See the World Through Your Child's Eyes

World Through Child's Eyes

The world changes when seen through a child's eyes
The world changes when seen through a child's eyes

Slow Down and Enjoy

 Parenting is often life in the fast lane. A growing child, especially an active toddler who has learned to walk or a high energy preschooler, keeps constantly busy. It only gets more interesting when you add a new baby into the mix, which is bound to make the first child worried about his or her place in the family. One way to quiet things down a bit is for a parent to spend a little time alone with the older child out in the world. For some this may involve having a trusted member of your extended family coming over to spend some time with the baby while you have quality time with your older child. For others, your spouse will do just fine.

Turn off the cell phone, put away all electronic devices, and venture out into the world with your child. You don't have to go far. The backyard or a local park will do. Your child will love having your undivided attention for a little while. This will help to reassure the older child that their place in the family is secure. But this little adventure will also work wonders for you if you are willing to drop your defenses, stop worrying about all the things on the To Do list that loom, and just be with your child. As you watch your child play and play along with him or her, you will start to see how different and wondrous the world around you is through your child's eyes. You've spent decades on this Earth and are familiar with your surroundings ... a little too familiar. Your child is a relative newcomer to the place and sees it all differently. The more you watch and participate in your child's play and exploration, the more the little things of this world will take on additional color and depth. Before long, you too will be excited by the clover, will wonder at the ladybug, and enjoy the delicate beauty of an everyday wildflower.

After even a short sojourn in the world with your child, playing and experiencing the world on their level, you will return to everyday life refreshed. Your sense of wonder in everyday objects will be restored, even if only for a little while, and your child will be happier and more reassured about the situation at home.

It's well worth the effort and more than worth clearing your schedule for. And if that's not enough, you'll also create memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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