just felt a lot of pressure..it was hard getting used to it at first i hate it but after time it fells like a its part of the braces but at first it will be hard and a little painful but for kids it will be a little harder but it's worth having it on trust me because my mouth looks fantastic it looks very different than before...so cheer up it's going to be o.k

Kiley 7 years ago


My expnder looks most like the URL I attached. Im a sophmore in high school and I am 15 years old. I had my palate expander put in one month ago and ive gotten used to it. At first, it was TERRIBLE! nobody but my orthodontist knew how to turn the key so i would sit with my mouth open till someody finally got the key turned. I had a TERRIBLE lisp at first but it graduall has faded. my R and E are bad an my S lisp. Food is really the only BIG problem. It gets stck around the metal rods and on top of the expander. It's nasty. At school i carry a toothbrush so i can brush food out. When I swollow food i put my tongue on top of my expander when i go to swollow food. It helps food from getting stuck. The only advice I have for anyone getting one is to be paitent with it. The annoyance will lessen and the pain will go away. I have to have mine for 6 months. I only have one down. This past month has gone by decently fast with it. Tomorrow I get my braces in and then I will be metal mouth. Good luck to anyone getting one.

ashlie 7 years ago

i had my device put in a month ago and in order to properly fix my teeth i had to have my upper palate cracked so that it would expand properly.i had an underbite and this is only step one of the whole process.and as for cleaning the food off,invest in a waterpik.best thing ever!it was a savior for cleaning out food along my gumline bc i had about 20 stitches in which are still there.it is a weight loss program too.ive lost about 40 pounds since i got this installed.

q_tee 7 years ago

I am 37 years old and just 2 weeks ago i had a nitanium expander put in. I think this has got to be a throw back of all the expanders. It's metal it has an awful taste, and like everyone else's frustrations it is very hard to adjust to. I am still having a hard time adjusting. I got braces put on the top as well and will have to get a lower expander as well Monday and finish getting braces on the bottom. This expander activates thermally by the heat in your mouth which is much slower than the more up to date expanders. Unfortunately i have been drinking alot of cold liquids.. My dentist only had 2 expanders to chose from. I would honestly have to say if i had to decide to do this again, I wouldnt. Sometimes its better to accept your flaws. It doesn't hurt it is just annoying. I am a supervisor at my job and trying to have a serious conversation is like a 3 year old scolding an adult. If i was a parent and had to chose this for my young child, I probably wouldn't. I have lost 5 pounds already, and still have 5 1/2 months to go which i cant imagine this being in my mouth that long. I can eat soup, drinking alot of protein shakes, smoothies, and baked fish, and french cut string beans, and baked potatoe, as long as i mash it up. Don't ask me how but i did eat a cheeseburger but i had to tear small pieces and chew with my back wisdoms and swallow on one side. By the time you are done chewing your tongue hurts bad. sometimes its not worth the effort. I don't know. This is a hard one to swallow...Literally

sahmof3babies 7 years ago

Man, am I a glad I found this website. My oldest (7) got his RPE put in yesterday and today I am reading up on this modern day torture devise. He hardly ate anything yesterday, hardly had any breakfast this morning before school. I packed his lunch box with bananas, yogurt and drinks to keep him hydrated and fed. What is everybody doing about the excess saliva? He already developed this nasty habit of sucking it in every few minutes which causes this irritating noise. I sent his teacher a note explaining it, but I am sure he will be a nuisance in class... my poor baby, I wish he could have been spared this device from hell...

Oh, he had braces put in 5 weeks ago, now the RPE and in a few months he will get this mouth guard to help correct his underbite... not sure how much more he can take, he is already very self-conscious about all of his other problems (Brown's Syndrome in his eye (lazy eye), Severe's Disease in his feet (he can't run))...

Any advice about the saliva and how to help him would be great!

Amazing Mom 7 years ago

I have a 8 yr old daughter that just had the Palatal Expander RPE in just 2 days a go she is doing ok. Just one thing that is her right said in her mouth hurts could it be that she bite down and made it sore. Ever time she eats it hurts and when she talks it hurts I hope some one can help me as I have to 80 mi to the DDS.


