Top 10 Persian Baby Names (Boys and Girls)

Names are a really, really important thing. Particularly when you're a child. As someone who grew up with an impossible-for-Americans-to-pronounce traditional Persian name, I beseech you -- do not give your poor child a name that is going to provide his or her classmates with joke material until senior year. Just don't do it, ok? Your child thanks you in advance.

What makes a great baby name? Something that doesn't need to be explained or pronounced to every person your child meets. Something that isn't impossible to remember. Something that sounds good in English (assuming that's your native language) when pronounced, and something that isn't so common that half your child's class shares it.

I understand that names like Jennifer (which was way too common when I was growing up) are now the Alice and Betty of my mother's generation -- but that doesn't mean there aren't perfectly good names around for you to use. There is no need to go naming your child after fruit, vegetables or symbols on your keyboard. Really, there isn't. If you're tired of your own country's baby names, try looking at those from another country. Persian names can be quite nice as long as they're easily enough spoken, and don't look too bizarre once translated into English. And remember, if you think the original spelling is hard to figure, you can always re-spell it.

The following are my Top Ten Persian Baby Name lists for boys and girls. If you would like to add your own Persian baby name to list, feel free to do so in the comments.

Persian Baby Boy Names

  • Amir -- Meaning: king. Ok, this one is a bit popular in some places, but I still love it. Pronounced Ah-meer.

  • Kasper -- Meaning: treasurer. I love this name. Love it. (Have I mentioned I love it?)

  • Cyrus -- Meaning: lord. Anglicized pronounciation would be Sy-russ.

  • Darius -- Meaning: Name of famous Persian king. I had a cousin with this name and have always liked it. Anglicized pronunciation would be Dah-ri-uss.

  • Arman -- Meaning: man in the army. I think this is a very sophisticated name; reminds me of the name Armand and sounds similar.

  • Kamran -- Meaning: successful. Lots of Persian guys my age and bit older have this name, so it's a bit popular as well. Pronounced Kahm-rahn.

  • Navid -- Meaning: good news. This does not rhyme with David. It's pronounced Nah-veed. You could also spell it Naveed.

  • Hassan -- Meaning: good. My favorite uncle (married to my favorite aunt) is named Hassan, so I'm partial to it. Fairly common with my father's generation. Pronounced Hah-sahn.

  • Kian -- Meaning: royal. Pronounced Key-ahn.  

Perisan Baby Girl Names

  • Farah -- Meaning: joy and happiness. It happens to also be the name of one of the most beautiful Persian Queens, ever. I'm sure you know how to pronounce this one.

  • Roya -- Meaning: a dream or vision. You really need to say it aloud to get the full effect, don't just read it. I've a cousin named this and I have always loved it. Pronounced Roy-yah.

  • Lila -- Meaning: lilac tree. Very pretty, and a nice alternative to the popular Leila (which means something totally different). 

  • Mahta -- Meaning: Like the moon. Mahtab is another popular version, meaning moonlight. Pronounced Mah-tah.

  • Felora -- Meaning: No idea, because I can't find it online. This is my favorite aunt's name, and when pronounced it sounds a lot like the Spanish Flora.

  • Nasrin -- Meaning: wild rose. I've an auntie Nasrin as well, and this name sounds very pretty in Persian. Pronounced Nahs-reen

  • Roxana -- Meaning: Name of famous Persian princess.

  • Shirina -- Meaning: sweet. Pronounced Sheer-een-a

  • Zarina -- Meaning: gold. You may know this name if you're familiar with the clothing store. Pronounced Zah-ree-na.

  • Azura -- Meaning: blue gemstone azure. Pronounced Ah-zure-ah


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Comments 26 comments

Roya 4 years ago

Rojan and Parnian are two pretty girl names.

Mondona 4 years ago

My name is unique..Mondona in US and spelled Mandana in Persian.

Katy 4 years ago

My name is Katayoun - Katy for short. It was my grandmother's favourite name so my mother named me to make her happy. It has it's origins in the Shahnameh. Sorry for the bias, but I think it's one of the most amazing Persian names for a girl. I have a beautiful son whom I named Kian by looking at a list of Persian names. I picked his name because it is short and easy to pronounce by non-Persians. It also has a wonderful meaning and begins with "K" like my own !

