Little Boys and Milestones of Which to be Proud

Little Boys

Like most grandparents, especially, those of us who have grandsons, we have enjoyed watching them grow and development. Our photo albums are filled with pictures of our little loves and if you're like me one who is given to brag oftentimes overstating even the smallest of their accomplishments.For example I might say,"He just one day may be President of the United States, a Rhodes scholar or maybe a noted surgeon, research scientist or a n all star NFL football player" I suppose all our bragging is motivated by our love and desire to see them succeed in life fulfilling their greatest ambitions and maybe not those selfish ambitions we might have for them.

It all begins at the hospital birthing room with the snapping that first photograph of a precious little guy sometimes still wearing only his birthday suit or wrapped in a cuddling blanket wearing one of those cute little skull caps. Mom and dad are all smiles now and all the anxiety of becoming parents, labor pains and contractions and yielded to a new life. Grandparents wait in the wings for that first opportunity to hold the precious new life that somehow looks just like Grandpa, all wrinkled, no teeth and the distinct possibility of a wet diaper and maybe a little grumpy wanting something to eat!.

We were blessed with two grandsons, Colton, now 6 years of age and Maddox who is now 4 years old. The joys of sharing in their lives has been maximum joy for us. Like many grandparents, we have have done our share of babysitting, Our daughter-in law is a RN in one of the areas largest hospitals and works nights so with her schedule, to accommodate sleep and rest, we have kept our grandsons for much of their lives.

We have been blessed to see the transitions in their lives from teh cradle to those first steps and words spoken. Each step in their development has been greeted with so much excitement and joy. What I would like to share in this article are just three recent events in our youngest grandson Maddox life. these are simple accomplishments but no doubt things little boys will all learn and be proud.

The first was learning to tie shoes. Our oldest who just finished Kindergarten was expected to be able to tie his shoe laces by the time Kindergarten was completed. The competition between brothers began with both sitting on our living room floor observing Grandma as she showed step by step how to tie ones shoe laces. Colton became frustrated but Maddox tackled the task with bull dog determination. He had that little tongue stuck out an indication of how intense was his focus on the task before him. In a short while Maddox with a huge smile of satisfaction he had mastered shoe tying. Colton also managed to master shoe tying but I think he had felt a little pressure because his younger brother had learned first.

Another little accomplishment for Maddox was learning to whistle. You gotta know all little boys have got to be able to whistle, especially if a pretty member of the opposite sex should pass by their peepers. Make an "O" I told him with your lips and push on your bottom teeth as you blow out the air in your mouth. It took a few attempts but we now have two new whistlers in the family and believe it or not each can actually whistle a tune that I can recognize.

The last accomplishment I will mention is that of learning how to ride a bicycle. I remember how hard it was for me to learn to ride and it wasn't until I was about 8 or nine years of age that I finally got a bike and learned how. We had bought Maddox a Thomas bike about a year ago. The bike had training wheels and he could ride it without fear of falling. This week he decided he was going to learn to ride without those training wheels.

We have a nice grassy spot on the back side of our house and Maddy had picked a bike that did not have any training wheels. We have more than enough bicycles of various sizes that we have bought just to have on hand when our nephews and nieces stop in for a visit and want to ride bikes.The bike he chose was a good size where he could put a foot down just in cased he needed to prevent toppling over. With his confidence at a high level now, I told him I am going to give you a little shove and you just do what comes come natural. He wasn't a bit afraid of falling and I followed close behind to catch him if need be. After a couple of attempts, he was off and riding. He ask me to remove the training wheels from his Thomas bike and has now become a happy little biker. Without a doubt I see lots of bicycle riding this summer for our grandsons.

The point of this article is simply this, kids love learning to do things just like adults. If they have a desire to learn something new, they will focus all their energy into accomplishing without fear of failure and in moist cases there will be a good result. Maddox learned to ride his bike, tie his shoes, and how to whistle which are all things that little boys love to do. Moreover, may I also add how I am constantly amazed at how kids sometimes can do impromptu things working together without the help of adults This really became so clear last week at our community tailgate market when the kids who came with their parents and grandparents decided to work on a project. They all wanted to build a tepee. Maddox had started the project the previous week. They all worked so hard together with only the resources available to them, limbs broken from a Polar tree on the vacant lot, branches from a Hemlock also growing on the lot and moss underneath an Oak tree. Each twig and branch were meticulously added to the structure. They did not have a blue print but used their imaginations and in the end had built a small structure that certain bears the resemblance of a nice tepee and will accommodate 3 small children. The kids worked so well together and not once did I hear any arguments.

Greater accomplishments are in their future but for now I am a proud grandpa and loving what I am seeing in my grandsons.

Maddox begins the previous week
Maddox begins the previous week
Maddox and Haley begin the frame work of their tepee.
Maddox and Haley begin the frame work of their tepee.
Abby applies Hemlock branches for the roof
Abby applies Hemlock branches for the roof
Almost finished!
Almost finished!
Sitting inside their new tepee complete almost with moss carpet!
Sitting inside their new tepee complete almost with moss carpet!

Learning to ride a bike

Working together to accomplish a goal.

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xanzacow profile image

xanzacow 3 years ago from North Myrtle Beach, SC

I can see why you are very proud of your grandchildren!!!

Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 3 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina Author

Thank you xanzacow for your comment, sure am!

Naomi's Banner profile image

Naomi's Banner 3 years ago from United States

Wonderful well written story about the significant events and memories in ones life, I have many events like these I remember so vividly and cherish them to this day. Now, I help to build memories with my grandchildren. Enjoyed this read.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

Aren't grandchildren so very precious Fiddleman; and your s sure are so cute. Voted up and here's wishing you a great weekend.


Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 3 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina Author

Thank you Eddy, it is Fathers Day here in the USA and I have been properly spoiled today! Wishing you the best, thanks for stopping in to read and comment.

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