Barb 7 years ago

My daughter recently had a palate expander put in, and compared to what some of friends children went through with the activation, it was a lot simpler than i imagined. She was given the expander where turning the key takes place outside the mouth. Since the activation process is so easy, she does it on her own when she wakes up and before she goes to bed. It alleviates the tension that goes into turning the key because she gets to do it herself. Her ortho gave me this link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-lGK_h3Cfs) which helped us understand what to expect during this process.

At the beginning she experienced some pressure in between her eyes, but after taking a Tylenol, a couple hours later it would dissipate. It also took her a couple weeks before she got rid of her lisp and was able to eat solid foods.

Zuy 7 years ago

hi I just got mine 2 days ago.

I dont have one of those scary looking type of expanders where you need a key, and mine only connects to my back molars. It uses a spring to constantly push the teeth instead of using a screw thing like everyone is complaining about lol. I still do have a lisp and eating is hard, but there really isn't that much pain at all.

I'm 25 yrs old .. I heard it doesn't work well for adults but Im hoping it will.

Christian 7 years ago

hi, i just got mine yesterday, ive turned it twice already, and the pain has been the same all the time, the key only makes me feel some more pressure, i can't really eat, but i do... its not really unbearable i am 12... i feel sorry for you guys

i heard that the pain will go away in a week... i hope i am not in pain for SIX MONTHS! i think that the roof of my mouth is just starting to be stretched, its very annoying when i have en itch up there... ow

Jade 7 years ago

I got mine put in about 3 days ago. I'm 18 and I'm almost in tears every time I eat, because the fact that I can't chew due to cross bite(the brackets contact before my teeth do on the left side, causing no contact on either side), I'm starving, and whatever I do manage to mush up gets caught in between the roof of my mouth and the expander. I had the choice of this or getting teeth pulled, and when I go back on Tuesday, I will get the teeth pulled. I'll settle for a week of jaw pain rather than possibly months of this hell.

Logan 7 years ago

I am 16 I got mine like 40 days ago, and finally after I stopped turning it, the pain is making me go insane. Biting down is HURTING A LOT with a constant pain. I have a crossbyte, but the weird this is, it's hurting now after I stopped turning... so I don't know, but it's driving me nuts. The two teeth that I have the palate expander hooked WIGGLE A LOT. I bet if pulled to hard they would fall out...

buffy 7 years ago

My newly 9yr old had upper and lower RPEs installed on Thursday morning. Thanks to a friend's recommendation, we took a liquid pain reliever before going to the appointment. This aids in keeping the pain level to a minimum and subsequent pain management. With a preemptive dose of meds every 6-8hours we were pain free and transitioned within 30hours. Wax is essential!

For these first two days he has refused to eat anything other than broth, refried beans, and mashed potato: Time for a change!

We began the morning with tiny bites of super soft toast and raspberries hand feed by Mommy. Then I backed away and instructed him to eat the last third by himself. Success!

Amazingly he has more energy and was playing so rigorously this morning that he ran in for a snack and pulled potato chips out of the pantry. POTATO CHIPS!...my son is back from the depths of orthodontic depression.

The lisp was an instant source of new comedic material for this future stand-up genius. So my recommendation is just to keep it light and enjoy the unexpected. Hey, if you never had a lisp before here is your chance to try it on for size and yet revel in the knowledge that it's not forever... GOOD LUCK

Jessica 7 years ago

i got my expander about a month ago....the pain hurt for about the first 2days to mee....the worst part was the food getting stuck in between my teeth.but i am a big baby and was terrified to get it.now i have my braces.and i am now glad i had the expander,because if i didnt have my expander i think the pain with mr braces would have been worse.I didnr feel any pain with my braces now.

Jess 7 years ago

I got mine yesterday im 14 and it doesnt hurt me at all! my biggest problem is keeping my tongue away from it. also my teeth are slightly sore but i can eat pretty well and i just swish water in my mouth to get rid of the food that gets stuck up there. listening to myelf talk is hilarious! my best friend laughed like crazy when i talked to her on the phone but im just trying to not let it get to me and that seems to be working. but i am SO not looking forward to monday-we went back to school on thursday. oh well- i dont say much usually anyways.

