The Importance of Mothers

To be a Mother or Not to be


In a world where mothers and homemakers are mocked each and everyday, by anybody and everyone, there are a few that stand alone and tall. These few know the true power behind motherhood; they know what and who mothers really are. Mothers are the superheroes, the hospitals, the finest five star restaurants, the nurturer, and the one that children can turn to at any given time. Mothers have the most challenging and the most rewarding job in the world. This is the ultimate full time job; in fact it is twenty-four hours a day, from the first child until the mother dies. You see once a mother always a mother; what other job offers that kind of a deal? Not one single job or career can do that. For those women who think that the workforce is the most challenging or difficult; they should try being a mother. Anyone can get pregnant or adopt but it takes real commitment and hard work to be a mother. Only a mother can handle raising children, by starting out at one in the morning to feed a child and throughout the day handle the children; feeding them, giving them naps, cleaning up their messes, teaching them how to read, write, do math, and other life skills. For those who think that being a mother doesn’t make a difference this is my reply and rebuttal, try to debate this if you can. There was a woman who didn’t know what to do with her life, she thought about being a writer and the many books she could write and how they would help mankind. She then thought she would like to be a farmer and how she would be able to end world hunger. She then thought about being an architect and how she could create wonderful and beautiful buildings to be adorned for generations to come. Then she had another idea; if she became a mother, she could teach her children to be writers, farmers, architects, and many other things to help and improve the way people lives their lives. You see to be a mother is a very, very important role; you help others decide what they want to do and you directly influence their young and impressionable lives. To be a mother means commitment and sacrifice, the greatest of commitment and sacrifice. And I say this here and now that a mother and homemaker is the greatest and noblest thing that any woman can do. And furthermore, those people who make a mockery of mothers and motherhood is making a mockery of their own mothers and grandmothers, and so forth, because if it weren’t for your mothers, you would not be here right now. So I say stop this mockery and foolishness, because foolishness it is. There was a sign I saw some time ago and it read "A nation is built or destroyed on the children". Just take a look around and you will see that the nations are crumbling to pieces because woman are not stepping up to the plate and keeping the families together. Just look at all the gangs and gang activities; why are there so many? Because they are trying to be family, they need that nurture and support that they can only get at home with a mother to raise them properly. We wonder why this generation is coming to a thing of naught and I have told the answer. Sure I am a man and there might be some that I am a woman hater and want to keep woman in the home and under my thumb; how wrong they are. For you see when everything is said and done I will be there with my wife and mother to our children, raising the kids, side by side. Right now my own mother still works, even if it is at home, but I still want all of her attention on me. I need someone with a loving and nurturing demeanor to listen to me. But I can’t have that. And all you men know what I am talking about so don’t say that I am just a momma’s boy, because we all are. We all need that nurturing guidance, that can only come from a mother and when we are married that comes from our wife. As you have read this I hope that your feelings have either changed from your previous views or for those who knew the right thing they have strengthened your commitment to motherhood. Let each of you who have read this, join with me so my opening statement will be changed to: "In a world where mothers are respected and revered, there are those who many who stand tall and together, who know the true power behind motherhood."

© 2009 RichardBBenson

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geegee77 profile image

geegee77 6 years ago from The Lone Star State!!

Very nice tribute to motherhood voted up and beautiful:) ge

totooo 6 years ago

its wass veryy emotional but very nice words towards the mother

milan jyoti nayak 5 years ago


jaya lakshmi 5 years ago

Its Heart touching messaga

aaaaaaaaaaaaa 5 years ago


Hareem Sohail 5 years ago

Very nice!!!great work!

RichardBBenson profile image

RichardBBenson 5 years ago Author

Thanks everyone for your comments.

mrs.Sandhya s.Nalawade. 5 years ago

Very Nice Complimentes Towards D Mother.B Proud To B A Mother..Beautiful.

