Stop Child Labour

Stop Child Labour

Child labour is the employment of children under an age determined by law or custom. This practice is considered exploitative by many countries and international organizations. child labour was not seen as a problem throughout most of history, only becoming a disputed issue with the beginning of universal schooling and the concepts of workers' and children's rights.

Child labour can be factory work, mining or quarrying, agriculture, helping in the parents' business, having one's own small business (for example selling food), or doing odd jobs. Some children work as guides for tourists, sometimes combined with bringing in business for shops and restaurants (where they may also work as waiters). Other children are forced to do tedious and repetitive jobs such as assembling boxes or polishing shoes. However, rather than in factories and sweatshops, most child labor occurs in the informal sector, "selling on the street, at work in agriculture or hidden away in houses - far from the reach of official labor inspectors and from media scrutiny."[1]

The most controversial forms of work include the military use of children as well as child prostitution. Less controversial, and often legal with some restrictions, are work as child actors and child singers, as well as agricultural work outside of the school year (seasonal work).

Protect our children... Stop child labour

Child labour continues to exist throughout the world. Children work because their survival and that of their families depend on it, and in some cases, because unscrupulous adults take advantage of their vulnerability. child labour is also due to weaknesses in education systems and is deeply rooted in cultural and social attitudes and traditions. The problem is further compounded by the fact that child labour remains hidden from public view, making the problem seem less of a priority.

What can be done about child labour?

There are many approaches, and no single magic solution. Here are some suggestions.

1. Prioritise primary education It is no coincidence that the countries where child labour is worst are those that spend least on primary education. Primary education should be free, compulsory, well-resourced, relevant and nearby. It is much easier to monitor school attendance that to inspect factories and workshops. Sponsoring a child doesn't solve this problem - it might make us feel good, but it only helps educate one child, isolating them from others in their community.

2. Regulate global trade The World Trade Organisation (WTO) is the international body charged with overseeing and enforcing the rules of world trade as drawn up during the four decades of GATT negotiations.

Given the impact that globalisation combined with economic rationalist policies have had on workers' wages, conditions, safety standards and basic rights, the global union movement is calling for additional regulation of international trading laws.

Trade unions globally are pushing for a set of rules stipulating the minimum labour standards to be included in the rules of world trade enforced by the WTO. Including core labour standards would enforce several key ILO Conventions such as the right for workers to join a trade union and bargain collectively, and the banning of child labour, as well as banning slave labour, prison labour and discrimination in the workplace.

3. Get rid of poverty Many things are needed to overcome global poverty, but two urgent steps are:

a) Get rid of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs): When a country has a balance of payments difficulty, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) implements a SAP for that country. This IMF program usually demands cuts to government social spending such as health and education, spending cuts which impact hardest on the poorest.

b) Restructure Third World Debt. The repayments of the poorest and most indebted countries should be redirected into spending on local health and education rather than to Western bankers. An international campaign aims to cancel the debts of the poorest countries - see the Jubilee Australia website for details and to get involved.

4. Strengthen unions Trade unions also play a crucial role in preventing and eliminating child labour. Adult workers who have the right to organise, negotiate and bargain for a living wage do not have to send their children to work. Where strong unions exist, child labour is diminished. Unions not only strongly oppose child labour on the grounds of social justice, they also resist the hiring of children at wages that undermine their own.

5. Consumer education As consumers, we are the driving force behind the global economy - let's drive it the right direction. We can raise awareness, we can question stores about the labour conditions under which their goods were made, and we can demand proper labelling. If they can tell us what's in a product, they can also tell us who made it. Where labelling exists (eg, Rugmark for hand woven carpets) support these products. Pester multinational companies to adopt codes of conduct for themselves and their subcontractors.

6. Ban the worst forms of child labour Demand the government support the ILO Convention 182 banning the worst forms of child labour such as bonded labour, work in heavy industry or with dangerous substances and commercial sexual exploitation.

7. Give the jobs of child workers to their adult relatives This way, the family does not suffer, and indeed should be better off, as adult wages are generally much higher than child wages.