Holly  7 years ago

I had mine in a month ago. Tech maybe further on, but mine's more prehistoric than the one in that picture. instead of a small, sweet bridge between each side of the palate, I've got a huge hunk of clear plastic that feels akin to a dried-up hunk of chewing gum in my mouth. I can't speak, I can't eat, if I bite down it digs into my gum and hurts like hell. At the moment it's horrible. I have to get my six-year old brother to order food for me, and it's really hit my self esteem as my high school/secondary school favours loads of dances, and someone with a disgusting brace who can't talk and is really saliva-graced at present because her dentist will not allow her to remove it for A FEW MEASLY HOURS, it's hell.

Aurora 7 years ago

i got my PE last wednesday, it doesnt really bother me as much as i thought but the brackets keep on scraping the inside of my mouth, any advice?

it IS bothersome but its not as horrible as i thought. hey at least ill have normal teeth and lose some weight :)

e-mail: sayxanythingxlovely@gmail.com

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago Author

Eating is something that you just have to get over, really... it's always going to be annoying trying to clean it out, but eventually you just get used to having to do it. It's not that bad, really. And for those asking about gaps -- if your orthodontist told you it was normal, then I wouldn't worry about it. In my case I didn't develop a gap, but that's probably because I have the world's smallest mouth (needed teeth pulled because not enough room in there!)

It sounds like pain is minimal for most of you -- and that's really all that matters. :)) Everything else you will get used to. And remember, I do think mine was worth it. :))

kg 7 years ago

My daughter is so frustrated that she can't eat. She got her rpe today and everything is getting caught. She is sick of ice cream and yogurt. Help. Will eating become normal? How soon?

Jordan 7 years ago

hey I am 14 years old and got my rpe put in about two weeks ago. The pain isnt bad unless I try to eat right after turning the key. And food gets stuck in there but i clean it so its alright. The only thing about it that concerns me is the gap. I cant stand it. My orthodontist says that when we stop turning the key the gap will begin to close, but hearing all these stories im afraid that since the plan is to not have braces after this that I might have a gap for the rest of my life. Which is NOT what I want.

Linda S.A. 7 years ago

Oh man, so glad I found this site! I am a guilty mom, as both my 7 and 10 year old girls got the PE's put on last Thursday. The seven year old is fine with it, has adjusted her speech and doesn't seemed bothered by the food getting caught. The ten year old is absolutely depressed and miserable. She hasn't eaten anything but yogurt and ice cream since it was put on and I'm worried about her weight. She needs protein and is proned to headache's anyway, nevermind the not eating thing. I feel so guilty ... agree that it looks like a medieval torture device and can't imagine that in this day and age they can't come up with someone more desirable. UGH. Thanks for tips on Youtube ... that will help her to know that she's not alone ... will do that tomorrow. Advice on HOW to eat would be welcome ... everything she puts in, she spits out and we spent 1 1/2 hrs. the first night getting a piece of bread out. YUCK! She is too scared now to try and eat other foods. She has sensory integration disorder, which is when things (like noise or textures in eating or touching) bother you more than normal people. These problems for her, manifest mostly in oral senses ... so she's always been a particularly picky eater ... could never mix textures together ... bread good, peanut butter good ...bread and peanut butter together, bad ... etc. ... you get the point. So what was I thinking? I also appreciate the Water Pik advice and will look into that tomorrow. We have procured "mono-ject" syringes from the ortho, which, when filled with water, can help shove food out from under this contraption. If her eating doesn't improve within the next week, we'll have to consider having it removed. Not sure how her sister will react to that one! Wish me luck ... ps. they both say that it doesn't "hurt" perse, just that when the key is turned, there is a lot of pressure. The ortho told us that if a gap appeared during this, it would go away .. so I have to trust that will happen.