Madonna 4 years ago

in my & many of my friends opinion Maryam is the best name for girls and also in english madonna is its equivalent.AND it is the name of a flower . I LOVE MY NAME A lot.

parisa mehraban 4 years ago

Hi there, I need honest opinions please! I am looking for super original persian names. It has to have a nice meaning and I want it to be super original. I hate names that everybody has such as ali, babak, even the ones that u think are original like faraz and etc....they are not original enough for me. I also don't want to give kids at school the opportunity to tease my child becuz of their name. We live in Canada by the way. So, it has to be an unheard of name, easy to pronouce and have nice meaning. I am looking for boy names please. What do u guys think of the name: Sepanta? It means Holy....moghadas.

mehran 4 years ago

for a girl ... neda ... is the best waz my g.f's name

saffina 5 years ago

Kimiya is a beautiful name for a girl. It is my bffs name and her brothers name is parsa.

My name Is Saffa easy to pronounce in lots of languages.

It means clean and is also a mountain.

Another name my fave name is Izzah.It means royal respectable and her nickname can be fizzah which means sweet.

Arian can also be a girls name my sisters name is Arian.


Raja 5 years ago

What all words meaning gold in persian

Visitor 5 years ago

I am American and my husband is Persian. He really does not want our kids to have a Persian name because he was made fun of when he was a kid, but I would like them to have a Persian middle name at least. I really like Kian.. Thanks

Toktam 5 years ago

We looking for boy name and my husband is American .he can't pronounce the Iranian name I wish I can found Iranian name that my husband can pronounce

Salimeh 5 years ago

My sons name is Arman and the Persian meaning is desire. The definition you have here is for the German meaning of Arman (man of war). Arman is Armenian (pronounced Armen there), Indian (pronounced the same as in Iran and has the same meaning of desire), and German. I have heard that other countries also have Arman. My son is a quarter Iranian, quarter Norwegian American from me, and half East Indian (from his dad), so we picked this name for ease since it is so international. The only thing I would advise is to spell it phoenetically (Armon) as believe it or not people here in the States have a hard time with the way it is spelled as Arman and pronouncing it.

mehra 5 years ago

I think Kimya means rare but I personally like the name from the list Flora and for a boz Kamran

sofia 5 years ago

A beautiful name Kimya i really like it !

kimi 5 years ago

I love the name Kimya for a girl and for a boy Kasra

Sawyeh  5 years ago

I have always also loved the name Nikki which means pure and genuine it is a very nice name and americans can also pronounce it correctly and i don't want my child to grow up being ridiculed every day like i was. I was born in america and my name was Sawyeh which means shade or shadow and it is very pretty in persian but the children would often call me soy sauce or sawyer and i hated it so much that i blamed my parents for it.I don't want my child to blame me or my future husband for the ridicule so i will name my daughter if i have one Nikki and if i have a boy i will name him Kamran.

Bobri Dobri profile image

Bobri Dobri 5 years ago from Oklahoma

Beautiful names! I like Amir and Lila. :)

Aki 5 years ago

I loved the name " Kian" in the list as my son called Kian and my other one Ryan! but Kian is complaining that , Why my name isn't English!! it is Irish but not so many people can pronounce it correctly in England!!

roshanne 6 years ago

PS, My girlfriend has two daughters: Darya and Parisa. beautiful Persian names!

roshanne 6 years ago

I love "Roya," and would like to be able to "sell" it to my American husband :). Does anyone know if the name has any roots in Persian mythology or literature?

ArianAryan 6 years ago

Aryan or Arian is a cool Persian boy's name.

Paul Peterson profile image

Paul Peterson 6 years ago


Veda 6 years ago

Another really great boys name is Kaveh, this is my brother's name and I LOVE IT! Cyrus is very popular and is what I named my son. I love these 2 boy names:) I love the article!

Kleda 6 years ago

Armand is my boyfriends name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shimraze 7 years ago

this name is good but i can not find the meaning

Isabella Snow profile image

Isabella Snow 7 years ago Author

Noori is quite pretty as well! :)

kerryg profile image

kerryg 8 years ago from USA

Interesting choices! We had to find a name that worked in English, Russian, and Persian and choose Eleanor, which has a direct Russian equivalent and is similar to two pretty Persian names: Noori ("light") and Anor ("pomegranate"). My husband doesn't like Ellie or Lena, so everybody calls her Noori and it pretty much couldn't be a more perfect name for her. :)

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