8. Campaign on specific industries It's hard to take on the whole global economy, so just work industry by industry. Recent ACTU and international union campaigns have involved sporting goods made by child labour, medical instruments made by children (often exported to Australia) and the gem polishing industry in India where children polish diamonds, often sourced from Australia's Argyle diamond mine. Another recent campaign has involved the role of children in citrus juice production in Brazil.

9. Join the Fair Wear campaign Where exploitative child labour does exist in Australia, it is predominantly in the outsourced clothing industry. The Fair Wear Campaign is a coalition of unions, churches and community organisations. It works in association with the Textile, Clothing & Footwear Union and uses consumer pressure to fight for the rights of all homebased outworkers. Contact the Fair Wear Campaign for further details.

10. Education and training for women All studies show that when women are educated, trained and empowered, the incidence of labour by their children, especially girl children, drops dramatically. Your union's overseas aid agency, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA - has many projects assisting skills training for women. Support them.

11. Our overseas aid The Australian government's overseas aid budget is approximately $1.8 billion per year. This should give it leverage to encourage other governments to enact and enforce adequate legislation banning child labour. We need to demand that a greater share of this budget goes to non-government aid agencies for primary education and teacher training, rather than to big, for-profit companies and to subsidising middle class students to study in our universities.

12. Get more data While the ILO has collected a lot of data on child labour in recent years, there are still many gaps. We need more data especially in those "hidden" areas such as domestic servants, on farms or with home-based out-workers.


Not necessarily in this order:

1. Increased family incomes

2. Education - that helps children learn skills that will help them earn a living

3. Social services - that help children and families survive crises, such as disease, or loss of home and shelter

4. Family control of fertility - so that families are not burdened by children

The 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child calls for children to participate in important decisions that will affect their lives.

Some educators and social scientists believe that one of the most important ways to help child workers is to ask their opinions, and involve them in constructing "solutions" to their own problems. Strong advocates of this approach are Boyden, Myers and Ling; Concerned for Working Children in Karnataka, India; many children's "unions" and "movements," and the Save the Children family of non-governmental organizations.

Child Slavery and Child Labour

Ask most people about slavery and they'll tell you it's a thing of the past with only rare, unfortunate occurrences today. But what most people don't know is, there are more people living as slaves than any other time in history, including the four decades of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. That is, an estimated 27 million people live in bondage. Of that figure, it can only be estimated how many are children: five to six million.

Exacerbated by extreme poverty, children are often sold into slavery by their parents or guardians. Along with paying desperate families for a child, parents are promised the child will receive food, shelter, clothing and a proper education. In many cases, however, parents are unwittingly pushing their children into a dismal life of slavery. They may never see their child again.

Children work in agriculture, domestic work, industry and the sex trade. The cocoa industry in West Africa, for instance, is one of the most notorious employers of child slaves. Young boys, ranging in age from 12 to 16, are coaxed from their villages with promises of money and a better life. Once on the farm, the children are kept against their will and work in inhumane conditions to harvest cocoa beans to sell to the world market. Child slaves are also used to manufacture cotton, rugs, and silk, among other things.

Many child slaves denied an education, freedom of movement, and freedom of information. They are confined, beaten, and terrorized and are forced to work in dangerous conditions that often result in life-long injuries. Because poverty is so widespread, children are seen as disposable and are often fed just enough to be kept alive. It seems there is always a desperate family that could be enticed to sell a child. On average, slaves are sold for US$90.

While millions of children are slaves, 246 million more are child laborers. The difference between the two is faint. Child labor is an activity performed by a child for which he/she receives compensation, no matter how little. Child labor can range from children combing landfills for things that can be recycled to children who harvest sugar cane in a field. At least 120 million children work full-time, 61 percent in Asia, 32 percent in Africa and 7 percent in Latin America.

Some children are born into bondage and are forced to follow a parent's trade. Bonded labor also occurs when a child is forced to work to pay off a debt. Many times children incur "expenses" at their workplace, for food and shelter for instance, and are unable to pay off the debt.

Both child slavery and child labor cause physical and psychological damage for children. Many children attempt to escape and return home again, only to be forced into similar situations. Others live on the streets to avoid punishment and re-enslavement. In rare circumstances, children are rescued by aid and non-profit organizations who attempt to secure them a better future. Chocolate Covered Child Labour

Most of our children play with teddy bears, children in West Africa play with Machetes. Why? So you can enjoy your cup of coffee.

