Death, the Uninvited Guest

Death, the Unexpected Guest

Death, the uninvited guest, can come in anyone's life at any time. Here is a story about a young woman whom I know distantly, not personally, who had a drastic change in her life. She had gone to bed as any other happily married woman, but before the next sunrise the unexpected guest had entered her peaceful life and changed her whole life upside down.

For the article sake, I name her Divya. Born and brought up in a well to do family, Divya passed out her postgraduate examination in commerce with a first class and fell in love with a friend's brother, who was a medical doctor, from another community. Her parents could not tolerate their only daughter's decision of marrying from outside their community and her brothers tried their best to stop the marriage. But her love to Jose was so strong that she could withstand all the protests from her family. She married Jose after a courtship of about a year and half and they were very happy in their new life. Divya thought that she was the luckiest girl in the world with a kind hearted and loving husband and the adoring kids. The medical practise of Jose flourished well and he tried to give the best comforts to his wife by providing a good house and all that she needed. He was also the best doctor to his patients, who believed in his treatment . He was an excellent husband to Divya, a dotting father to his kids, the best brother to his siblings, a best friend to his friends and a praise worthy doctor to his patients. He had so many ambitions in the life which included to start a charity home for the poor and helpless patients. He worked day and night without rest to fulfill his dreams.

God had other plans for them

On a Sunday evening Jose took his family for a movie and had dinner outside before returning home .

In the midnight Jose woke up with a chest pain and called his brother who was staying about 10 kms away, to take him to the hospital. Divya got panicked but Jose consoled her saying it was due to some indigestion of the food they had and nothing to worry. Soon his brother arrived and took him to the hospital. But before reaching the hospital and getting any medical help, the uninvited guest appeared before him and took away his life.

His brother wondered how to pass the message to his sister-in-law and kids. Divya who was sitting and praying for her husband's health, was not prepared to accept the shocking news. Before dawn of the next day, the inevitable news reached her and the next moment she fainted unable to bear it. The kids got up in the morning and wondered what happened to their mother, and looked for their father everywhere.

Life has to go on....

Divya was left with two teenage children and no job or income of her own. To make things worse, she was not at all aware of her husband's financial dealings and investments. Her husband had not told her anything. Whenever she asked, he used to tell her that why should she worry about the unwanted headaches when he was there. She was a happy and content housewife, with no complaints. She knew only to manage the home and bring up the kids. Since both her son and daughter were brilliant children she had nothing much to teach them. They studied on their own at home. She used to spend her free time in watching movies in the TV and other serials.

Divya was not even aware of her husband's insurance policy, if any, and the details of it. The untimely demise of her husband brought her all miseries and was stuck without a clue how to go forward with the life. Her brother-in-law tried his best to find her a job with her postgraduate degree certificate, but painfully she realised that no one was willing to give her a job with her unused certificate and her hard earned certificate can't get her a job after a break of 15 years of leaving the college. She felt that she was incapable of working anywhere.She had almost forgotten the subjects she had studied.

New faces of life

Soon Divya started getting repeated letters from the Bank for non-payment of housing loans, and towards the vehicle loan for the new car which was bought just few months back. Shortly, she lost her big house which was built with new ideas and a lot of dreams and the new car which was bought to accommodate all of them comfortably. Divya and her children moved to a much smaller rented house, fondly refusing her brother-in-law's offer to move to their house. She had another great responsibility to handle - to move her children to a local school, where the fee was not so high. As she was unable to find a good job, she settled with a small home business, which fetched her just to manage her family needs.

She often wished she was well informed about the financial commitments and investments of her husband!!

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lex123 profile image

lex123 6 years ago Author

It is really very sad and definitely there is a lesson to learn from her experience. Thanks for your visit and comment.

elvit profile image

elvit 6 years ago

That was sad but there is a beautiful lesson to learn from it. Thanks for sharing this with us..

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