The Budgie method- a new way of calming a restless or upset newborn

When I was a child we had a budgie called Cheeky. He was a lovely bird... But I digress. I have a new born baby and thanks to my Father for the idea and my Husband for the strategy we have a new method of getting her to sleep. It is called the budgie method because when you put birds to bed you cover their cage with a blanket!

Some important points to remember with this strategy are:

  • when a baby is upset, check the nappy, heat/cold, then hungry, finally tiredness
  • This method will not work if the baby is not tired
  • very upset babies can find it difficult to calm down
  • never place a blanket or cloth on a child in a manner that obscures their breathing
  • if you feel unsafe ie very distressed yourself regarding not being able to comfort your child hand them to someone else. If that is not possible, place them in their cot and walk away for 5 mins to give yourself a break

The method:

After checking the obvious, turn down the lights, walk around with the baby in an environment free of distractions ie no tv. music or talking is ok. when the baby stops writhing around and is quiet place the blanket over its head. continue to walk around until the baby is asleep for at least 10 mins, then place in the cot or sleeping place.

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lovelife08 profile image

lovelife08 5 years ago from United States

Hmm. I will have to try this once my newborn arrives.

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