Separating the two

You wake up in the morning to your beautiful children. Then the battle begins the older ones are excited to leave while the smaller ones would like to be dressed in their sleep. It’s kind of a assembly line getting each one out the door and off to school. Then you look around at the empty house and the transformation begins.....

You spend the next half hour turning into a panty hose wearing power house. So how do you separate the two? Being super mom before the sun comes up; a super business woman during the day and turn that switch off at five so mommy can make it home kick off those heals and catch up on the kid’s day.

The Cheater

I believe all working woman have those moments where you hate going in to the office. So you almost feel like a cheater because you want to spend more time at home. Then you have financial responsibilities that cause you to have to spend more time at work so the cheater guilt kicks in again.

So how do you separate the two? It's almost impossible. You must find a healthy median where your kids and your career can meet, in a happy bliss. Look at the hours that work for you. It may take time to get a perfect system and there will be times in the year where the best system may have some road blocks.

Plan meals

What do you want to eat for dinner? This question drives me crazy. The best solution is planning meals for the week it's great. You expect to have a chicken nugget melt down one day out of the week but for the most part the meals are listed on a white board and it eliminates a thirty minute conversations while in traffic about dinner and on most days mom has to pick anyway.


Another great time saver is washing a load in the morning while the families getting ready. You can put it in the dryer on your way out and put it up during your favorite evening show.


Secret agent

Considering yourself a secret agent also helps add a little excitement to the day; and when things happen, just change into your super suite. All jokes aside it is a battle that working woman face everyday. Wondering if working or staying home is better for the kids or ones own sanity. I say review your situation every six months. Ask true questions about your happiness, grades, relationships, major events and then look at more ways to make the current situations work or ways to change it for the better. Oh and super moms rock!!

© Alice F Spencer

Super suite


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