Save Your Marriage By Knowing the Risk Factors for Divorce
By D DeCoteau

If you have gotten to the point that you need help saving your marriage and identifying risk factors that are working against your marriage from the start, then you need the best information available now to save your marriage today from destruction and becoming another divorce statistic.

If you want to help save your marriage you must know that marriages either grow or they crumble, they don't remain passive, meaning that a secure marriage isn't one where things are always the same. A strong, solid marriage is a marriage where one never stops trying to make things better.

If you want to help save your marriage today and understand why your marriage has gotten to this point you need to understand the behaviors that will lead you to further destruction or will help you strengthen and help save your marriage.

If you want help to save your marriage today you must begin by identifying the top six risk factors of divorce today. Many marriages are challenged and start off with many risk factors, while others marriages begin with factors that are in their favor (good risk factors).

If you want to save your marriage today, you must also know that these are only risk factors, not determining factors for marriage survival. If you have more risk factors against you, this may mean you will need to seek extra help such as expert help or counseling to work through the issues in your marriage to be able to stop a divorce or separation.

These factors are the things you can't change but...

You may need help to save your marriage if you married in your teens. Statistics show that if you marry before twenty that this may be the most powerful and consistent risk predictor of marital stability.

You may need help to save your marriage if you lived together before marriage. Despite the widespread prevalence of this belief, the evidence says living together before marriage considerably increases the chances of divorce, unless you were already engaged beforehand and marry soon after moving in together.

You may need help to save your marriage if your parents or your partner's parents were divorced. Statistics prove that children of divorce are more likely to divorce themselves, this risk doubles if both partners are children of divorced parents.

You may need help to save your marriage if you had a child together before marriage. However, couples with children have a slightly lower risk of divorce than childless couples.

You may need help to save your marriage if you haven't been married long. The longer you've been married the more likely you are to stay married. The first two years are the most critical, but half of all divorces happen by the seventh year of marriage.?

You may need help to save your marriage if your annual income is less than $25,000. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers considers financial problems to be one of the five top reasons for divorce.

If you need help saving your marriage you may be at ease knowing that the following predictors are in your favor. These predictors apply to when you were married and do not include factors such as good communication and conflict resolution skills that you now currently possess in your marriage.

You were both older when you were married. Marrying after age 25 decreases your chances of divorce because you tend to be more mature and clearer in what your looking for in your partner.

You share the same religious beliefs. This tends to give a marriage a higher purpose and brings you together on a spiritual level. These shared religious values can help keep your marriage growing together, as opposed to apart.

You have some higher education, this decrease the chances of divorce in comparison to a high-school drop out.

Your parents are still together and what you learned about marriage comes from watching your parents. If you've learned strategies that helped your parents stay together your chances of divorce decrease.

Your income is above $50,000, couples in this income bracket tend to experience less stress over money.

You have a child together, couples with children again, have a lower risk of divorced compared to childless couples.?

Keys to a successful marriage really boil down to three things; people want to stay, people feel they ought to stay in their marriage, people feel they have to stay. It is not luck and love. This personal, moral and structural commitment is what keeps marriages together, not happiness. Research shows us that unhappy periods in a marriage are not predictors of our future. If you want to save your marriage consider these factors, but do not rely on them solely, if you need help to save your marriage, then seek it.Statistics also shows that couples who were unhappy with their marriage who stayed together were happier or very happy five years later.

If you have gotten to the point that you need help saving your marriage and identifying factors that are working against your marriage from the start then check out.


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