Should Teens Work

Should teens get jobs? When they do work, should they help pay for the gas? Should they still help around the house? There are a lot of questions about whether a teen should work or not. They are many reasons not to work, but just a many as to why they should.

Should Your Teen Work

Yes and no. Yes, all teens should work to help them learn what the work life is like and to prepare for it later on when they are out of college. No, if it causes problems with their grades or you think it will be more than they can handle.

Teens often begin to ask for more things. Cell phones, computers, more and more clothes, games, game systems, and the list goes on and on. But when do we as parents say no? When do we tell them, you want the stuff, you have to work for it? It's our jobs as parents to take care of our children, not give them everything they want. So in my opinion, it's fine to say no and let them get a job and earn the money to buy those things themselves. It will teach them to be responsible.

Should they help pay for gas?

Yes. It's a part of life. If it were their car, they would have to put the gas in it to get to work, or where ever they wanted to go, why should it be any different if you're the one driving?
Parents some times tend to let the teen keep all their money. How can they learn to be responsible adults if this is done? They have to learn in the beginning that even as teens, they have bills to pay. Gas, if they have a cell phone it wouldn't hurt to let them help pay on it. It will teach them that bills come first, what's left can be saved and spent on things wanted.

Should they still help around the house?

Yes. It's no different than you. You work, you take care of kids, and you work around the house. They should as well. Each time you ask your teen to help around the house, help pay a bill that concerns them, and so forth, you are helping them learn to be a productive adult. You are helping them learn to care for themselves so that when they are grown, it comes as a second nature and not being just thrown into the adult working life.
But don't expect them to always be happy about it. Just the same as there are days you don't want to work around the house, you do it anyway. They have to learn to do the same.

What it boils down to

Our children grow up whether we want them to or not. We can't stop it. But we can teach them to be productive adults so that we can worry less about their ability to care for themselves once they move out. Something you may not realize is you are not being mean to your child by having them work. More than likely, you are feeling guilt because you don't want to let them go.
But with all teens, we have no choice. It would be better to have them working, helping around the house and learning to do it the right way, than to be hanging out on the street corner and getting influenced by the wrong people.
Don't be scared to help them work and learn a little of what you go through, they will have a new perspective about all you do.


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