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A Medical Condition

 Hallucinations and insomnia have been a medical condition that has no defect, both mentally and physically that I have suffered from over the years.  I didn't always have a chance @telling the differences between non-hallucinations like recently in my life and whenever I was experiencing hallucinations. I kind of thought that everyone was hallucinating when I was hallucinating.

Now that 9 mgs. of risperadol is helping me everyday, I can get through most days and nights without hallucinations. I remember reading that people who suffer from hallucinations were also in a dream state and that is theta state to do hallucinating.

Every now and then I have insomnia and I am trying to learn how to live with that. I have to be very careful about the Way I sleep @night and make sure that I get to bed every night.

Certain things I need to learn to live with and acceptance is key.


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