Super34ever 7 years ago

I just got mine installed today. I am so frustrated I could rip my head off. Learning to talk isn't that hard, I learned in under 20 minutes. But eating (chewing) is very hard to learn how to do. Eating foods like ice cream and yogurt help and are good to try at first. It's a bit frustrating when you try to swallow as the expander becomes very cold due to the iciness of the ice cream and the coldness of the yogurt. Chewing is just a matter of overcoming your fears. You just have to shove your food in your mouth and chew as you normally would. It may hurt a little, but it's ok.

Molly 7 years ago

Hi, everyone! I am a 29-year-old female who just got her RPE put in today... The pain hasn't been too bad so far, but eating, drinking, and swallowing is quite frustrating... I keep having this fear that I am going to choke on everything and can't seem to stop myself from swallowing. I have to "turn" my key for two weeks, but this thing will be in for four to six months... I am so apprehensive about how I am going to get through this... I am so impressed by all of the people in the world who have survived this thing that looks like some sort of medieval torture device... Please update me on how you guys are doing! I feel like I am already regretting my choice to fix my crossbite so late in my life. Is it really going to work now that I'm done growing? I appreciate feedback! bunnycat24@aol.com

Jackie 7 years ago

Hi my name is jackie and i am ll years old and about to get my expander put in i was reading all the commets about it now i am very very scared.

Sherri 7 years ago


Sorry to read that your child was in tears. My 14yr old has had his in for about 3 weeks now and is doing just fine. He is adapting quite well and is eating everything! Where in the beginning I was cutting everything into bits. Your child being just 8, I can understand why coping with the change might be harder. You posted two days ago and I'm just now reading. If I had to quess, I would guess things have already calmed down. But if not, one thing that helped my son the first day was going onto youtube.com, typing palate expander, and watching the dozens of kids his age who are sharing their experience and even laughing at themselves (speech,slurping). Hope this helped.

Nicky 7 years ago

Help! My 8 year old son got his p.e. today, and he is so upset. His speech is not a problem, nor is the excess saliva (boys!), but he is so frustrated with eating. He suffers from migraines, so the ache is not bothersome to him. It's the food getting stuck in the roof of his mouth. Every bite drives him crazy!! He was in tears at both of our meals after he got the appliance put in. I'm hoping this gets better as he becomes used to it. I told him to wait until he eats his whole meal until he tries to dislodge the food that gets stuck, but after each bite he is so grossed out that he can hardly stand it. Any advice?

Terri 7 years ago


My daughter is 12 and had a P.E. put in 8 days ago. We turn it once a day. She had braces put on a week before that and her gap had closed and now after only 8 turns her gap is opening back up. My concern is that she has to turn it for 21 days and it has only been 8 and the shape of her teeth are concerning me. I thought they would look more round and they look like it is widening her teeth in the back and not in the front. Don't know if this make since. LOL Anybody have any problems like this.

jialiwu2001@yahoo.com 7 years ago

My daughter has a severe crossbite problem and was recommented to put on RPE right way. However, I would get some information about the expander. Since each patient has his or her unique jaw shape, the expander needs to be customerized a bit based on each individual patient?



Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago Author

I didn't have a gap, and I had mine in for a long, long time. I am sure he's fine but you may want to ask his doctor if that was intended in his particular case, just to be on the safe side. It does seem logical that the gap wouldn't close on it's own, and many people do get braces after the expander comes out. All the best to you and him.

Sherri 7 years ago

Mother of 14yr old who just had his expander put in 7 days ago. Right away his speech had a lisp but it's improved slightly already. Reading out loud would help improve his speech but it's his summer vacation and he informed me no reading is allowed. He has trouble eating with the expander (causes him a little sorrow) but he is eating. I went out and bought him an electric water pik and we both agree it is a must have if you want to remove any stuck food and keep fresh breath. We paid $55 but even if it cost $100, I would have bought it! As for the pain, he says it's no big deal. He gets one turn around noon and one right before bed. By spreading out his two turns he no longer even needs to take an Advil. SHOCKER: He woke up yesterday with a small gap between his front teeth (which were perfectly straight prior), and today it's even larger. I'm surprised at how fast his teeth are moving. I did some internet searching and found out a lot of wearers will get this gap. One picture I found had a gap large enough to place three quarters between his teeth. Has anyone here experienced the gap, how soon did it close, or were braced needed to close the gap. Right now he could care less about the gap but girls his age I imagine would be very concerned. So for being just one week in, my advice is to be patient. He started out a little depressed but is again acting like himself, joking, laughing, and playing sports.

