Richard Planted a Nail in His Garden

Richard had a reputation for saying ‘clever’ things.

One day Richard got a Bump on his forehead, by running against a wall. The Swelling extended to his upper eyelid, he was told it had made his eye less. He replied: he did not care - he could see as well out of a little eye as a big one.

April was the time to begin tending their own little garden plots, but there were not enough tools to go round. Richard told his brother and sisters that he had planted a nail in his garden and he thought perhaps it might grow to a spade.

Richard’s brother Henry was away for several days, Richard missed him very much. but he does not know whether he should rejoice, or not, at his brother’s return. He said, “I long to see Henry come home, but then he’ll beat me, so I do not think I want him”.

Richard were not quite correct in his conduct at Church. He met Mr. Wilson a few days earlier during the week and begged him “not to read so much at Church”. He thought “Seven pages were quite enough and he was sure Mr. Wilson read a hundred”.

Richard peered up at the moon. It reminded him of Mother's yellow toenails. Did anyone live up there? No, they couldn't live on the moon, because when it went thin, they would fall off and hurt themselves. When the moon went round again, it looked like a big crystal ball.

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