Coffee culture is rapidly growing and the demand for chocolate never seems to stop. For every bar we buy more children are forced into child slavery on cocoa farms. Over 67% of the world's cocoa comes from West Africa. As the trading wheel of injustice spins, children are tortured, farmers go hungry, and large companies such as Nestle and Cadburys make a profit. When we consume more chocolate the demand for cocoa increases, and so farmers can make money to feed their family from the fruits of their labor.

Unfortunately that is not the case as it's the corrupted trading system which dictates the price.

Instead global companies charge high prices for their products but refuse to pay a fair price for cocoa beans, the primary ingredient needed for the coffee and chocolate they sell. As a result farmers sell their beans to middlemen who then negotiate trading prices to sell on to companies. Farmers only receive half the amount of money the beans are originally bought for as the middleman receives the rest. In most cases they do not make a profit. Desperate farmers transform into corrupted farmers and become involved in the business of child trafficking. Young children wandering the streets of Ghana, and Cote d'Ivoire are lured by traffickers who promise them a life where they can earn an honest wage so they don't go hungry.

Opportunity knocks at the wrong door as children are then abducted and sold to farmers as slaves.

They are forced into painful work, long days in inhumane conditions without pay and with little food. Work includes using machetes to cut the cacao pods from high branches, and applying pesticides without protective equipment. Dangerous days and fearful nights is the typical day in the life of child slaves. Young children are psychologically deceived into staying on the farm. If they are brave enough, attempting to escape back home to their parents, they are beaten, whipped, and tortured.

According to Global 240,000 children have been sold as slaves in West Africa to work on coffee, cocoa, and cotton plantations, and according to a US State Department Report 15,000 of those children are aged between 9-12. While our children attend school the children we have forgotten dream of such opportunities. These children don't receive their basic right to an education instead they have a tortured life of abuse and daily beatings so you can have your Mars bar.

It's a tricky cycle to break as cocoa beans produced by slaves are hard to detect. Once the farmer gives his goods to the middleman to sell, the beans are taken to a warehouse and mixed with beans produced by paid workers. At this stage companies play the blame game by stating they have no way of detecting which beans are from slave free farms. If we refuse to use all cocoa then farmers would be under more pressure which would result in more cases of child slavery.

Global companies need to make their products fair trade. If they pay the farmers a minimum wage, farmers are obliged to form an agreement which states their working standards are democratic with no slavery involved, and their cocoa is of good quality. Direct business will mean the middleman is no longer needed and farmers can reap what they sow. It all sounds very fair and simple, so why don't all products have the fair trade label on? Because companies like Nestle are quite happy making $65 billion a year.

While we blissfully sip our hot chocolate, we are tasting the blood of another child.

Stop Child Labour

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This is a wonderful site. It shows present leading problem. The problem of child labour continues to pose a challenge before the nation. Government has been taking various pro-active measures to tackle this problem. However, considering the magnitude and extent of the problem and that it is essentially a socio-economic problem inextricably linked to poverty and illiteracy, it requires concerted efforts from all sections of the society to make a dent in the problem.

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Firstly,we should tell the parents one who give birth to the child about child labour which they can understand well.This is the basic thing where some childs become labours.

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suhas s ganjare 9 years ago

Hi veeru,

It is not possible to avoid a problem like child labor in the third world countries because here they work to survive. If they stop working then not only (the child), but also his family will be affected.

Child labor is not good. Child labor is not good but still child laborers’ fathers and mothers put them in these unacceptable situations. Some of them are home servants who are regularly beaten by their masters every day. Some undeveloped countries let them.

suhas s ganjare 9 years ago

Hi veeru,

It is not possible to avoid a problem like child labor in the third world countries because here they work to survive. If they stop working then not only (the child), but also his family will be affected.

Child labor is not good. Child labor is not good but still child laborers’ fathers and mothers put them in these unacceptable situations. Some of them are home servants who are regularly beaten by their masters every day. Some undeveloped countries let them.

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it is mostly seen in rural areas as mostly poor people lives in rural areas.

