Things to Avoid when Raising a Kid! Building a Strong Child

Children's Character

Civilizations are built by strong, powerful and self-confident persons that have strong characters and the ability to make decisions. So, how can parents build such a character? This question will lead us to know two basic things among many that weaken the character which are:

Excessive Spoiling

Parents sometimes forget that fact and spoil the child too much. You can’t blame the parents for their love of their kid because children are the most important creatures in our lives, but don’t forget, too much of everything is bad. Getting “everything” your kid wants, fulfilling every childish wish no matter how impossible or difficult it is may lead your kid eventually to a dependable person who is used to order people around. The kid will have a feeling that everything he/she says is an order and everything in life is so easy not to mention that the kid might have vanity or even narcissism. Actually, too much spoiling has many bad effects on the child in the future like rendering your kid unable to cope with reality or friends because he/she expects everyone to fulfill their requests. If you wish to decline your kid’s certain desire, do it gently and explain why you can grant him/her this wish like when your kid cries to have junk food or grumble to watch TV till midnight for example.

Excessive Protection

When the parents have one son amongst other girls, or vice versa, or when the parents have a kid after a long time of waiting, they tend to protect their kid from everything even the wind! We said above that kids are the most important side of our lives but locking your kid inside the house is not a solution or good way to protect him/her. Excessive protection comes in many faces like forbidding the kid from playing with other kids, and if the parent allows that, they would freak out if the kid falls or plays with sand or grabs a ball because all that is “dirty” and contain “germs”! That’s why you see these parents tend to over clean the kid and use multiple ways like antibacterial solutions and soaps again and again and again. Playing with other kids is an essential technique that successfully builds a strong character, teaches the kid to be social and most of all molds his/her character. But, a careful and ordinary supervision is always required as well as reasonable attention. Moreover, immunologists agree that “some” germs and bacteria around us are very important for children. Exposure to sand or dirt which means germs will build up immunity in kids and endow them with healthy immunity system. That’s why, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, we see a major increase of allergies due to too much cleanliness in the past few years.


So, parents who excessively and unintentionally apply the above two points will have a child who is unable to cope with others, dependable, hesitant, afraid to take responsibility and physically weak and I truly don’t see any parent who wants his kid to be like that. We, parents, wish our kids to be the most successful among their peers, the smartest and healthiest. Well, we can do that with some attention to details and with rational upbringing. Wish you all the best.

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shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Thank you algarveview.

algarveview profile image

algarveview 4 years ago from Algarve, Portugal

Hello, very interesting and true. It is very hard to say no to our children and also to balance everything and we are always wondering if we are doing a good job. But you are right, spoiling and them is definitely not the way. No matter how hard, we have to learn to say No. Thanks for SHARING! Voted up. Have a great day!

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