The Best Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding is important. It is a wonderful bonding experience between mother and child. It is also something that you should feel comfortable doing. Because breastfeeding your newborn takes at least 10 minutes on each breast, the position you choose to breastfeed your baby must be something that is most easy for both of you. Here are 4 of the best positions to use.

One of the most popular to use is the cradle hold. This position is where the baby is laying facing you, usually on a pillow for comfort and his head is in the crook of your arm. This position is probably best for babies with good developed neck muscles, and those who do not need guidance to stay on the breast.

Another very popular position, and the one I use, is cross-cradle. My newborn needs a lot of guidance and help with latching on and this position is easiest for us. He lies facing me, just as with the cradle hold. Only with this position, the arm that is nearest your babies head is wrapped around him supporting his head and neck and the arm closest to his head is supporting your breast. I like to use his boppy as a pillow and wrap it around my belly for him to lay on.

Another great position to use, which is also very good for mothers who've had a c-section, is the football clutch. I used this one while I was still very sore. This hold is where the baby is held very similar to that of a football. I liked to place a pillow at my side for him to lay on and use the arm on that side for his head and neck support. I would then use the other hand for supporting my breast.

The last position, one which I find particularly difficult but other mothers love, is the side-lying position. If you are able to conquer this one, it would be a life saver at night during feedings. This position is when the mother is lying on her side and the baby, with his head at the same level as the mothers breast, lies facing her on his side. This position is best used with children who are experts are latching on and staying on.

Whatever position you choose of the above four, there are a number of resources online that will give detailed walk-throughs if you have trouble with them. Just keep trying and know that you are choosing the best form of nutrition for your child.


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