Selecting a Photographer

Selecting a qualified wedding photographer is an important part of your special event.


Do you have a special event in the future? Perhaps it is a milestone birthday, a graduation or a wedding. Maybe it is a retirement party or an anniversary?  Whatever the event, you will want to take numerous photos of what is happening. Of course, if you are running around trying to take pictures, you are likely to miss out on a lot of the fun. Why not save yourself some time and invest in the services of a professional photographer? Whether you live in a quiet town like Beaufort, South Carolina or college towns like Athens, Georgia photography studios are always happy to be a part of your event.


Deciding to hire a professional photographer for event will ensure that you get quality photos that can be enjoyed for years to come. However, just because someone owns a digital camera (or two) does not mean that they are a professional.  Consequently, you should take the time to do some basic research about the potential photographer. Here are 10 things to consider before hiring them for the event.


1.       How much experience does the photographer have photographing the type of event you are hosting? Wedding photography varies in style and artistry from the style of photos used for birthdays or graduations.

2.       Will the photographer be bringing more than one camera and provide any additional lighting or equipment?  Depending on the location of the event, extra lighting, tripods or even backdrops may be needed. In addition, a professional will have more than one camera so that in case of a photography related emergency (i.e. the camera quits working, batteries die) they won’t miss anything important.

3.       What types of photographs will be taken? Do you have a say in the amount, style and finish of the photos?

4.       Ask to see their portfolio. This will give an opportunity to see for yourself what their work looks like and if it will reflect the atmosphere of the event.

5.       Are you provided with just the negatives, a CD of the photos, an album of proofs, etc? In addition, will there photos be posted on-line so that others can place orders?

6.       How quickly can you expect the finished product? Depending on the event, time of year and number of photos this time may vary, but should usually be within 6-8 (max.) of the event.

7.       Is the photographer registered with the Professional Photographers of America? The PPA has high standards for the photographers, so you can trust your event to someone registered with them.

8.       Check with the Better Business Bureau. If there are complaints, find another photographer.

9.       Be sure that you and the photographer have spent ample time talking and making sure that you are both looking for the same type(s) of photos. If there is a specific shot you want, be sure the photographer knows ahead of time.

10.    In addition, be sure that your photographer gets a plate of food; they are working to make sure you enjoy your event, but that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t want a snack, too.


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