Start Weaning from Breastfeeding

Weaning from Breastfeeding


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Weaning from breast feeding is an essential stage of development and you have to be careful in making it as smooth as possible both for you and your baby. During your nursing period you will be wondering when is the right time for starting the weaning process and take your baby away from your breast. This is not a decision that must be taken in haste or due to any external compulsions and it must be decided based on what is good for your baby.

Once you have decided to start the process then this must be implemented in a gradual way so that you and your child do not miss that unique bonding you both enjoyed during breast feeding. When things are moved during weaning from breast feeding in a gradual and determined manner you can retain the special bond while giving place for the next level of relationship between you and your baby.

Your baby is not interested in breast milk anymore

In practical sense the weaning process starts as soon as your baby begins taking something other than your breast milk. During this period you will be gradually reducing the time you keep your baby on your breast and start to look for other alternative sources of nutrition. With the introduction of formula foods and other solid items you will find that your baby spends less time suckling on your breast and soon you can expect it to stop altogether.

Continuing to secure the emotional and physical bond

At this transition period if needed for you and your baby you can keep the breast feeding to the most minimum for the maintenance of the mental and physical bond rather than for giving the necessary nutrition to your baby. This determines the success of weaning from breastfeeding without much mental stress for both of you.

Some mothers find that their babies suddenly refuse to take milk from their breasts and this is the starting point of weaning from breast milk. But this sudden change may be too much to handle for some of the young mothers and it may take a little time for them to mentally and physically accept this factor. This sudden end of breast feeding by the baby himself must be taken in the right sense and you must get a good diet plan for him to supply all the nutrients required for his normal growth at this vital stage of his development.

Pressures for the outside

Most of the times the mothers may face external pressures to start weaning from breast feeding though it is going well for both of them. The opinions of others in your family and friends circle to start weaning your child may not be correct and the decision to stop breast feeding must be the exclusive matter between the mother and the baby and there should be no interference in this for the proper development of the child.

Baby's first teeth

Yet another circumstance that may push you to start weaning from breast feeding is the arrival of first teeth and you may fear that he may bite your nipples. It is an established fact that children cannot bite with their first teeth and you need not have to worry too much about this. So, start the weaning process at the right time and take it in such a way that there is no mental strain both on you or your baby. This is the real way of weaning from breast feeding and you will be happy to have offered the best thing to your baby as long as he needed and gently guided him to the next stage of development.



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