Sasquatch Mother of the Ages


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Big Mom

In the deep forests of the north west, Sassy the sasquatch gathered berries for her family that were hiding among the branches. There was Gus, aged two, and covered with brown hair from head to foot. Then there was Eli, a twin of Gus, yet he was practically hairless, except for a little that grew on top of the little creature's head. Sassy gathered a skin taken from a recent kill and piled the red berries in it as much as she could. She then grunted to her little family and they all headed toward their secret cave, high in the rocky out cropping above the forest line.

Eli was a strange child, but seemed to learn much faster than his brother Gus. In fact, little Eli got in much more trouble because he was constantly exploring areas where he should not go. His mother cuffed the little critter and scolded him with a loud series of chee-chee-chee's, and he learned to stay a little closer to home. An odd thing had occurred late one evening as Sassy tucked her kids into their warm furry beds.

Something had overcome the mother sasquatch and she simply had passed out on the floor of the cave. When she awoke the next morning, Sassy found that she felt uncomfortable and got a little sick. As the days went by, her sickness continued to progress and she noticed a lump in her stomach. Sassy was pregnant. The cause was quite a mystery and we shall explore what was the cause of the creature's pregnancy.

The evening that Sassy had passed out on the cave floor, two tall white beings had entered the cave opening. They were almost invisible and gave no scent, that would have alerted the mother sasquatch as to their presence. The beings shined a light into the mother's eyes and she suddenly was rendered unconscious. Her bulky body was then carried by the two beings to a waiting shinning craft outside and placed aboard. Inside the glowing craft, the big creature was placed on a table and probes were inserted into her mouth. This was to see if her health was sufficient enough to support impregnation and for her to conceive a baby. After passing the sasquatch for the test, the two beings were joined by another creature, who appeared taller and grey in coloration of his skin. He seemed to be in charge and communicated to the others with a form of telepathy, to move the mother's feet apart. A tube was inserted into the sexual organ of the creature and she was impregnated. This was not the first time that Sassy had been taken for this purpose. Her two kids Eli and Gus were babies that had been genetically influenced by these beings, who had a great interest in interbreeding and promoting a more technologically advanced civilization. This planet had been the source of much observation in the past years and had proven to be an ideal incubator for the start of a new form of life. This was not the first planet or new civilization that was begun by the beings, and they were excited about their program on the blue planet.

After the birth of Sassy's new kids and both of which were hairless like little Eli, Sassy moved from off of the mountain to another location in her effort in trying to help alter the births of her children. She could not understand, as to why they were born without fur covering their bodies like most small children that she had seen. The beings, of course found her again and continued to use the creature for their genetic proliferation of the planet. After a while a new clan was formed because most of the hairless creatures were considered outcasts and had to move away from the hairy creatures that ruled the mountain. Soon, with their superior knowledge and abilities, the hairless people fashioned weapons and were able to reclaim the heights that were their former homes. The harry critters were forced to leave for other parts and the paler sasquatch people now ruled the high mountain peaks for hundreds of miles around. They were meat eaters and you all know what that means. Their knowledge increased even more and their quest for more control increased, as well. Now a new form of society was being created and a ruling class was about to take its new reign over the soil of the blue planet.

The white beings watched from on high in their silver craft, as the new creations scurried about on the landscape below them. It would be very interesting as to how they might evolve and create a new civilization, perhaps to eventually rival their own. Never-the-less, they would watch and guard the species to make sure things did not get out of hand, only to intervene when it was absolutely necessary.

Sassy was quite content. She had not been pregnant for several years and was happy in roaming the river valley in search of food sources for her large family of seven sasquatch children, all of which had long brown hair. Father sasquatch had even taken to being closer to home and contributing to the family food sources. Things would be a lot better now, for the sasquatch family. They were at last to be left alone and could enjoy a life of freedom away from the noise of civilization that was sprawling across the wide valleys below. They would be quite content in staying put on mountain tops for the most part and venture into the valleys, only when they felt it would be necessary in search of more food supplies. Life was good, and our brothers and sisters enjoyed a peaceful life for years to come.

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whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States Author

Please read my hub about an open minded theory...

whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States Author

I believe that an entity has created the universe as we know it and all that encompasses or makes it up. We are creations of our creator. We call our creator God, and that will have nothing to do in destroying religion or in belittling it, when people consider what it means. God is and we are.

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MsDora 5 years ago from The Caribbean

You're a good story teller! Perhaps you should place link on this hub for the other hub you want readers to visit.

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mljdgulley354 5 years ago

I really like your story. There are a lot of things we don't know and it is a good thing to let our minds and hearts search for that knowledge.

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whonunuwho 18 months ago from United States Author

"There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."says Hamlet...

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whonunuwho 18 months ago from United States Author

A short story of mysteries...

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