That Time of the Year Again

That Time of the Year Again

 Aaaaaaah that time of the year again. Time for kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour, up early for school.Peace and quiet around most houses again. For some parents it's a blessing and for some it's time for a hectic schedule as they try to remember who has what where at what time. Parents taking time off of work for parent-teacher conferences,mom's getting asked did u wash this or that cause i need it. Dads getting asked to help with a project or sports. Aaaaaah definitely that time of year again. Kids off to college as parents get a little piece of mind back. Being a parent,I have always enjoyed the peace and quiet from a half hour before school til the half hour after school. being a work at home parent has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. I love working at home but sometimes it's hard to concentrate on your work.

Aaaah it's that time of the year again. Shelling out money for this and that ,new school clothes and they have to have the expensive ones. there's the driving them here and there for this and that. Aaaaaaah that time of year again. wouldn't miss it for the world.

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Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 7 years ago from Wv

Aaaah.. I thought you were talking about Autumn!

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