Top 100 Japanese baby names in 2008

Top 100 Japanese Baby Names for 2008

As if parents-to-be don’t have thousands and thousands of baby names to choose from already, here is a list of the top 100 most popular Japanese baby names from 2008 as ranked in Tamahiyo (Japanese parenting magazine) website. Not unlike in the US, the baby-naming trend in Japan has changed recently. Japanese names today sound snazzy rather than sensible, more western and unique (not exactly in sound, as you can see below the four or five seemingly same names like Yuto for boys or Yuna for girls, but in the Kanji). Some of the names may sound silly when sounded out in English, but I think many, if not most, names sound beautiful. So, for those of you who are looking for a unique or a Japanese/Asian name, I hope you can find some ideas or inspiration from browsing through this list.

Before we get to that, however, there are a few points that need to be made:

  • The reason why many of the names on the list appear to be the same name is because of the Japanese writing system. Most Japanese names are written in Kanji, the Chinese character. Any given Kanji has more than one reading or pronunciation for it. Therefore, although a name may look and sound alike in English (or Roman alphabets), the Chinese character is written differently, giving the name a different meaning (because each kanji, being a pictograph, has a specific and unique meaning).
  • Names that are NOT in bold letters are repeat names
  • Names are pronounced the way they look. For example, “Kokone” is pronounced Ko-ko-nay, not ko-kohn.
  • Meanings are given only for the top ten names.

Happy baby name hunting!

Boys / Girls

1. Hiroto (big soar) / Aoi (mallow, hollyhock)

2. Ren (lotus) / Yui (tie garment)

3. Yuto (serene dipper) / Hina (sun vegetable)

4. Yuto (serene person) / Rin (brave, full of spirit)

5. Yuto (kind dipper) / Ria (tie heart)

6. Shota (soar wide) / Yuina (tie vegetable)

7.Yamato (big peace – Also the old name for Japan)  Miu (beautiful wings)

8. Sota (gust of wind wide) / Sakura (cherry blossoms)

9. Yuma (serene truth) / Miyu (heart kind)

10. Sora (pale blue sky) / Nanami (Seven seas)

11. Haruto / Misaki

12. Haruto / Yuna

13. Sho / Yui

14. Daiki / Mio

15. Yuta / Miyu

16. Takumi / Yuka

17. Yuta / Kokoa

18. Hinata / Kanon

19. Kaito / Riko

20. Tsubasa / Miyu

21. Yuto / Mitzuki

22. Yuki / Yuina

23. Haruto / Airi

24. Rikuto / Hinata

25. Eita / Miku

26. Kenta / Mei

27. Riku / Mao

28. Hayate / Miyu

29. Taichi / Kokoro

30. Yuki / Ayano

31. Yuma / Mei

32. Shun / Kotone

33. Ryunosuke / Kokoro

34. Ayumu / Rio

35. Sora / Kokone

36. Taiyo / Ayaka

37. Hikaru / Yutzuki

38. Kaito / Momoka

39. Daichi / Airi

40. Yu / Kaho

41. Yusei / Anna

42. Kotaro / Wakana

43. Wataru / Kokomi

44. Sota / Ai

45. Soma / Akari

46. Sota / Yui

47. Kazuki / Momoka

48. Ryo / Saki

49. Itsuki / Rena

50. Rui / Kokona

51. Ryuto / Ayane

52. Hayato / Kaede

53. Hayato / An

54. Daichi / Hiyori

55. Ryota / Momoko

56. Kaede / Ayane

57. Ryo / Hinano

58. Yuto / Miku

59. Hibiki / Yu

60. Yota / Aina

61. Ryota / Rio

62. Haru / Riko

63. Hayato / Miyu

64. Keita / Ayaka

65. Jin / Nanami

66. Haruto / Yutzuki

67. Rikuto / Chinatsu

68. Iori / Hatzuki

69. Yuito / Rion

70. Tomoya / Kohana

71. Kanade / Yuzuki

72. Hayato / Koharu

73. Kotaro / Mio

74. Sota / Manami

75. Yudai / Natsuki

76. Ryo / Hana

77. Ayumu / Sakura

78. Sota / Miu

79. Shota / Mei

80. Takuma / Aoi

81. Sora / Ichika

82. Takumi / Kanon

83. Yuito / Hiyori

84. Eito / Minami

85. Kota / Asuka

86. Yuto / Kurumi

87. Kento / Ayano

88. Kodai / Misaki

89. Taiga / Koharu

90. Aoi / Aika

91. Yuito / Aoi

92. Yushin / Mio

93. Taiga / Momoka

94. Asahi / Yuika

95. Minato / Mao

96. Shunsuke / Honoka

97. Shin / Manami

98. Aoi / Yume

99. Ibuki / Nene

100.Kazuma / Chihiro













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tksensei profile image

tksensei 7 years ago

The choosing of a name is very important. Good hub!

Anolinde profile image

Anolinde 7 years ago Author

Thanks, tksensei :)

kenlam 7 years ago


Hezekiah profile image

Hezekiah 6 years ago from Japan

Very nice list there. I didn't see my daughter name "Aissa" ???she is half Japanese so we chose a name which is both African (my ancestors) and Japanese. In African - Aissa means to be gratefull.

Anolinde profile image

Anolinde 6 years ago Author

Hi, Hezekiah. The meaning of her name will depend on the chinese characters used. So, perhaps it's written ??, in which case the first letter means "love" and the second means "sand". Aissa can perhaps also be ?? which would then means "indigo" and "silk gauze or cloth" (which looks pretty feminine and royal to me!). And apparently, your daughter's name didn't make the list, but I think that's great ... means it's pretty original :) My daughter's name isn't on the list either!!

AJ 5 years ago

Is Nene an actual name? If it is, how is it written in Kanji? Yume is also strange, and I've never heard of Wakana or Kokomi either. Are these new/invented? I'm studying Japanese and have been to Japan, but have never heard any of these names.

Anolinde profile image

Anolinde 5 years ago Author

AJ, Yes, Nene can be an actual name. I believe the common kanji for that would be ??. Yume means "dream" and the kanji is the same for dream ?, Wakana is not too unusual at all and the Kanji can be many different combinations like ?? or????, for example. Kokomi is a new one, like ?? - beautiful heart. The kanji for heart is pretty popular for girl names now. Hope that helps!

Katie 3 years ago

im a fan of Japanese pop culture and music.... And just a heads up the word "Shota" is a name however it is also slang for a girly boy. Or a boy that looks like a girl. This word is often used sexually so for any parents considering that name it might be a good idea to rethink.

babynology profile image

babynology 3 years ago from New York

I love your new hub theme! It’s very nice. And a lot easier to read than your old one, Actually.

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