Exercising Your Muscles

Four Categories of Muscles

I enjoy doing puzzles. Word puzzles, picture puzzles, anything that requires a little thinking. I happened to be doing a puzzle the other morning when my husband came downstairs. I told him I was “turning on my brain.” (I didn’t want to say I was goofing off!) He smiled and said it was important to “exercise those muscles.”

He’s right, you know. It’s important to exercise all of our muscles, every day.

Physical Muscles

These are the muscles that help you move. They help you get out of bed, and they help your clothes to fit nice–unless you neglect exercising them. Then it gets hard to get out of a chair, let alone bed! And your clothing will get tighter and tighter, causing you to purchase new items, which can get expensive. Save your money and exercise instead!

  • Going up the stairs? When you get to the top, go back down and up again. Do this at least once every time you need to go up or down the stairs. It only takes about a minute of your time, but you’ll feel it in your legs.
  • Put on some music and move around while you cook or clean. Movement is what burns calories. Every little bit helps!
  • Does your family own a Wii game system? Consider investing in Wii Fit Plus. It’s a great way to track your daily exercise and the games are great fun for the whole family.
  • Get out and walk around your neighborhood each day for Phy Ed. Meet your neighbors, collect leaves, race your children–get up and get out!

Intellectual Muscles

Your brain is a very important muscle. It is the main computer for your body. Neglecting to exercise your brain can lead to memory loss, slower physical reactions, and even illness. C’mon, people–THINK! It’s good for you!

  • Crossword puzzles are great for this, as is Sudoku and word searches.
  • Jigsaw puzzles help your spatial skills stay sharp.
  • How about a Bible quiz book? You’ll be exercising two sets of muscles this way (see below).
  • Instead of renting a movie, read a book. You’ll exercise your mind as you envision the setting, scenery and characters.

Spiritual Muscles

Our goal in life is to glorify God. What better way to do that then through imitation? How can you imitate someone if you don’t know them, study them, get inside their brain? The best way to know God is to read His Word.

  • Daily devotionals usually offer biblical principles as food for thought.
  • Bible quiz books cause you to stretch your intellectual muscles and your spiritual muscles together.
  • Bible studies help you dig deep into the Word, where God can reveal His heart to you on a personal level.
  • Bible reading programs give you a frame to work in, so you can exercise your spiritual muscles daily.

Emotional Muscles

Have you ever gone more than a day without a hug? When I do, my arms seem to ache for that emotional connection. Human touch is needed on a daily basis. God created us to interact and connect with other humans on an emotional level.

  • Hug each of your children each day. Every day. Soon they’ll be all grown up and moved away and you won’t have the opportunity to hug them daily. Get it while you can! Consider it training for when they have their own children–teach them the importance of daily hugs.
  • Wave to a neighbor when you’re outside.
  • Smile at the bank teller, the store cashier, the waiter/waitress. Take the initiative to make the emotional connection.
  • Make time to be alone with your spouse so you can talk about your hopes and dreams. Outside obligations pull at each of you, keeping you away from each other. Set aside time to regroup. Re-evaluating your long-term goals as a couple will help you connect emotionally.

Homeschooling is one of the best ways to exercise all four of these muscles. Hands-on projects work our physical muscles; writing lesson plans work our intellectual muscles; teaching Bible works our spiritual muscles; and hugs throughout the day work our emotional muscles. It’s the best, all-around exercising there is!

Have you had your exercise today?

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Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

Welcome to hubs, sure you will like it. Polly

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

Nice tips. And wonderful hub of exercising. I like building muscle also. But just keep my body health. good work.

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thehomewriter 6 years ago from Oklahoma Author

Thanks to both of you. I'm still learning my way around but think I'm going to like it here.

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RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Excellent! I'm now a follower, well in two clicks I will be!

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