Requirements to Become Foster Parents in Australia

Thinking of becoming foster parents? It’s a fulfilling occupation that is fulfilling a real need in the community. Here are some of the requirements to become foster parents in Australia.

Taking on the responsibility to become a foster carer is not like a applying for a normal job.  You don’t need to have traditional examination certificates or anything like that.  But experience has shown that certain parents able to cope better if they have certain skills and personalities.

Foster family
Foster family

Coping with Child Behaviour

Because you can be dealing with children that have come from difficult backgrounds, you should have the patience to deal with challenging behaviour.  These children may be withdrawn, quiet or have feelings of insecurity.  Children are remarkably resilient and with the right care can still have a fulfilling childhood and reach their full potential.

Communication Skills

You should have good communication skills.  This is because you will be speaking to both the children and other people in the team that are responsible for them.  This can include the foster care agency, the child’s birth parents, school teachers and government agencies.

Parting can be difficult
Parting can be difficult

Attachment to Children

Many people come into foster care because they love looking after children and have a real aptitude for helping children develop.  This does bring with it a problem that some people do not consider.  Will you be able to part with the child when the time comes for him/her to move back to their parents? This can be an emotional time for both child and carer.

Fostering can be fun
Fostering can be fun

Housing Requirements

On a practical level, your house should be large enough to accommodate additional children.  Ideally there should be a spare bedroom so that the foster child can have a place that they can call their own.  You don’t need to own a huge house to become a foster parent.  Being able to offer a secure and loving environment is more important.

Types of People That Can Become Foster Parents

Applications to become foster parents are welcomed from all people.  This includes single, married and partnered people.  Whether you have children or not will not exclude you from becoming a foster parent.

You should be willing to undergo several checks before becoming a carer.  This will usually involve either a fostering agency or representative from the authorities coming to visit you in your home.  This will give them a feel for how you could cope with a foster child in your home.  You should also be willing to undergo a criminal records check.

All foster carers are supported
All foster carers are supported

Training and Support

You will be given training as a new foster carer.  This is often compulsory.  So even if you are an experienced parent you should be willing to spend the time doing this.  Looking after a foster child is different to bringing up one of your own children.  Having professional training and support can help you deal with any issues that arise.  It is also an ideal opportunity to network with other carers.

If you want further information on becoming a foster parent in Australia, you can contact Key Assets.

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Jess 7 years ago

There is also a Foster Care Victoria Blog which covers latest research, perspective, news and events from within the sector of interest for active carers and people wanting to find out more. It's focussed on information about foster care in Victoria bit also covers movements across Australia more generally.

Kylie Wilson 7 years ago

There's a good blog in Canberra too - not just information for ACT residents:

Lots of useful articles!

cassie 6 years ago

hey i am a 25 year old married woman with a 2 year old boy i love being a mother my son has changed my life in so many ways i would love to help another child in need (what sort of criminal record arnt you allowed to have?)

cheryl glover 6 years ago

i love to look after and give another child the love and cherishing that they need to get through life, i had the best upbring and love to do help

ken 6 years ago

where in the world is the phone number???

natasha07 5 years ago

i would love to give a kids that don't have love an care for them i would do it i thank all kids need some one to look after them an it hurts me to see babys that don't have parents 4 years ago

i was once a foster child from kenya to australian parent called wilson between 1986 to 1992 how can i trace them to say thank you to them

Megan 4 years ago

My husband and and I have been married for 10 years and gave 4 children, we have available funds to support another child but don't know where to start???

Ally 4 years ago

To look further into becoming a carer go to there is a phone number on that page. Otherwise if you just google 'become a foster carer' several other private organisations come up which you can look into. You can make such an impact by becoming a carer.

Irene 4 years ago

Please Megan, thank you for that word to support the needy children. Give your details such as email to contact you and give you the information.

Marissa 4 years ago

There is a great resource for foster parenting in Australia here:

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