The Best I Can


I have been going through tough times with my oldest son. We don't seem to agree on anything or get along at all lately. Was sitting around thinking about things and thought I would write him a poem to see if it gets through to him. I will give it to him tonight and I hope for a good response.

I do the best I can

As I raise you my sweet little man

You scream, yell, and cry

When all I can do is try

To keep you from getting mad

When it just makes me sad

To make the bad feelings go away

When they won't leave, they stay

I want to keep a smile on your face

When a frown always seems to win the race

I need you to know how much I will always love you

Regardless of what we go through

I do the best I can

As I raise you my sweet little man

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zzron profile image

zzron 5 years ago from Houston, TX.

Very nice, I think he will appreciate your concern.

angela p profile image

angela p 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Thank you zzron - he read it and hugged me. He is 12 and going through a lot right now. I appreciated his big hug! Thanks for commenting.

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