An Apology to My Children From A Misbehaving Mom...

An Innocent Child

Sebastian | Source

I Reverted to Childhood Without My Children's Permission

The trauma of childhood can have adverse effects on adults throughout their entire lifetime.

This is written for a young man that has been living on his own for way too long. And was forced to do so much too early in his life by circumstances out of his control.

This is written by the single parent that caused his forced young adulthood, because she also grew up much too fast...

...and then decided much too late to be a child again, when it wasn't her right to do so.

The consequences of his mother's poor choices caused the family to become homeless. Still an adolescent, the boy became independent before he even reached his senior year in high school, nearly a year before his 18th birthday. In order to survive, the young man took on the adult role. He found himself a full time job in order to pay for his own rented apartment. He took on these adult responsibilities in order to avoid living on the streets like his indigent mother.

Santa Barbara

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Innocence | Source

A Letter To My Dear Sweet Children:.

Dear Boys,

I write this very urgently to you for a very important reason...

...I humbly ask that you listen to what I need to say to you...

I am now making my solemn promise to you.

And you know that I never make a promise...

...that I can't keep.

My Angel Boys

The two miracles in my life are a gift from heaven.
The two miracles in my life are a gift from heaven. | Source

This is My Solemn Promise... my boys.

I promise that I will never...

...ever let you down...


I will not disappoint you.

I will never break you again, ever... any way, shape, or form.

It is Now Time To Pick Up the Pieces...

A million pieces has already taken you a lifetime to pick up.

You shouldn't to have to do it...


..Because those are my millions of pieces down there...

...not yours...

Sebastian's Jeep

91 Jeep
91 Jeep | Source


... that is how it always should have been.

It's not something that you should ever have had to do.

Much less a second time.

It is crucial that I always engage my mind...

...before putting my mouth into motion.

Now I Understand...

...that it has taken your entire lifetime...

...for me to fully comprehend how and why...

...a child can become damaged...

...because of his parents negligent actions.

Some of us will take our entire life to heal...

...from our own childhood traumas...

...that our parents so recklessly bestowed upon us.

God's Hands

I Leave It In God's Hands
I Leave It In God's Hands | Source

I'm Begging To Make Amends

I only pray...

...that its not too late...

...To make amends with you.

To alleviate your ever having to suffer again...

...from my selfish idiocy.

A Promise; My Promise

And now I make... solemn promise to you.

From me.

I love you... you are me.

More than any love can ever be.


written by Misscue
written by Misscue


Art by Author
Art by Author | Source

Coldplay - Fix You

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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

lovely and painful.

MissCue profile image

MissCue 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA. Author

Thank you, peachpurple! Yes, painful...but also healing!

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