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Summertimes from the past

Sometimes when I'm alone I think about the Summertimes from the past and the fun I had as a child, playing with all my friends, going fishing, camping in the backyard, skateboarding, playing sports etc... there was always someone to play with in our neighborhood and we all got along pretty well.

There were the days when we would be playing football in the front-yard and we would hear the ice-cream truck coming down the street by that distinct jingle being played through his loud speaker that made us smile from ear to ear. Lets also not forget about the days we spent riding our bikes on the dirt trails around the neighborhood, jumping dirt hills and pushing our bikes to the limits all while laughing and enjoying the day.

Summertimes from the past were days of fun and excitement, but as I grew older and moved into a new neighborhood with my own son on the way, I think, wow!, have times changed. I don't see the kids in the neighborhood playing outside as much, I don't hear the laughter that I used to hear when I was a child. Kids don't seem to be as creative as we were when we were young, You couldn't keep us in the house in those days, but today, the kids don't seem to want to go out and play, instead they are to interested and into the new technology of video games, ipods, and lets not forget the cell phones and texting.

Technology, hmmm good or bad? this could be a story all on it's own. but lets take a brief look at this and how it transformed our children today. Now don't get me wrong, I think computers are great for learning and typing rather than the old type writers that I used to have to use, with no spell check etc. Kinda spoils you like lots of the kids today. When we were young there were no cell phones and guess what? We were fine, we put a quarter in the pay phone and called to ask mom or dad if we could sleep and johnny's house that night. We were able to wait until we got home from the store before we called Scottie to see if he wanted to come out and play, even better we walked over to their house and knocked on the door. Kids today are spoiled with phones, gadgets creating lazy and over-weight kids (another topic on it's own).

If Children would put away the cell-phones, turn off the video games, and get away from another episode of Hanna Montana then maybe they would start to see how much fun they could really have with their friends by just being kids, playing, laughing, swimming, or whatever activity they may enjoy. Summertime is a time for kids and makes us adults feel like it at times, It's what makes summer, summer. so before you get to old to move, go on out and show your kids just what you used to do when you were a child during the summertime, that's what I'm going to do soon and you know what, their going to be amazed on how much fun it was. Happy Summertime...Enjoy.


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