The security of a toddler blanket

The comfort of Blankets

Any of us with children, whether they are still young or have grown up, will probably have had some experience with toddlers and babies blankets. This after all, is understandable as i am sure that most of us have a favourite duvet that we like to curl up to.These blankets, throws or duvets are the first thing we will seek when we have a "Duvet day" off work, and after our dishonest phone call to our superiors. So, it is easy to understand that babies or toddlers can grow fond of a particular blanket.

Baby blanket

My own experience of "that smelly blanket".

From my own personal experience, we have three kids two boys and a girl. The older two boys have never really shown any particular favouritism to any blanket, their particular attachment was to Teddy Bears. Our youngest girl is a different story, she has named her blanket, “Blankey”, and carries it all around the house with her. She is still sleeping in a cot and has a duvet for it but will not entertain even the notion of putting it over her, it is Blankey and nothing else will do. We have tried the approach of waiting until she is asleep to cover her but she will wake up, give out, kick it off and go back to sleep. Everywhere our daughter walks around the house, her blanket can be seen trailing along the floor after her. This makes keeping it clean very difficult as washing it has to be a bit of a stealth operation full of decoys and distractions as well as a lot of consoling when it finally emerges where her little blue blanket is. When we first purchased this blanket we bought two, one in blue and one pink blanket, but for some reason the pink one will not suffice when we are washing the blue one. Our girl will be changing to a toddler bed very soon and this will not be adequate for it, as it will not cover her properly.

We realise that this is more than that she just likes the blanket, for her it gives her a sense of security. This is the case for many toddlers and can be a source of frustration for parents in trying to get their toddlers not to bring the blankets outside of the home or even to use it less within the home. It is important not to make the child feel that their comfort items are silly however. We have been lucky in that she doesn’t seem to need it when we venture outside the home, but with some parent smart negotiations with your child, I am sure that they could be made see that blankey might be safer at home or some other effective reasoning.

Toddlers usually grow out of this attachment between the ages of 2 and 5 years old, our girl turned two a month ago so fingers crossed. In relation to her moving into a toddler bed we are still looking into it. We have thought about either increasing the blankets size some how by possibly attaching it to a bigger blanket or another option would be to try and get a bigger blanket that is as close to it as possible and letting her keep original Blankey as her mobile friend until she grows out of it.

A toddler and her blanket

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Artin2010 profile image

Artin2010 6 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

Very nice hub you have here. A strangely interesting read. Yes I have children that were very protective of there blankets. They would miss them when you put them in the wash or they left them in the car!

LViddamoy profile image

LViddamoy 6 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment Artin, i am sure that it is very common among children and everyone has had some experience of children and attachments they develop. Hopefully it will not last too long.

LEWJ 6 years ago

Nice, cute hub! And thanks for your support....

LViddamoy profile image

LViddamoy 6 years ago Author

No problem LEWJ, thanks for yours too.

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