Government nad rich people can help them,but now a days no one thinks about any one

as far as population increasing problem of child labour is also increasing so please help child labour

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i say this is the most sad thing ti see but people that do that to there kids are mean to there kids and when they grow up they will end up during that to there kids and they will think that's OK to do and it's not it's mean to do and if i was you i will try to stop what they are doing cause that's what i am trying to do and it's hard cause there's only me that's trying that's on my side so please help if you are reading this thank you for reading help these kids that needs help thank you

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OMG this is so sad. Did you know that Disney, and Nike are also using Child Labor. Disney is using them to make stuffed animals and toys and Nike is using them for many products but manly Nike makes them sew soccer balls.

We need to put a stop to Child Labor but it is so difficult to be stopped because you can't supervise everyone at the same time.

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we need to educate children so they will become aware of what is expected in work so we can stregnthen the econymy in those countries

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There is no use in talking like I vote , or I stand by your side...impressed by this article and just forget sooner or later. Child Labour must be prevented and rescued immediately. We should "act now", at least our generation can change and bring hope for future unborn babies.. Am I right? By the way excellent article covering all aspects.

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Are we not in the 21st century? I thought tha child labour was part of the relegated past and is hardly ever spoke of at my local catholic parish. We talk to the assembly about Big Government in the states but rarily do the people in the pews speak and act christian act outside of the church. is it not surrprise why government has gotten so big around the world? We simply put want the burden on others to solve not as individuals to banned together to stop corporations fom destroying human dignity and respect of the individual. Its a human right as a child from ages 0-18 years of age to have a home to sleep, clothing on one's back, food in ones tummy, minimumal health care an literacy via educational government or private educational system. Striving this enemy of crorporations for profit is admirable but most americans choose to live blissfully ignorant even about human rights internationally. God bless you guys for fighting the good fight.

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Very nice article veeru. But at the same time it is very depressing to read such an article . After reading your article I tried finding any NGO;s that are working to eradicate chaild labour or help these children in any way. Considering the situation these children and their family are in, its difficult for them not to work. So this NGO which is associated with Jaago Re ( provides educational support to these children which i personally think is a very good initiative.

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awais 5 years ago

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big problem and there are many solution to ending it as forced education when education is forced on children there is a hope 4 a better life and futur.

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u are not going to pay of the debt!! not now not ever!!!

So why do you think its you really want to leave your family!!!


STOP CHILD LABOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We should prevent child labour by decreasing the population.

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great job!!!!!!

u're relly helping me in my assingments

thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alot

sai sravya 5 years ago

it's very useful for most of the people to know about child labour an how to stop the child labour...........

jhghtdrgbcnnmkyhk.nmnmbbhgy 5 years ago

thanks for the article

it helped me in my essay writing competition.............

jhghtdrgbcnnmkyhk.nmnmbbhgy 5 years ago

thanks for the article

it helped me in my essay writing competition.............

child slave 5 years ago

when i think about child labour it makes me cry. :(

imagine you were a kid only 4 years old and working all day long, having no FOOD WATER or CLOTHES!!! children should not have a price on their head children should be free to live life to the fullest and should never ever evrer be working as machines in harsh conditions, they have rights to you know, i just want to tell all you stupid heads out there that are inslaving children to stop and think for one second what you are depriving these inocent children of !!!!!!!!!!!

P.S im a child slave ...

ankit desai 5 years ago

its disgusting

shivendra pratap singh 5 years ago

its very painful to see how child labour is increased day by dAY

we r against them

Aateka 5 years ago

nice article...

Emm 5 years ago

Stop child labor! >:(

piamoe05 5 years ago

.. very nice article ..

.. it helps me to finish my research work ..

.. thank you so much ..

piamoe05 5 years ago

.. very nice article ..

.. it helps me to finish my research work ..

.. thank you so much ..

Sanjay Dey 5 years ago

We are responsible for this cause. It first we will change ourself then u can see it will stop automatically.

stop stop child labour 5 years ago

stop stop child labour

Rakshiit 5 years ago

hey veeru where is hypothesis ???

