What Are Anger Issues? A Definition For Parents and Teachers


Anger issues or anger reactions are distinct from other psychological problems some children have. The child's anger is intense and quick to explode in these cases. Anger reaction and ADHD can occur at the same time, but also apart from each other. It can also occur with learning disabilities or separately. The term anger overload describes this problem.

Parents say that this reaction starts early. These children give very strong reactions to what they think are insults or rejections, things that other children wouldn't take as seriously. They become totally engaged in their angry emotions and thoughts and become an island within themselves.

If a parent says the child can't go somewhere, but he has been expecting to go the child may bite, yell, kick, and hit or throw something at his parent. He will also become intensely angry when playing a game with a friend because he doesn't like the way the game ended or he may disagree about the rules. In both instances, his reactions are out of proportion to the situation.

His or her reaction is in overload-it can last an hour and nothing the parent or teacher tells the child will sooth his anger. His friend won't be able to calm him either. It isn't a temporary anger fit.

You can see why this response can cause trouble in the classroom or on the playground. These anger fits are disruptive to classroom activities and can upset his classmates. The teacher has to spend an hour trying to calm this angry child.


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