-=Things To Be Taken Note of When Your Babies' Crying=-

-=Things To Be Taken Note of When Your Babies' Crying=-

Crying is a characteristic of the normal functioning in the babies' growing up part. For babies, crying is a means and a way of communicating and interacting with the others. It is also done in order to get the attention the babies needed from the babies' guardian or the person near the babies. This are due to the uneasy feeling which arises in conditions like temperature, being hungry, diapers need to be change, sickness or pain and even tight clothing, just to name a few. Crying, being such, by habit in some babies may still worry the family members. From then till now, the cause for crying varies from simple to serious reasons. These should be not be taken lightly as the problem has to be identified and managed accordingly.

These are the precautions one should take note of when you are dealing with a crying baby :-

[A] Do not shake the baby vigorously as you may harm/injure the baby unknowingly.

[B] Ensure that the baby' clothes are not tight as this can cause irritation/inflammation of the skin.

[C] Look around to see if the ventilation in the room that the baby is in are sufficient. Just to be safe, make sure either the windows inside the room are half/fully open or there's a fan or air-con available in the room.

[D] The baby will felt uneasy If the baby's diaper/nappy is wet/full, so do remember to take it off and after cleaning the area near their groin. Ensure that the area around the baby's pelvis & groin are dried with a soft towel.

[E] Stroke or tap gently with the palm or fingers on the baby's back or head and let the baby hear your calm,ease & comfort voice.

[F] Pacify the baby by giving the baby body or bottled milk.

[G] If the climate is cold, wrapped the baby in a soft towel/blanket to keep the baby warm.

[H] Move or sway the baby gently to and fro or from side to side in your arms and walk slowly in the room or around the house.

[I] Try letting the baby listen to a soothing music.

[J] Although it's not advisable to allow the baby to thumb-suck, you may want to give the baby a pacifier instead.

[K] Change the baby's position if there's no response.

[L] Another thing that may helps is to move around outdoors with the baby in your arms.

[M] Put the infant on the cradle and rock gently to and fro.

[N] Swap with another person to carry the infant if there is still no response.

If all the above-mentioned steps doesn't work and the baby's crying persist, be on the lookout for the following signs.

[i] Press the baby's abdomen gently, the baby may twist or resist you: --> Colic

[ii] Pull the baby's ear gently, the baby may become worse or push your hands away: --> Ear ache.

[iii] Feel the baby's temperature with the back of your hands: --> Fever due to any infection.

[iv] Do a complete thorough inspection of the baby's skin from head to toe: --> Eruptive disease, Nappy rash, Measles, Vesicles, Allergy etc.

[v] Observe the baby's nose for any discharge: --> Coryza.

[vi] Move the baby's head gently to feel if any neck stiffness can be found: --> Meningitis, Head injury etc.

[vii] Bring your ear near the baby's chest, listen for any rattling sound: --> Increased mucus in wind pipes. (pneumonia,bronchiolitis,asthmatic bronchitis etc)

[viii] Investigate the baby's anal orifice: --> Anal erosion, rectal polyp, crawling of worms.

[ix] Inspect the baby's genitalia: --> Any discharge or erosion.

[x] For male baby, look at the testicles, to see if there's any inflammation presence which causes the testicles to be swollen or tender: --> Orchitis, torsion of testes.

[xi] Observe the baby's body movements and find for any convulsions, rigors, vomiting, cough, laboured breathing etc.

If you see any of the above signs [if you're unsure] or any other abnormal signs, please seek appropriate medical treatment from your doctor [clinic, hospital].



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