Mrittika 5 years ago

Its awesome..loved it..we should stop these..

jn m 5 years ago

vry helpful

mina 5 years ago

we must stop child labour we must be one hand to put an end for this miserable situation

oh 5 years ago

hi my name is something else but i didn't want you to know my name so i made my name oh.i think we must stop child labour.stop stop stop child might think it cool but its is not cool people out there has no food no money nothing to surivive they don't even have clothes to were.this website is awesome because it teaches you all these things about child labour and how can we stop child labour in the world.just imgaine that you were 1 of them working in factories.and you were 4 years old.and every day working day and night you only get 5 rupes a don't have enough money to eat get clothes or anything.out there there are kids like this .here a thing that you could do to help stop child labour donate like a penny every day and that can help stop child labour.

High School Student 5 years ago

Thank you so much! This was so incredibly useful on getting small details on an essay I had to write on child slave labor in China. This is so wonderful!

lion 5 years ago

i read all the comments

salva 5 years ago

children are the future citizens help them!stop child labour

dilip kumar 5 years ago

want more

deepali 5 years ago

vry helpful

Ragini Sharma 5 years ago

vry nice nd suprb concept.....Gud

loga abinaya 5 years ago


sarah 5 years ago

omg i no my comment is "rather short"

rahul 5 years ago

bhan ke lodo child labour roko

krishan kumar 5 years ago


natasha 5 years ago

i liked it!!!...

Katarina 5 years ago

it hurts me when i just think about child labor :(

i have to do a speech on how all of us can stop child labor


Shayan 5 years ago

I'm making a speech about this and I'm thinking that it's going to be awesome and if I become famous or something I will stop child labour forever and will never come back.I hope.

larry farmer 5 years ago

hi mr, i have to admit that you have done a great work. my concern in respect to what you have is what i saw some few days ago through cnn news, that most children are slaved especially in chocolate farms in ivory coast! how can the governments of the world stop the this demonic vice? what can all of us do to stop this?

satya 5 years ago

nice article

yuvarani 2 years ago 5 years ago

very nice

swetha 5 years ago

very helpful

simran 5 years ago



Yayaya 4 years ago

My subject in English is Child labour so helpful if I actually read it all :L

siva yadav 4 years ago

good idea pls stop child labour children s are our future so stop chil labour

thnx 4 years ago

i know its so sad how these people can suffer and sell them for thousond of dollars kk

siyavuya mtyoko 4 years ago

stop it, you doing something wrong

betty 4 years ago


This is a very interesting article.

Child labor should be stopped in the world , It is cruelty to children

Child labor = Slavery

Visit the Picture of Child labor In :

Thank you

coolkid14 4 years ago

this was very helpful. THNXS a lot we have to stop child labour yah

hamza bashiru 4 years ago

child labour is a bad thing for children. For they are the furture leaders and our next generation

killer 4 years ago

nice site as well as nice article. Child labour is the only obstacle in the development of India.

mamtaff 4 years ago

i like to say every boby who is continue with child labour must stop it now. by doing so we may decrease the natality rate in our world

Stop_ 4 years ago

I Agree ^

anon. 4 years ago

i agree(^_^)

vency veibete 4 years ago

really a heart breaking article...come on people,STOP CHILD LABOUR.Anyway thanks to u Veer.this helps me in my assignment.

helo 4 years ago

good info thankyou pal

helo 4 years ago

thanks again, pal, i like this information more than i enjoy my breakfast. i was helped a lot :) thankyou again, pal. i like it so thanks, pal.

Amrit 4 years ago

Wow, just want to say thank you. I just finished a report that's due tomorrow and didn't start until today. Your article was by far the most helpful. Thank You.

Take Care.

Lyra 4 years ago

child labour is wrong and more should be done to stop it and raise awareness.

Hi 4 years ago

Great article. Just curious does anyone know the average salary for child labour workers? Especially those who manufacture stuffed toys? Thnx :)

akshay dutt 4 years ago

plllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz savvvvvvvveeeeeeee theeeeee kidssssssssss say nooooooooooo tooooooooo child labourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

save the children from child labour, and educate them plllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

????????? 4 years ago

Thank you i am doing a school project about child slavery and this really helped me thank you.