Diza 5 years ago

Its soo touching nd intrsting

Suvidha 5 years ago

Mother is god to us

Ruby 5 years ago

Mother is equal to Good, We Muslim believe that there is a Heaven beneath mothers feet. She can understand our feeling without saying a single world, Mother can feel our problems and tries to keep away all worries from our, Mother is a Biggest example of Care of God to the people.. Without a mother we never be what we are. Mothers care is considered as the first school of Child. Those People are fortunate who are living with their mother.


samantha 5 years ago

mother is very important in our life. she helps for us in many things like feeling our problems as her problems, taking care of us. without mother there will not be life for us

Amrendra 5 years ago

Mothers are the angels who are always with us as our shadow.

Amrendra 5 years ago

Mothers are the angels who are always with us as our shadow.

Simran 5 years ago

Mother is really-really important & plays a special role in our life...

arushee 5 years ago

More fragrant than the sweet-smelling flowers

like the Jasmine and the Champak,

Softer than cheese and butter,

More beautiful than the eye of the peacock,

More pleasant than the moonlight

Is the love of the mother.

K D Singh 5 years ago

All religion have mentioned the importance of mothers. In Sikhism Mothers & in general all females have been given a Special Place. In Guru Granth Sahib Ji it is written..”So Kyo manda aakhiye jit Jamme raajan”. Meaning How can we say anything bad about a lady who gives birth to Emperors & Kings.

Faf0oo 4 years ago

Mom is everything to me i adore her :3

Nitesh 4 years ago

Its excellent.everyone should read.Its not only emotional but facts and phrases are also perfect.

Hats off...

mohd shahid(bhadohi) 4 years ago

really above paragraphs reveals the importance of mother,sometimes we r distracted from our duties towards our mother but we should not ever forget the importance of mother because they r the heroes of heroes,we should love them and treat them with sympathy because,unfortunately we get just one mother in this world.salute to every mother on the earth.

lupe vea 4 years ago

very touch my heart...lovely

mother's understand how we feel..she can tell how we feel..mother have a soft & warm heart....

yasin 4 years ago

Always respect to your mother

Emilia 4 years ago

i wish those that didn't know the value of their mother should come and read this.I LOVE MY MOTHER

Jane 4 years ago


Great post, it is very important that these issues are being brought up. Thank you

Jane -

Laface 4 years ago

Mother is good with out mother no life

haifa hassan 4 years ago

it is very nice mother is everything... without her i cant live because she is my mother is beautiful than other any body............MY MOTHER IS EVERYTHING FOR ME.......

Sivasini 4 years ago

I missed my mother.

diksha 4 years ago

really mother are very important

AISHNEHA 4 years ago





samridhi 4 years ago

she is incomparable

RESHMI 4 years ago


RESHMI 4 years ago


divyanshi trivedi 4 years ago

i just want 2 say that mom's love is the strongest love in this uuuu mom...:)

sumalika 4 years ago

i llllllllllooooooovvvvvveeeeee my mother

prasanna 4 years ago



my mother

dips 4 years ago

mother is mother

nazneen nazir 4 years ago

mam k pawon tally jannat hai realy i will b agree i love my mom verry much ummmmmmma

vamsi 4 years ago

all love our mother so read this and get more love towards our mothers

isha 3 years ago

mother is the sweetest name on the earth

saneh 3 years ago

mothers are like angels who fulfill our every wish

saneh 3 years ago

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmoooooooooooottttttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr i love my mother a lot i can't tell it in words

fiz 3 years ago

mom is everything

sweety 3 years ago

gud 1 :-)

soann 3 years ago

no words to describe mother

manya 2 years ago


manu 2 years ago

I liked it, as I am studing in residential School I used to get remember of my Mother even though I am in a busy. Because the love and affection that she showed for my is great. So I thank to god to give for me a loving Mother.

teju 2 years ago




Surya 2 years ago

My Mother is my Life


prashansa 18 months ago

I have no any words which was explain anything about my muuumm..she is my friend and closest person in my life

samayira 17 months ago

My mom iz my inspiration, motivation n blaw blaw blaw...

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