Five Original Gifts For Your Baby

So the big holiday is coming and you wonder what gift to choose for your lovely baby? Don't worry you are not alone. Most parents have problems to decide when it comes to their little kids. The task is especially hard when you have to choose a gift for the first birthday.

The baby is still to young to appreciate and fully enjoy the gift. So you need to choose either something practical or something original that will last for the kids later years. Here I am giving you 5 ideas to make a really original gift - see which ones can suit to you.

An animal or plant

If you buy a small animal or a long living plant for your baby they are going to grow together. This is a lovely way to teach the child to take care for other creatures.

One of the most appropriate animals is a rabbit. Of course you can't expect the baby to take care for the animal neither you should let them touch it - for the sake of safety of both the baby and the animal. Just know that this animal belongs to the child and slowly let him or her to start interacting and taking care with the creature as both grow.

Baby Photo Album

Take lots of snaps with your baby and publish them in an online album. The web photo albums can last forever and be seen from anywhere, so don't do the mistake to store your photos offline. When your baby grows it can enjoy the picture of all the holidays and important events in life.

There are many sites which let you create baby photo albums so just go ahead and pick the one that you like most. 

An ancient coin

If you want your baby to become a wealthy adult, why don't you help it from its first years? The baby may not fully understand well the value of an ancient coin, but when it grows, it will start to appreciate it. A rare ancient coin does not have only financial value, but also emotional and educational potential.

You don't need to spend much money on such a gift, as the coin's price will go only up during the years. So such a gift is also a great investment. 

Baby Swing Set

Do you want to have a healthy and happy baby? I bet you do. Then consider an excellent gift that will allow you to spend many fun hours together with your child - a baby swing set! They are known also as toddler swings, they are safe and affordable and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

The outdoor baby swing can later be turned into infant swing or even a normal swing by changing the seat. So it's really a long term gift that your kid will really love. 

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