Viewing The World Through a Child's Eyes

Through a child's eyes...

... the world is viewed as magical. They are mystified at all the treasures of the world as they experience everything for the first time. The world appears vibrant and beautiful through a child's eyes. They are unscathed by the outside world's troubles and turmoils as they are swaddled and soothed by this beautiful creature they learn to refer to as 'Mom'.

Babies See All


Through a child's eyes...

During these first few years children are taught love and respect as well as all the important ways of the world, as their parents dote on them and their every whim. They tend to idolize their parental figures in an almost God-like way by putting them on a pedestal. Parents are the end-all, be-all for their child.

It is a natural occurrence for a child to eventually learn the ways of the world, as they grow older. For most however "Mom" stays on their pedestal. (except for a few of those later teen years when children rebel against all authority figures and then Mom turns into a verbal punching bag) Yet that too subsides, and again Mom stays at the top of the child's list.

It seems that it is the loss of innocence that turns children into their later adult forms, whether it be at a young age, or perhaps sometimes later as a young adult. At a young age, a child hasn't learned those hard lessons that shape their views of the world. Unfortunately sometimes parents unknowingly do or say things that affect a child's entire belief system, thus damaging the proverbial pedestal.

It shouldn't hurt so much to be a child

It shouldn't hurt so much to be a child
It shouldn't hurt so much to be a child

As parents...

It is our job as parents to pay attention to the clues of life that cause our own actions. I don't know of one single adult who wasn't damaged as a child in some way by their parents actions. There are't many people who haven't got some sort of affliction or hang up because of something terrible that happened in their childhood.

Taking on the parental role is one of the most serious decisions that an adult can make. Although it seems initially that serious role of parenthood can be taken for granted. There isn't an instruction manual for parents-to-be, on what things not to do or not to say, in order to avoid jarring a child permanently.

When we bear that first child, we have a new baby. But what we tend to not realize is that the baby also has a new parent. We are completely inexperienced at parenthood. Just like the newborn child is new at being a child, we haven't done this before either. So we go through the actions of parenthood, hoping that we are doing everything right. And, yes, there will be some mistakes made along the way. Just pray that the errors aren't permanent scars for your children to hang onto throughout their lives.

Our children watch us, their parents, hurt ourselves. We don't realize this because we are so self absorbed in our own adult world. It's that 'me-me-me' syndrome that we get caught up in. We need to realize that the children see everything we, as adults and as parents are doing. Perhaps with more of an awareness, we will be more careful to contain any outbursts or rages, or have them elsewhere and never in front of the children.

Mark my words, the children are paying attention and for the most part, the children don't miss a beat. So, BEHAVE and act like the super being that we are thought of, by our children.

With a more attentive approach....

...we have the chance to always STAY on our children's pedestals~

...and this way we will never let them down or disappoint our children......our most important fan club members......

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Vickiw 3 years ago

Hello MissCue, I am totally in agreement that early childhood is a crucially important time in everyone's life. I wish all children could have an equal playing field as they grow up. So good of you to promote the importance of supportive parenting in growing up.

MissCue profile image

MissCue 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA. Author

Hi Vickiw! Yes, an equal playing field! I simply love that statement. I once heard that before we are born, we choose our parents. I suppose we would choose more carefully if we read more into personalities.... and bad habits. But that's a whole different subject altogether.

Vickiw 3 years ago

BTW, it might be an idea to check your fan mail! Left you some a while ago. Cheers

MissCue profile image

MissCue 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA. Author

Hi Vickiw, Thank you. I just checked all my fan mail, but do not have anything from you! I always try to keep up and stay current with my fellow hub-writers. I'm sorry I got no post from you.

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