Thanks to Isabella for starting this helpful conversation.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago Author

Hi London. I don't think it hurt so much going in; it hurts when the key gets turned. It's not a pain that you can't live with and if you take some ibuprofen you'll probably be ok. To give you a comparison, it's a bit like sitting in a constant split and applying just enough pressure to sting a lot, but not enough to make you cry. Also, it doesn't hurt SO much to eat food, it's just more of a dull ache and it's a pain in the arse because the food you eat gets stuck between the palate expander and the roof of your mouth which is annoying to clean out. Don't worry, it will not be that bad. If you take some ibuprofen when it starts to hurt, that will probably be enough for you. I was much younger than you and my mother didn't want me taking ibuprofen. Good luck! Let us know how it goes. :)

London 7 years ago

Hii.. i am getting my expander in tomorrow and i am very, very, very freaked out about it... I am 14 and a girl.. lol.i am very scared about it and i dont even know how long i have to have it in for!!! i no that i am getting braces on september 4th... and something is going to be done on july 24th as well... but I'm not sure if ther taking it out on the 24th or not..does it really hurt to put it in and turn the key??will i have problems eating nutella toast?? ( like my favourite )is there any foods i should avoid? and any that make your teeth and jaw feel better?any advice would be like great i have been searching up stuff for the last 2 hours i hope i can get some good advice from here!!!!I am getting it in tomorrow at 3 PM so please reply soon!!thanks so much!

anne 7 years ago

thanks for the info, my 9 yr old got her p.e. one week ago, she is having a hard time getting used to eating, with food getting stuck up there. her speech is getting better already. I have a hard time seeing the dang thing to turn it each day. we do it at night if she experiences any pain. she can swallow pills so if she needs ibuprofen she will ask for one.not very confident in turning the key hope I am doing it right? she says she feels a difference, but don't know is she is telling the truth?

Danielle 7 years ago

I am 30 and I got one about 8 and a half weeks ago. The pain really is not that bad, however the eating, speech difficulty and excess saliva are horrible. I know that it is all worth it in the end. I get it out on Aug 18th though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!

Rosalievamps 7 years ago

I'm getting one soon, It hurts? oh man now i'm scared to get it!

Judy Rivera 7 years ago

I know I had mine 30 years ago but it hurt like hell when that key turned!!! Then one of the brackets got loose and when my dentist tried to emove it to recement it, my whole jaw kinda lost shape and I had to leave off the expander and get a retainer for several weeks until the palate healed. I saw stars and moons and .....................Now her dentist is telling me my 9 year old needs one and I can't do it to her!

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago Author

I was about that age. If it hurts too much you can always make them take it out.

christina 7 years ago

Hello, My daughter is about to get hers . i'm now scared for her she doesn't do well with pain. She is only 8 and her dentist said she should do it know because when she's older her jaw will already be set. I worry for her.

scout 7 years ago

mine has to be in for 3-6 months

baby 7 years ago

i got mine too just now, and it is annoying.. food stucks in it, and i have difficulty talking, but i know it's worth it. :D

Rachel 7 years ago

i just got mine in

it really sucks

food gets caught in the top and there is no way of cleaning it out

isla20 7 years ago

I got mine 2 days ago and after reading this thread, I just cant imagine having this thing on me for 2 years. I did a headrush, I dont mind the pain at all, what I mind is the speech and the eating, I just hated so bad!! I usually have my days were Im negative but Ive been like this ever since I got this thing on. Hopefully, I will adapt and feel better in a couple of days and hopefully my speech will improve. My dentist told me that the avg is 6 months. Cant wait to get mine out.

