The Forgotten Family

The Forgotten Family

Ask any number of persons how many type of families do they know, the answer would be obvious.

The first answer a person would receive is nuclear family i.e. this type of family comprises of a father, mother and children. After this the second type of answer when the question is asked again would be polygamous family.

A polygamous family comprise of a man/father having more than a single wife; this type of marriage is very common in most African, Asian and rural communities in South American countries with dominant Indian tribes.

Polygamy is interesting in that on the African continent cultural and to some extent religious belief permits it but in United States it’s common among the Mormons (a religious sect) though it’s not common knowledge to most people that United States have certain people with religious belief that live polygamous lives.

There is also extended family where parents, children live with other combination of family members which includes aunties’ uncles, grandparents etc.

There maybe more types of families but lets concentrate on the three mentioned here for this piece. One important point to note is, have you ever thought how the family was started? Why it comprises of a male and female? Why children are important in a family?

Various theories have been propounded on the origin of the family; they are many to list down but let us look the most neglected family in our generation and if not of all time. Lets us have a look at common traits of a family , shelter has to be provided by parents, money has to be for children welfare, unity has to exist for a family to excel. All these traits are to exist in all families round the world the absence of these fatherly roles has led to serious problems between partners even affecting children.

So what family is the most neglected on earth? It is the Lord’s family. What Lord some may ask? Jesus Christ Lord, what ahs family got o do with Lord and Jesus Christ?

Tracing the origin of the family form biblical times I found out that truly God intended for a family to consist of man, woman as wife who should produce offspring called children. That why I wonder the basis of homosexual and lesbians (Same Sex Couples) relationship.

Read Genesis 2: 18, God saw it was not good for man (male) to be alone verse 22 same chapter say God took rib from man and made in into woman marvelous. What’s that to do? I’m pointing out that family is originally God’s desire for human beings.

So how did human being reject God’s family by sinning i.e. breaking the law God gave. This has been the problem God has been trying to fix bringing man (human being) back to himself. This He has completed generations ago by sending His (God’s Son) Jesus Christ to purchase man back to God the Father.

When you pass Jesus Christ as the sole channel to God you automatically become a member of God’s family here on earth looking forward to reigning with him externally, John 6:44

This is what Jesus Chris said when he was told His parents where looking for Him. He answered my family are those that hear His preaching and do what the word says. John 14:6 shows Jesus as the way to having a family verse 7 challenges us to know him because we call God our Father.

Is Jesus in your family today? You can invite him to come if you do what the biblical book of Romans 10: 17 confess Jesus as Lord. Then blessing of wealth which we all want come to you when you come to Jesus family Galatians3:13-14 reveals that. Everyone be it family or not need redemption only Jesus is can do that by the very precious blood that flowed on the cross. John 14:16 acknowledges us to stay connected to the true vine (Jesus) as we all try and be connected to our earthly parents Christ is telling us to be connected to him.

There is much problem in the world and coming to God through the bona fide channel Jesus bring a person to the reality that there is a sure family with God through His son Jesus Christ. It’s the fellow to be part of this wonderful family that results into total breakdown of family values and societal norms throughout the world.

Take the bold step of faith and become a member of this wonderful family before eternity comes unawares .

The world has it is has been targeted by forces unknown to many people, this is what creates various problems in families even communities and the large society as a whole. The lack of peace in most homes has transferred its ugly head to children lives even making some young people lose hope in living.

The answer is just one the Jesus Family is the answer, where there is no blame sharing but mercy flowing and a reason for living.

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