Helen 4 years ago

Why don't we all stop eating chocolate for a day in protest against child labor.Just pick a date and spread the word, what the worst that can happen.

swathi dash 4 years ago

great article.what you said is right.some send there childers to do work.but they should not send.they don't even think about there child.your article was helpful to me.thankyou.

Shay 4 years ago

Thank you for seeing this in a positive way child labour needs to stop

aiden loves zee xxx 4 years ago

this page gives alot of info thx also its great to know that some people still think positively bout y child labour needs 2 b stopped xx

Mark 4 years ago

Stop child labour in the coffee industry!

Suman pharswan 4 years ago

I was very thank ful to my tchr mrs minakshi .to give this topic.pls i request to parents.pls stop child labour.

Dheer 4 years ago

stop!stop!plz stop child labour:)

alexis 4 years ago

I HATE child labor!!!!!!!!! im doing a project on it and there are a lot of different kinds of child labor.the videos are sooooooooooooooooo sad .the kids don't get the education that they need to be smart

duryn rafiqi 4 years ago

namaste veernath..i am jus 14 i am imppressed with ua topic..CHILD LABOUR SHOULD BE STOPPED.....:(

Michaela 4 years ago

Helped amazingly with my assignment on child labour and slavery. Thanks heaps :)

rishabh 4 years ago

nice article dude....

Sudhansu Sekhar Dhall 4 years ago

I fully agree with government for STOP CHILD LABOUR

iqra 4 years ago

very help


jin 4 years ago

they should fight in tekken to achieve their goals

cristiano ronaldo 4 years ago

i really agree child labour should be stopped ,children should play football

Alwin Joseph Tomy 4 years ago

It is too bad that child labour is still continuing

zara khan 4 years ago

stop child labour as fast as possible ; because the whole future will be dark to bring a bright future child labour should stop and let each and every child get educated to get their bright future.............

vanshika 4 years ago

this article is very nice

Khan 4 years ago

I agree with this

Nikita Mahajan 4 years ago

As we all had been a child in our days ,we know very well that what these innocent children are losing is their precious & never be gained after time has slipped from are i thank u for such imp research & agree with the aspects of essay.well done.

solomon mwakasanga 4 years ago

i like this tipic it so nice

saranya murugan 4 years ago

nice topic..... awesome....

nn 4 years ago


kristle soni 4 years ago

nice essay on stop child labour..........

Rhythm Gupta 4 years ago

child labour =slavery..........stop child labour........give money to poor children for there study........

sidra tul muntaha 4 years ago

i agree. it's a very good article indeed. child labor must be banned.

bhavya soni 4 years ago

it is a very good site............I like it very much............

akshita 4 years ago

PLEASE STOP STOP STOP CHILD LABOUR................. It's a very good site indeed.I agree with this essay Child labour must be banned

anne 4 years ago

its very nice topic...

anne 4 years ago


Stop stop this child labor every child should gets its education.....

vidya 4 years ago

every child wants 2 leave his/her dream so plllllllllllsssssssssssss let them follow their dreams by edaucating them

bong 3 years ago

stop it

james 3 years ago

i absoultely think child labour should stop

Kritika 3 years ago

plzzzzzzzzzzzzz, let the kidz fly, but by being educated, not by doing such practices.....:)

Zunaira Tariq 3 years ago

Heads of 2 u ~!

Gret Job "MAN:" welldone....!

ENAK243 3 years ago


CHIBAWAHnz 3 years ago


priyanka 3 years ago


ABIN S BIJO 3 years ago


SWEATHA 3 years ago


harshit 3 years ago

I think it is very shameful for our country.

tr 2 years ago

nice article

2 years ago

let them go theye would not like to labor

harsh 2 years ago

There are lots of children who works in shops .My request among all the people to stop child labouring. let them go .plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

anjali 2 years ago

hi this very nice topic it helps us to stop child labour

jyoti 2 years ago

its awesome

karan 2 years ago

stop child labour

kanu 2 years ago

stop child labour because the childhood is only for enjoying and studying.

sowmiya 24 months ago

pls stop child labour because I saw the effects of child labour

hanusha 19 months ago

every child

is innocent

save them from the fear

so stop child labour

MAHIP 18 months ago


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