The Perfect Baby Pushchair / Baby Stroller For You - Things to consider!

Get it right first time

 Buying a pushchair / stroller for your newborn is one of the first difficult challenges that motherhood will bring! There are many things to consider when buying your first push chair, as you will want to get it right first time. Too many mothers spend a fortune on 3 or even 4 push chairs trying to find one that works for them and their baby.

Important things to Consider for the perfect baby pushchair / stroller

  • The weight of the pushchair needs to be considered thouroughly. It is important that you do not get one that is too heavy for your needs, but equally important that you do not get one that is not strong enough for your needs. Where do you live, and where will you be going? Think about this as a starting point.
  • Do you need to take your buggy upstairs, and will it fit through your doors? Many people buy a pushchair that is far too big for their baby and totally unpractical.
  • Suspension = Comfort for your baby. Suspension should be considered with the above. How much will you need and will it add weight to the buggy?
  • Unless you want to buy 2 pushchairs you should ensure that your pushchair is suitable for both the summer and the winter months. Your pushchair should require rain cover and also a sun shield for the baby, otherwise you might find yourself in a bit of a sticky situation. The perfect pushchair should also include good side protection because you have to remember that the sun, wind and rain will come from all angles - not just directly above!
  • Lockable wheels are a must have. You do not want to turn your back for 2 seconds and find your baby is whizzing down the road away from you. However some pushchairs are not easy to operate. Therefore you need to find a pushchair with locking wheels, that is easy to use and will not cause you too much aggrovation.
  • Ensure the pushchair has a good brakes, that are once again - easy to operate.
  • It is more than likely that you will want to take some of your baby's toys and also care kits with you on your travels. Therefore you need to consider where these things will go. Where will you put the baby bottles and spare nappies? Is there room for your handbag and is it safe?
  • Will the pushchair go into your car? It is amazing how many parents buy a push chair that will not fit in the boot. Please don't make this mistake.
  • Comfort is the most important thing for the baby. Is the pushchair comfortable. The best way to decide is to put yourself in the situation. If you were a baby, would you like to spend time in there? Would you find it comfortable?!
  • Some prams / pushchairs and strollers appear to be very reasonably priced at first glance, and we buy on instinct. It is only when you start to look at the accessories that you see why the buggy was so cheap! Make sure the accessories are as good as the cair and also reasonably priced.
  • Don't go too cheap because it is likely you will end up replacing your buggy a few times. You are better off getting it right the first time.
  • What are the tyres like, and more important what tyres do you want. The last thing you need it to get a puncture when you are out and nothing to fix it with!
  • Are the fabrics machine washable, and how easy are they to remove? Nobody wants to put their newborn in a dirty pushchair.
  • Now go out there and find the perfect buggy for your baby!



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