Monique Bradley 7 years ago

I am a mom of a little boy who just got an expander put in and I am up in the middle of the night because his pain is causing me so much sorrow. I thank you for writing this review of your experience with the palatal expander. I needed the reassurance that what I was doing to my son would be worth it in the end. I hope his outcome is as successful as yours.

kiran1104 7 years ago

Hi, i had a palate expander fitted yesterday, and i dont know how im going to cope for the next two weeks, ive only got mine in for two weeks....but girl 2 years??? well done! i could never imagine having it for that long. i intend to stay indoors for these next two weeks, the glue they used is blue so it looks like im wearing this hench blue mouth guard. the worst part is the pain and the difficulty in swallowing. every 5 minutes i have to go spit out all the saliva that has built up! i never thought it was this bad, even though i did research when i found out i needed it. i only need 8mm expansion, that must sound minor to people that have had it in for much longer. anyway, i wanted to ask if the whole swallowing dilemna will improve? ive eaten yoghurt, but to be honest its not very filling, and I HATE THIS EXPANDER =(

alisha 8 years ago

yeah i just got one of those in like 3 weeks ago and i have to turn it like twice a day for two weeks and it hurts so bad and food gets stuck it sucks so bad!

denis 8 years ago

Hello i need HELP

My name is Denis, i have 20 years and i have big problem with my teeth. (sorry for my bad english, i am from southern europe)Now my upper jaw is bigger than lower jaw, and this is very bad for me becauce with this harmony you can't eat well, you can't smile well, simply you haven't a harmony and some times you have a bad headache and teeth(jaw)ache.This problem came to me artificaly, i a not born with this problem, till my 10 years i had a good teeht and super harmony with my jaws (you guessing what is problem)but one stupid doctor extracted my 2nd upper molars (the sixth teeth) because i had a very bad teeth-ache then (at my 10 years).But the doctor havn't told me that in the future i gonna have a problems, or to prevent thet problem somehow e.g. with spaceholders.Naturaly the problem came with upper jaw, because began to decrease and finaly to be smaller than lower jaw.The question for you is how this problem can be solved and until when i have time to fix this if is posibleCan somebody or something first to make space in my upper jaw, then to put implants (teeht), simply to turn back my molars and does with thati gonna have my harmony back and gonna be without that big problems what i have mentioned.Can palatal expander to help with this or not,and i ask you what is the best solution for this, how can correct this with low budget and how with big budget.

MasterGerund profile image

MasterGerund 8 years ago

I had one of those when I was 14. I worked at a boy scout camp and stayed overnight twice a week, but I couldn't turn the key by myself. We enlisted one of my fellow staff members to turn the key for me. Imagine one 14-year old boy getting another one to turn the key for him twice a week, and you have a perfect humility-teaching experience!

ajcor profile image

ajcor 8 years ago from NSW. Australia

back again - cannot believe it (never having heard of expanders before!) but last night we went out to dinner and the young man of the house has just had an expander fitted- he agrees with you that the pain is not good!

ajcor profile image

ajcor 8 years ago from NSW. Australia

have to say the whole process sounds awful and that was just the preparation for getting braces - but it looks as if it was worth it!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia

Wow mouth pain is one of the worst to overcome. Imagine for two years. :-/ At least it was worth it.

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 8 years ago Author

Misha - They aren't fun!

JT - LOL, they do!

Annemaeve - Yeah, when mine came out, I started talking funny again, cos it felt like there was too much space at the top of my mouth. It was strange. I never got the head-rush though... you might be the only one who enjoyed that part. ;)

annemaeve profile image

annemaeve 8 years ago from Philly Burbs

Isabella, you were a brave soldier, and I commend you for not biting the doctor who put that thing in. I had one myself (I've blocked out for how long, exactly). I remember almost enjoing the kiddie-high head-rush you can get from doing two turns at once. Perhaps I lived a little close to the edge?

But the most horrible part of it was when it came out, it felt (and tasted!) like the roof of my mouth had been sealed up with rotten peanut butter for 7 years. Yuck! I suppose I should be grateful for my pretty smile now... but looking back... was it really worth it?

J.T. profile image

J.T. 8 years ago

Ouch, it sounds like a mordern interigation instrument, except that it probably makes it harder to talk instead of easier, i can almost feel your pain, yrk.



Misha profile image

Misha 8 years ago from DC Area

Poor girl! I feel for you Isa, seriously!

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